It’s New Year, the beginning of many beginnings and the awesome part of it is that you made it with your girlfriend of life. In our usual way, we’ve thought it romantic as well as kind to put together wishes and prayers specifically for your girlfriend as the year kicks off.

Far from hindering your creativity through words, this post encourages you to express satisfactorily your heartfelt new year wishes and prayers for your girlfriend. Enjoy the read.

New Year Wishes For Girlfriend

1: It is a thing of joy to step into the new year. It is even much more joyous that you are a part of it, babe. Happy New Year.

2: There is no other as loving as you are. Truly, you are the best lover my life has ever identified with. Happy New Year, darling.

3: Sweet, permit me to sing your praise a bit: you are the sexiest, most beautiful, outstandingly intelligent, incredibly humorous woman that has ever graced the surface of the earth. Happy New Year.

4: Happy New Year, pretty. A thousand words aren’t sufficient to let out my lovely thoughts about you. All I know is that I am blessed to have you in my life.

5: The only hindrance to my wishes for you will be death. As long as I live, I will ever desire your success and well-being. I love you. Happy New Year.

New Year Wishes For Girlfriend

6: It is another year added to our lives. Are you excited, honey? I am, and cannot suppress more so because you are in it with me. Happy New Year.

7: A life of fun is best found between lovers like us. Thank you for making every time I spend with you worth the while, baby. Happy New Year.

8: Loving you is like taking a trip to a holiday resort. The only difference is that there is no going back to where I used to be. I am loving you forever. Happy New Year.

9: Know that I looked forward to the day when I’ll celebrate my love with the commencement of a new year. The day’s finally arrived; I love you with everything in me, sincerely. Happy New Year.

10: Rest assuredly, this is going to be an extraordinary year for you and me, angel. If you believe it, smile for me as this message drops into your phone. Happy New Year.

11: Sometimes, I wonder where you were all those years when I was wallowing in loneliness and misery. But I am convinced that your presence in my life at this time is God-ordained. Happy New Year.

12: The surest gift for me this year is that which I will receive from your love for me. I have no doubts in me that it will be full and glorious. Happy New Year.

13: My woman, I make bold to say that any man who has got you has everything good his life shall ever have need of. Happy New Year.

14: Happy New Year, dear. Time and again, my earnest wish for you is to prosper in the labor of your prolific hands. When you are doing well, I am also doing well.

15: With much enthusiasm, I welcome you into an exciting year which you’ve never before experienced all your life. Happy New Year, bae. Get ready for adventures.

16: If you’re privileged to behold my countenance, you’ll have no choice than to burst out into laughter at the childish grins on my face. That’s how happy I am for this year. Happy New Year.

17: Wow! We are in the new year, finally. I trust that God who has started this great work will perfect it till the end. Happy New Year. We will make it out of this year alive.

18: Forget the yesteryears. Look forward to a bright and laudable new year experience. Happy New Year, best.

19: There is nothing to hide about the blessedness of this new year. It is obvious that it has been designed to bring us good tidings. So I say to you, dearest, “Happy New Year!”

20: People vary in their opinions but no one is contending the truth that this year is a special one. You warm presence makes it more special for me. Happy New Year.

21: I plead with you to not judge me if I become uncontrollable in the expression of the joy in me over the inception of this new year. You are the reason. Happy New Year.

22: I am so thankful to God who kept you alive and in health to join me as a partaker in the blessings of a new year. Happy New Year, princess.

23: Whenever life wants to prove itself difficult, remember that you are among the luckiest ones to make it alive into this year. Take it easy all the time. Happy New Year.

24: I think of you all the time. Not out of boredom or a lack of something doing. It happens because my mind has been conditioned to do so, irrespective of the timing. Happy New Year.

25: Take a deep breath, and savor the moment. Take a long walk outside, and appreciate the gift of nature. Take every wording of this message to heart, and be grateful for the New Year.

26: As long as there is life, there is no end to surprises. We are blessed to have each other to share in the many surprises of life. That makes it all better. Happy New Year.

27: Precious is the life that possesses you as a treasure. For every time or season, its relevance shall be outstanding. Happy New Year, mine.

28: If you allow me, I will go on and on about the caliber of woman that you are. In short, you are incomparably priceless. I wish you a bountiful New Year.

29: As we step into the New Year, always remember that I am here for you without any questionings. That’s how much I care about you. Happy New Year, my love.

30: The dawning of a new year is here, and I am beyond myself in ecstasy that we have ample opportunities to renew our love and commitment in the months ahead. Happy New Year.

31: I promised you my forever love; this year shall be no different. I promise you that I will love you endlessly. Happy New Year, my heart.

32: You are my soulmate, my best half. To trade you with any supposed valuable is to risk the sweetness of my life. I wish you a memorable New Year.

33: Take no heed to any contrary voice to the one bearing my unalloyed love for you. It doesn’t take much to see that I am down for you without looking back. Happy New Year.

New Year Prayers For Girlfriend

New Year Prayers For Girlfriend

34: Babe, this is your year to make meaningful exploits. You shall excel in everything good your hand becomes involved in. Happy New Year.

35: It is certain that this is your appointed year to be announced to people who matter. Take hold of it; never let go. Happy New Year, missy.

36: Countless times, I have lifted my hands in petitions to heaven not to rest until you are blessed. I am deeply convinced that it’s going to work out so. Happy New Year.

37: My prayer for you in this year is for God to lift you up, far and above your contemporaries. Your voice shall command respect from kings and queens. Happy New Year, blessed.

38: Better believe that this is going to be your best year ever; your moments of misery and pain have come to an end. Cheers to an exceptional year.

39: Thank you for being a great blessing to my life, jewel. Therefore, I declare that your life shall be adorned with favor from God and men. Happy New Year.

40: In spite of all the odds that this year may sport, you will succeed. There is no negotiation about that. Blessed New Year, beautiful.

41: I pray for you that in this new year, you shall know no lack for anything good. Ever before you will ask for help, helpers shall locate you. Happy New Year, love.

42: Happy New Year, bliss. There is no blessing this year which is tagged to your name that will elude you. The mercies of the Lord shall be your portion in places where you will need them.

43: As the new year begins and through it, all your dreams and aspirations shall be made true. No delay or frustration is powerful enough to stop them from coming to pass. Happy New Year.

44: The wonderful thing about you is that you recognize your inestimable value. With that, excellence shall not depart from your life. You are cut out to be the best. Happy New Year.

45: I believe in you and in what you can achieve. No disillusionment is capable of hindering your victory over circumstances this year. Happy New Year.