Whether you are weeks away from the New Year or hours into it, your beau should be one of the top-ranking persons who should receive your wishes and prayers for the glorious New Year. To start with, if he has it all rosy in the new year, you are undoubtedly the best recipient of his joy and happiness as the love of his life.

So, it’s not going to be a waste of time on your own part if you take a look at the sensational New Year Wishes and Prayers for your boyfriend below.

New Year Wishes For Boyfriend

1: Happy New Year, darling love. May the blessings of this awesome year be yours to the fullest.

2: The past year is gone for good. Here we are in a fresh year that has a lot of beautiful happenings in store for you. None shall elude you, dear. Happy New Year.

3: With extravagant joy in my heart, I welcome you to a brand New Year. It promises to be all fun and no loss. Let’s party!

4: The long-awaited year is here, babe. Hip, hip, hurray! Each step you’ll take into the New Year shall be worth the while. I love you.

5: The journey into this new year began from the past year as we hoped and planned toward it. I am so glad that we were able to make it successfully. Happy New Year, honey. I wish you long life in health to witness more lovely years with me.

New Year Wishes For Boyfriend

6: Throughout this year, all you shall experience will be goodness, favor, mercy, and divine protection. Happy New Year!

7: Welcome to a happy year, sweet. It is a happy one because you are an intricate part of it and of me.

8: Happy New Year, babe. You are super blessed to be a partaker of a fantastic year. All I want you to do is cherish every moment herewith. Also remember that I love you passionately; my love is with you all the way.

9: Despite the ups and downs in the year past, you braved it through and into a fresh year. What more can I say than to hope that the New Year will be much more smooth, stress-free, and restful for you. You deserve such.

10: I don’t have the right words that can correctly put across the deepest joy in my heart to you, even as I am honored to walk into a brand new year with you. Happy New Year, the love of my life.

11: New day, new life, new opportunities, renewed love…Happy New Year, darling.

12: Finally, the much anticipated new year has come for me and you. How exciting! How overwhelming! Happy New Year, baby.

13: As each and every new day in this year unfolds, may your hopes and aspirations never, ever be frustrated. In fact, you are a victor. Happy New Year.

14: Happy New Year. Throughout this year and beyond it, you will have every reason to laugh, dance, and celebrate. This pertains to all aspects of your life, of course.

15: Happy New Year, sweetheart. I am convinced that you will have an abundance of everything good your heart so desires. Stay blessed.

16: Whatever big things you had last year are small, compared with the overflowing and heavy blessings awaiting you this year. Happy New Year.

17: Happy New Year, handsome. Your imaginations cannot conceive the huge amount of fantastic blessings which have been tagged yours. Just wait and see!

18: You have really proven to be the kind of man every woman will be proud to make a serious journey with. I am happy that we made it into the new year, babe. Happy New Year.

19: No matter where you are and what you do, always know that you are an inspiration to me. Happy New Year, bestie.

20: Happy New Year, honey. Always remember that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

21: Thank God for what I have in you: support, protection, and love. Happy New Year, great man.

22: Always and ever, you’ll be the one my heart beats for. This is another year to live out our beautiful love. Happy New Year, angel.

23: I had always believed in you and the validity of your dreams. May this new year bring you great tidings. Happy New Year.

24: A perfect year, that is what this year is. Happy New Year, baby.

25: There are many that are friends and for diverse reasons. You are much more than a friend for all seasons. Happy New Year, dear.

26: Happy New Year, buddy. With a heart of joy, I join your loved ones to wish you an exceptional year filled with peace and loads of achievements.

27: My respect grows daily for you because you are my caring and thoughtful boyfriend. I wouldn’t have asked for a better New Year gift than for your well-being and prosperity.

28: I can boldly say that you are a man of your words. Never have you disappointed me nor dashed my expectations of you ever since we started dating. I look forward to enjoying a bountiful new year with you.

29: Happy New Year! My life has been good and full with you. Sincerely, you have a loving heart, quick to forgive. Thank you for stepping into my life, babe. In this new year, may we do so much more together in love and happiness.

30: For the first time in my dating life, I have met a man willing to walk the miles with me. Happy New Year, sweet. Let’s drink to the success of our relationship.

31: Happy New Year, my love. Truly, my happiness lies in the truth that this year shall exceed the years gone in success and open doors. Be prepared to enjoy a lot thereof.

32: Being a part of your life is a journey that I have begun to cherish. Thank you for every sacrifice that you have made to ensure that we are still together. Happy New Year.

33: Happy New Year, sexy. My promise to you in this fab year is that I will always be there for you, and won’t let you down.

34: Treasure, my success story last year wouldn’t have been complete without you. You are simply one in a billion of able men. I wish you a Happy New Year, dripping with amazing blessings.

35: Happy New Year, babe. You have make it a habit to put my welfare first in all matters of dire importance. Never have I felt so loved as I feel with you. I can’t wait to see you excel and abound in this blissful new year.

36: Happy New Year, darl’. The only way I can stop talking and relating with you intimately is if you get married to another woman. But I hope you don’t plan to leave me in this new year because I need more of you.

37: Who do I call when I need to be soothed? You. Whose shoulders are strong boulders for my weary body? Yours. Who will lend me his listening ear when my heart overflows with concerns? You. Happy New Year, best. I love you.

38: Happy New Year, dear. I wish you all the best that this new year has to offer.

New Year Prayers For Boyfriend

New Year Prayers For Boyfriend

39: Happy New Year, bae. May the mercies and goodness that accompany this year be yours for the taking.

40: Happy New Year, my world. I pray that all your good heart desires shall be met in full. May none of your expectations be cut short.

41: It is a new season of hope, dearest. May you be fruitful in all ramifications. Happy New Year.

42: Thank you for the fun year you gave me, love. In this exciting new year, may God strengthen you for more exploits with me.

43: Happy New Year, boo. It is my earnest wish that you live in health to journey through and see the end of this year.

44: Happy New Year, beloved. May endless peace that can’t be defied by circumstances follow you henceforth.

45: You shall be the head and not the tail. Nations shall hear of you, and your glory shall be unhidden. Happy New Year, darling.

46: The good Lord who has made it possible that you will step into this year shall perfect all that concerns you. Happy New Year, my heart.

47: Happy New Year, best. I pray that you will find favor before God and men. May doors of greatness be flung open for you.

48: I am convinced that this year shall be better than the previous years because we will conquer it together. Happy New Year, hon’.

49: Happy New Year, dear. The wonderful thing about you is that you are optimistic to face this beautiful year. That is the attitude of a winner. Keep it up!

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