We all love games, especially when we there’s intrigue spiced up with laughter in them. Newlywed game questions make the list of interesting get-together games. And where can those questions be asked? Let’s start with bachelorette parties. Yea; when the hens gather, there has to be something interesting about the bride-to-be to peck and claw on. The next place newlywed game questions can feature is at the wedding reception ground.

The latest couple in town could dish out mouth-watering bits of their lives and journey so far. Finally, newlywed game questions will suit a night out with your couple friends. In that case, you and your significant other will share those questions with the other couples by taking turns to ask. To make it easier for you to start the game as soon as possible, we are pleased to develop these newlywed questions below. Do enjoy your intimate moments!

Newlywed Game Questions

1: What’s your man’s eye color?

2: How did you first know about her?

3: How long did it take the both of you to go out on your first date?

4: Who is the most meticulous with chores between you?

5: Was yours love before lust or the other way round?

6: How many pairs of shoes does she have?

7: What’s her favorite TV show?

8: What can make him frown for up to 60 seconds?

9: How did you know he’s the one for you?

10: Did you discuss about kids before getting married?

11: How many kids does she desire to have?

12: Does he want children?

13: Which of you love pets?

14: What’s his best color?

15: How often does he tell you that you are beautiful?

16: Which of you said “I love you” first?

17: Was she hard to get?

18: How deep was your first kiss?

19: Who asked for the first kiss?

20: Who proposed to the other?

21: For how long did you date before he proposed to you?

22: Did he take you to his parents before proposing to you?

23: When did you meet her parents as her man: before your proposal or afterward?

24: Who hugs best?

25: Were you expecting your first quarrel as a couple?

26: What is his fav brand of drinks?

27: Did you know he was going to pop the question someday?

28: What is the weirdest thing about her?

29: What makes you wonder at him?

30: What’s your favorite thing about him?

31: Which of you is the smoothest forgiver?

32: Who says “Sorry” first and moves to reconcile when there’s a face-off?

33: Does he support your dreams and aspirations? What makes you think so?

34: How did you feel when you met her parents for the first time as your would-be in-laws?

35: Where did you meet?

36: Who is the most carefree between you two?

37: Who laughs easily?

38: Who is the most ambitious?

39: Which of you is the prudent one with money?

40: Which one of you has an interest in business?

41: Who is the easily distracted by their phone during a discussion?

42: Does your wife love the outdoors?

43: How immediate is his response to an emergency call?

44: Why is her biggest pet peeve?

45: On a scale of 1 to 10, how generous is he?

46: What attracted him to you?

47: Who confessed their love for the other first?

48: Which of you is the heavy eater?

49: How many times does your wife wash her hair in a week?

50: Which of you loves dancing?

51: What is his shoe size?

52: Does she eat vegetables better than you?

53: What is his go-to fruit?

54: How close is she to your family members?

55: Does your mom relate well with him?

56: What’s his favorite childhood songs?

57: Who cooks best between you two?

58: Who loves doing chores?

59: Which of you is more open with strangers?

60: Which of you wears their feelings on their face?

61: Who is the most stunning dresser?

62: Who is the most straightforward?

63: What is your wife’s favorite dish?

64: What is his typical weekend like?

65: Which of you have the highest number of close friends?

66: Who is the workaholic between you?

67: Who is the most forgetful?

68: Can you remember the day you agreed to date each other?

69: Which of you is more outspoken?

70: Between you two, who gets protective of the other?

71: Which of you is much more tolerant of the other?

72: Who loses their temper easily?

73: Does your husband tell you how much money he makes every month?

74: How many children did you mutually agree to have?

75: What’s that one thing that brings up arguments between you?

76: Did he like your parents from the start?

77: Describe his brothers in one word?

78: Does she like fruit drinks?

79: Which of you is likely to throw your doors open to accommodate the homeless?

80: Who is the movie freak?

81: Did your parents approve of your relationship when you started dating?

82: Who breaks their promises often?

83: How fast is she on the keyboard?

84: How good is he with calculations?

85: What attracted you to him?

86: Did you have any breakup before you eventually got married?

87: Did you crush on her?

88: Which of you is more spiritual than the other?

89: Has she ever owned a pet?

90: What makes her the one for you?

91: Who chose your wedding date?

92: Which of you loves ice-cream?

93: Which of you loves reading?

94: Did you have mutual friends who introduced you to each other?

95: Who likes cuddling?

96: When it comes to decision-making, whose ideas work better most of the time?

97: How many times in a day was he calling you during your dating days?

98: Who texted first after you exchanged numbers?

99: Who enjoys going to the restaurant?

100: Who is the most diligent with house chores?

101: Which of you dislikes travelling?

102: Between you two, who is superstitious?

103: What is his worst fear?

104: If you had the power, what is it about her that you will change in an instant?

105: Which routine chore does he detest doing?

106: Who tears up with the slightest provocation?

Funny Newlywed Game Questions

Funny Newlywed Game Questions

107: Who snores away in sleep?

108: Does she ever make good her threat?

109: Which pet name replaced his real name?

110: Which of your partner’s body part will you readily do away with for a thousand dollars?

111: Which of you laughs hard and long like a hyena on speed?

112: What’s the crazy thing about her family?

113: Who is the weirdest member of his family?

114: Which of you kisses like an onscreen TV star?

115: How long does he spend in the toilet?

116: Does she fart when she laughs?

117: Who weighs heavier than the other?

118: Who will most readily become a vegan between you?

119: Did your wedding night go as you planned it?

120: How did you react when you saw her naked for the first time ever?

121: What is the laziest thing he has done that you can’t seem to forget?

122: Which of you won’t be caught alive swimming in a public pool?

123: How often does she tell you “I love you”?

124: When was your first farting experience with her?

125: Which of his friends would you have dated if you didn’t love your husband?

126: Has he ever burnt a pot of food accidentally?

127: What’s the most stupid prank he has pulled on you?

128: Which of you can blackmail like a professional?

129: When did you discover that his mouth smells like a human being he is?

130: What do you do with her dirty panties?

131: What was the most embarrassing question she asked you when you were courting each other?

132: Who has the most ridiculous affection for dogs?

133: When did you realize that you are going to be stuck with him forever?

134: Which of you is addicted to their phone?

135: Who likes using the kitchen table as a morning newspaper table?

136: How does her feet smell after a whole day wearing shoes?

137: Which lame lie have you heard her tell?

138: Does she look different when she makes up?

139: How well did he fare when you left him alone at home for a week’s travel?

140: Which of you will outrun the other on sighting a spider?

141: Has he ever worn the wrong side of his tee-shirt unknowingly?

142: Which of you can’t do without kissing the other during waking hours?

143: Who always waits for the other to break the silence after a heated argument?

144: Between chocolates and flowers, which one will she worship you for when you present it as a gift to her?

145: If you were to go shopping, who is likely to buy more items than needed?