Seeing your daughter leave and finally start her own home is probably one of the most sensational feelings in the world hands down! As a mother, it would not only be your greatest honor to walk your daughter down the aisle but also a key milestone of years of hard work and sheer commitment.

Going by this, you have to prepare a well-thought, heartfelt speech that encompasses the numerous thoughts, feelings and well wishes to your daughter and her newlywed husband. We know how bitter-sweet it feels. Letting go someone you hold so dear yet feeling glad they have come this far.

Below is a comprehensive list of the most sensational speeches you could give as a mother to the bride. Take a look!

Mother Of The Bride Speeches

Mother Of The Bride Speech

1: Many say that a person’s wedding day is the happiest in their whole life, but for me, nothing compares to the moment you came into this world. In so many ways, you have brought this family a sense of joy and happiness and I am so proud of the strong, beautiful resilient woman you have become. Though you have sparked a few sleepless nights while growing up, I believe you are the best version of yourself right now, and that you will make an outstanding wife.

2: Thank you all for sacrificing your time, efforts and resources to make my children’s day a major success. We all agree it has been spectacular and colorful. Overall, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my daughter for being the most optimistic and vibrant person in the world. My husband would have been proud of the person you have become and for bringing home such as a sweet, handsome, hardworking man. We wish you the best this life has to offer, and many years of prosperity. Let’s all raise a glass for the newlyweds. Cheers!

Mother Of The Bride Speeche

3: Hi everyone, I’m “Hannah’s” younger sister. Just kidding! I’m her mother, though most people think of us as sisters, not only because of the resemblance but also because of the strong sisterly bond we have. It has been our dream as a family to see this day come to completion and from the depths of our hearts, we would like to thank every one of you for making this dream come true. It is with pride and joy I stand here today, to wish our newlywed children a happy, fun, colorful marriage that brings forth bubbly babies and lots of other fortunes. “Hannah”, your father and I have done the best job possible nurturing and raising you to the incredible woman that you are. Seeing you get married to the man of your dreams, a man we would approve a million times over is the best gift you could give us as parents. God bless you. Cheers to this divine union!

4: I wish to give a short speech regarding my daughter and her new husband. Today has been one of the best days of my life, needless to say, because of the union we have all witnessed. At the same time, it has brought me to a point of reflection and nostalgia where I have had to relive some of the best and not so good moments when raising my daughter. But life is all about phases and things will never remain the same forever. To the newlyweds, when you are lucky enough to find your soulmate, you hold on to everything and cherish them with all you have. I wish you a love that blossoms in different spontaneous ways each day and joy that knows no bounds. I love you both!

Short And Sweet Mother Of The Bride Speech

1: It is with immeasurable joy, love, and pride that I stand before you today to wish my daughter and her new husband a beautiful, productive life and a marriage that will stand the test of time. As a little girl, my daughter’s gentle nature and kindness attracted the best people by her side and the same can be seen throughout every stage in her life. I value the happiness and contentment your partner has brought you, more so, how he effortlessly manages to bring out the best in you. Together, may you go out and flourish, create an amazing family and explore happiness together. I deeply appreciate and bless this union.

2: It feels like yesterday when you first met eight years ago. Throughout this time, both of you have gone through tough storms but have managed to stick by each other’s side. I deeply respect you for that. Not only has it been a clear indicator that you are meant to sail through life together, but an eye-opener on your true character traits. From time immemorial, children have been the greatest gifts, and I never regret having you, my daughter. It is through you, that I will get my first grandchildren. The treasured friendship we have will not end but will even extend to your husband and kids later in life. Now that you are all grown up and ready to start life by yourself, I may not get the chance to hold you each day, but you will forever be in my heart.

Touching Mother Of The Bride Speeches

3: I remember when our daughter’s partner came to us, we loved him from the first sight. Of course, he had our blessing automatically. Having dated for nearly 5 years, who else could do a better job of loving, cherishing and respecting our daughter more than he did? Most importantly, our loving daughter, who happens to be a very intelligent judge of character, chose him over all the guys that were pursuing her. I take this opportunity, as the loving mother of the bride, to wish them comfort in each other’s presence and a bond that can never be broken. You will always be in our hearts.

4: First, I’d like to acknowledge and thank each one of you for availing yourselves and gracing this wonderful occasion. As you all know, I am the (bride’s) mother, but I also stand here in the capacity of a mentor. One day, during one of our many interesting talks with my daughter, she happened to ask me how I knew I wanted to marry my father. I never got the chance to answer that, so I will today. Marriage is like a set of fingerprints in a way that all the differences and flaws converge to form something divine. Sometimes, you just know that someone is the one for you. I am happy that you made the right decision by choosing (groom) who is an all-rounded magnificent person. I am confident that you two have a bright future ahead. Best wishes and I love you so much.

Funny Mother Of The Bride Speeches

1: As I stand here today, representing my husband who passed on a few years ago, I can’t help hearing his groaning and moaning noises he’d make regarding the cost of everything. But I know he would be happy and proud of you two (bride and groom). As you both embark on this new path together, I wish you all the happiness and joy in the world. May you never go to bed angry with each other and may you always find the fulfillment you desire. After so many boys asking you out, I am glad you finally got someone whom you are comfortable being around, because we were getting worried. All the best, lovelies.

2: Seeing you leave and start a family of your own is truly bitter-sweet. Bitter because I will miss your sweet loving nature and excellent culinary skills, and sweet because I won’t have to deal with your grumpy nagging nature. Also, now my make up will always be intact and not stolen. Jokes aside, you have been the best daughter in the world, and I know this wonderful adventure will be the best for you because you have the best partner a girl would ask for, well aside from your father. I will continually keep you in my prayer and check up on you as much as possible. Feel loved and appreciated.

3: Best wishes to my lovely daughter and her new companion for their glamorous wedding and entry into marriage life. Before I go on, keep in mind that if you ever need someone to advise you on marriage issues, or if you ever need tips on how to make your marriage last long, don’t even consider asking me. On a serious note though, I’ll always be one phone call away from you guys. Watching you grow up has never gotten easier, but I have finally accepted that you have your race and your demons to slay. No matter how grown or mature you are, I will always worry about you. I cannot thank God enough for helping you find the right partner for this mission called marriage. Take on the world together. You have all it takes!

Funny Mother Of The Bride Speeches

4: I love telling people that I have the most outstanding marriage. I have been happily married for 22 years, even though I have been married for a total of 25 years. Don’t worry about the three years that are not accounted for. All I mean is that even as you get into this new journey, you have to be open-minded on how you relate to each other, but never get your eyes off the vision you both share and the love you profess for each other. Both of you are special people and you have people who deeply care about you. Never forget that you can achieve anything you set your mind to do. Together, you are a radiant light whose flame can never be put off. Best wishes.