In a relationship, keeping memories is essential, especially if they have to do with milestones achieved. These milestones could be measured in months as they mark an improvement in the relationship; from newly met friends to deeply connected lovers.

Observing monthly anniversaries for relationships has the power to thicken the bond between any couple. It gives you and your significant other, something beautiful to look forward to. The thoughtful gifts, romantic dates, sweet lengthy calls, and the heart-melting messages are something worth living for. But that’s not all!

We have put together some of the most heartfelt monthly anniversary messages, just to keep you and your partner in check all year long. Who said anniversaries only have to be yearly? You are not ready for this!

Happy Monthsary Messages For Your Girlfriend

1: Some people might think that a month is not long enough to fall in love with someone, but I believe you are my soulmate. You offer everything I have been looking for. Cheer’s to spending more months and years together.

2: Happy monthly anniversary, my queen. The past month has been an eye-opener and a rollercoaster of love and passion. You have taught me so many things about myself and have helped me grow immensely. I cannot wait for what the future has in store for us. I love you.

3: Dear lover, happy two months anniversary. It feels like I’ve known you for years now. Here’s to a more fulfilling and productive month. I appreciate you!

4: Ever since you came into my life, you multiplied the love, fun, and laughter. I hope I get lucky enough to celebrate more than 50-year anniversaries with you. For now, let’s celebrate this one month. Happy monthsary.

5: I get the constant urge to pinch myself when I’m around you because I still can’t believe I could be lucky enough to have you as my partner. Thank you for being the best girlfriend ever and happy one monthsary. Feel appreciated and loved.

Happy Monthsary Messages For Your Girlfriend

6: To the most annoying and most special person, congratulations on this one-month anniversary and for putting up with me all this time. I know this is the first of many anniversaries.

7: So many plans and so many dreams we have to accomplish. I promise to make you the happiest woman in the world. As we celebrate this 5-month anniversary, always remember we have each other for life.

8: Compared to eternity, one month is just a fraction of the time we will be together. However, let’s celebrate and savor all the moments and memories we’ve shared. Thank you for being such a great girlfriend.

9: I count myself extremely lucky to have the golden opportunity to have you as my girlfriend and wife-to-be. It is my prayer that this bond will never be broken. Happy one-month anniversary.

10: Happy two months anniversary to the prettiest and most loving woman in the entire universe. Thank you for everything.

11: Our love has come to stay. Do you know why? Because I have got a keeper in you. You are the best woman I’ve ever known in my relationship life. Happy Monthsary to us, love.

12: Wherever I am, there you would be. You have become an intricate part of me; letting go of you isn’t even an option to consider. I love you, honey. A happy new month to our love affair.

13: Your love makes me want to climb mountains and soar into the sky of possibilities. With you, babe, there is no part of me I can’t explore. Thank you for partnering with me these past months. Happy Monthsary!

14: We thought we wouldn’t be able to make it through days and weeks, following our topsy-turvy kind of loving. But here we are, going strong with the hope that tomorrow will be better for us. Happy Monthsary, baby girl.

15: Today calls for a grand celebration with the clinking of glasses and the merriment of our dancing feet! It has been such a wonderful journey, so far. I can do it all over again with you, angel. Happy Monthsary!

16: It’s just been one month, and it feels as though we have known each other for the past year. My Miss Amazing, I can’t think of any other girl whom I would rather love, but you. You make my world go around, in colorful circles. Happy Monthsary to us.

17: Our love is unique, a blessing, and an answered prayer. While we thought we were on different paths for different people, we never realized that we were in for a heart-jolting surprise. We are together now and forever. Merry Monthsary.

18: Slowly and steadily, we are sailing into a sweet future where both of us will savor moments together. We are one month stronger in love today. Cheers to more months of bliss.

Happy Monthsary Messages For Your Girlfriend

19: The reason for my excitement today is that I can still go to my contacts and find you as ‘My One and Only’. We haven’t broken up, not because we can’t, but because we are too perfect for each other to make our lives a living hell. Happy Monthsary to us.

20: I care about you. It is true, factual, and logical. My life hasn’t been the same since you stepped into it, majestically. I’m looking forward to many more months that will transit to years, with you.

21: I know you are madly in love with me. I know it because you’ve drunk from my well of love. You have been infected, baby. Happy Monthsary!

22: My love for you knows no bounds. Truth be told, I’ve always dreamt of a day like this in our lives when I will look into your eyes and profess deeply that I love you with my whole being. I look forward to meeting you later today. Happy Monthsary to us.

23: Little things make a difference. The way you smile, the tilting of your head to reveal your earring unknowingly, the way you slip your arm into mine, the shine in your eyes when we meet…they all tell me that I made the best decision. Let’s celebrate the completion of a month together!

24: We have had our fair share of fights, quarrels, and arguments. Sometimes, we wonder what we are still doing together. But we know why we are still together. We have decided to stay in love despite our challenges. Happy Monthsary to us.

25: Hopefully, we will tell our stories in the presence of our families and friends. Then, we will recount how we fought and still found reasons to kiss and make up. Before that time comes, let’s enjoy our new month of love, together.

26: I trust that our ending shall be much lovelier than our beginning. We have come a long way and are not ready to give up on each other. I love you, sincerely.

27: The best love affair is one where both partners have the odds against them but have pledged to be even in their disagreement to be torn apart. I have enjoyed our love without regrets. Let’s do more, honey.

Happy Monthsary Messages For Your Boyfriend

1: The thought of you being my boyfriend is still hard to comprehend. Happy one-month anniversary, my darling. I hope you will always remember this first gift.

2: I am beyond convincing, that you are the best boyfriend in the world. The few months we have been together, have been the best in my life. Above everything, you have taught me what true love means. Happy monthly anniversary, baby boy!

3: Though it has been a month since we started dating, it seems like I’m falling for you deeper as days go by. I know what we have is real. Happy one-month anniversary and cheers to many more.

4: You found me broken and fixed me up better than a cricket game. Thank you for being the most understanding boyfriend. You don’t know how much you mean to me. Happy two-months anniversary.

5: Every moment with you fills me with profound excitement. It’s only been a month, but we have explored so much. Looking forward to the great things ahead of us. Happy monthsary.

Happy Monthsary Messages For Your Boyfriend

6: Happy monthsary to the only guy I want beside me every day for the rest of my life. I love everything about you.

7: I believe everything happens for a reason. I can’t wait to make out dreams come true and kiss you goodnight every day. Cheers to the best husband-to-be and happy one-month anniversary.

8: I’m afraid forever is not enough time with the greatest and funniest guy thin the planet. One month ago, I never knew my life would change this much. Thanks to cupid, we are bound together in an invincible bond. Let’s enjoy this first month’s anniversary. It’s the first of many.

9: All my life, I have never met anyone more kind, loving, compassionate and understanding like you. Throughout that first month together, I have realized that I’m the luckiest woman alive. You make everything seem heavenly. Happy monthsary my love.

10: With my lips, I hope you become the prisoner of my love, and with my hugs, may you become mine for life. Thank you for getting through one month with me and for your effortless love. I celebrate today! Happy monthsary, boo.

11: To the world, you are a smart and hardworking man. To me, you are the sweetest and most down-to-earth lover. I don’t know how my life would have been without you. We are one month stronger. Happy Monthsary to us.

12: We build our castle on a strong foundation of love, affection, empathy, and respect. Sweetheart, you make loving you easy, and I couldn’t have asked for a better man. I love you. Happy Monthsary!

13: In case you are uneasy about my level of commitment to you and our love, let me shock you. it is either you and me or nobody else. I love you with all my heart, body and soul. Happy Monthsary to us.

14: As always, I hereby, declare my undying love for you. You are my soulmate, my first man, and the only one who makes my heart beat faster. It is our second month together today. Cheers!

15: I love you for you. Nobody else can do, for my heart’s devotion is centered around you. Thanks for loving me beyond my expectations. Happy Monthsary, babe.

16: There are so many things to say to you on this day. But first of all, I want to thank you for giving me a shot at love. It was a hopeless situation for me, but your loving gave me hope. I celebrate you. Happy Monthsary to us.v

17: We hold a very special attachment to each other. The kind of love that we share is both limitless and indescribable. I’m blessed to be your girlfriend. Let’s have a fun monthsary today!

18: Above my fervent heart requests, our relationship comes first. I have this desire that our tomorrow will be sweeter than today. As we mark our first month as a couple, may our love flow from a boundless shore without ceasing.

19: Given the chance again, I would gladly say yes to you. All my life, I have never known so much peace as I have with you. Happy Monthsary to us, dear.

20: Look beyond our problems and see how our love has stayed strong for us. I know we will make it to the end. Happy Monthsary.

21: Did time grow wings and fly? What happened to the world clock? Whew! It’s been three months already, and it feels like yesterday. Our love has traveled for miles, darling. Let’s toast to a new day, a new month, and a fresh zeal for each other.

22: If you could see my heart right now, you would see it pumping out enough blood to color the town red. It is a great honor to be your lover for five months. I’ll be happy to do more with you. Happy Monthsary.

23: First of all, I want to be sure that I am not dreaming. Who could have thought that of all people, I would be the most important one to you? I appreciate all you do to keep us moving. I love you. Happy Monthsary, honey.

24: Right here in my heart, is where you belong. No other place is much fancier to be in, than my love-struck heart. I hope you’ll love the shape of the arrow you dropped there. Happy Monthsary!

Happy Monthsary Messages For Your Boyfriend

25: My sweet baby boy, I lack the right words to express my feelings to you. However, I’ve got to say something to celebrate our one-month relationship. I love you.

26: May this glorious day bring us nothing but peace, love, joy, laughter, and more fun. Someday, we will look back and remember our first month together.

27: Close your eyes, and you will see me there in your soul, radiantly beaming smiles of contentment with you. You make me a fulfilled woman. Happy monthsary to us.

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