The XBIZ Awards are a highly prized recognition in the adult film industry and businesses in this field. Awarded annually, they enjoy immense popularity. This year, on September 12, 2023, the award ceremony took place in Amsterdam. A surprisingly stunning fact was the nomination of the Warsaw store Until now, the gala focused mainly on stores from Western Europe; therefore, this first-ever award for a Polish store in the history of this industry is extraordinarily important and well-deserved.

Polish erotica enters a new level thanks to the innovative store!

Many Polish companies, such as, see and utilize all modern forms of communication and engage their customers. One of the most effective channels is the company’s Instagram page where daily workplace experiences along with Kamil and Natalia’s role as sex educators share their knowledge about sexuality and offer advice for couples and their relationships. As a result, the company not only promotes their products but also becomes a place where customers can find support and answers to their questions about sexuality. This innovative approach to business brings numerous benefits to the company while building trust and loyalty among customers.

“The key to our business is recognizing Polish customers’ needs and encouraging them to look after their sexuality and relationship so that everyone finds time for exploration experiences. We are aware that life is full of duties and stress; therefore we aim at providing products services that help our clients find balance satisfaction in their intimate lives. Our team consists experienced professionals who are ready provide help advice on any issue related to sexuality relationships.

We strive for our clients feel comfortablesure about themselve addition our products being high quality but also tailor-made for individuals needs preferences.

We invite every Pole discover nurture one’s own sexuality since we believe it is essential proud frame achieving full satisfying life.” 

Kamila Hrecka CEO -Sex Educator

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