These rare qualities can be attributed to the nature of a wife: loving, sacrificial, nurturing, loyal, and accommodating. But often, these virtues are somehow overlooked by her husband, who is either too busy to notice them or too egotistical to praise her valuableness. However, if you are someone’s husband and reading this, chances are, you’ve made up your mind to be one of the few romantic husbands alive.

You don’t only acknowledge your wife’s awesome virtues, but also want to take it a notch higher by gifting her love poems. For this worthy decision, we are partnering with you to make her a happy woman by offering you these delightful love poems for wife:

Deep Love Poems For Wife

Deep Love Poems For Wife

#1: Love is:
When you hold my hand in my darkest night
And whisper that everything is going to be alright.
Care is:
When you only need to look into my eyes
To tell why I am as cold as ice.
Affection is:
Giving me your all
Without complaining at all.
I belong to you, come what may;
You will always be mine, that’s all I can say!

#2: We walked down the streets into nowhere
Only guided by the trust we have for each other
We spoke with one voice,
Unafraid of our faults and frailties.
I choose you over me
For you owe me my existence.
If life has a duplicate
I won’t hesitate to recreate,
Step by step,
Pattern after pattern,
The moments I shared and still share with you.

#3: You are an amazing woman:
The flesh of my flesh,
The bone of my bone.
You are priceless:
The honor upon my scepter,
The covering to our kids.
You are my wife:
The strength of my manhood,
The custodian of my sanity.

#4: I find it easy to tell you how much I love you
But sometimes, I feel that it has become a routine
Giving you just the words,
And not the promises.
While I have the time,
I want to let you know
That in loving you
I will stand by you,
Fight for you,
Fend for you,
Live for you,
Die for you.

#5: I will give up my right to freedom
To see you beam smiles outside the jungles.
I don’t know if I am making any sense to you
But I can tell you this:
I swore to this oath
The first time you heard me tell you,
“I love you.”

#6: The sea in my heart hit its massive body against the waves of your love
Trying to resist the pull to you.
As much as I tried holding back from falling for you
I failed to make any impression worthy of a playboy
All I ever achieved
Was to be buried deeply in thoughts of you.
I am glad I lost out in the game
To surrender all to you.
Making you my wife
Was, and is still is the best decision
I have made for myself and posterity.

#7: Time seems to take a flight
Each time we sit to talk.
Ours feel like conversations between two long-lost friends.
I don’t know how or why
But it’s certain that we found each other pleasurable
Among hundreds and thousands of couples.
It’s not only unthinkable but foolish
For anyone to expect our passion for each other to wane.
You and I make
The best couple goal in the whole wide world.

#8: Whatever you hope for
Be sure I am here to support it to fruition.
You blessed my life with your choice
To be my wife.

#9: Days gone, nights borne
You are still here with me
Never failing
Ever faithful.

#10: True to time,
I have evolved to be the kind of man
You will wish to marry again in heaven.
Not because I woke up one day
And thought it best to make you sway.
I found out truly
That to appreciate your immense kindness towards me
My lifestyle should be in agreement
With the wordings of my mouth to you.
So, don’t be in doubt of my ability
To take a ride to eternity
Just to buy one more day with you by my side.

#11: Indeed, I am one of the luckiest few
To bring home the best among the rest.
The day I met you single
Was the last day I cherished bachelorhood.
Fast forward, and we are at the altar
Staring excitedly into each other’s eyes,
Promising and affirming,
Fighting urges,
Feeling fly,
Counting down to our moment alone.

#12: Now, after many years,
With children
And years of toiling and building between us
We are an example of blameless love
Mainly because
You are the best among the rest.

#13: If the sum total of marriage
Can be mirrored in our marital relationship
Then, I should request
That if ever I return to this world again
I want to be hooked to you
Once I am weaned of my mom’s breastmilk
For life is too short to wait until maturity
To be with you
First as your friend,
And then as your husband.

#14: Flowers aren’t just roses,
Waters aren’t just oceans.
There’s more to you than being my wife
It took me ten years married to you
To realize that.
The sweetness of your kiss
The warmth in your hugs
The spice of your comfort
Are more than roles.
Simply put, you are more than a wife to me…
You are my life!

#15: Darling,
You mesmerize me always
With your graceful walking steps
And the confidence your body carriage exudes.
People often say
That I am married to a classy woman.
Yes, I know that.
But you aren’t just classy;
You are a queen.
By default, classiness is in your portfolio
In addition to geniality, truth, and empathy.

#16: It is hard for me to survive sleeping on a bed without you
Ever since we got married.
You know that,
And I am not shy to admit that I depend on you
To enjoy a goodnight rest.
Even though I am an iconic figure to many
A commander of chiefs in the public,
My rest is only made possible in your arms.

Short Love Poems For Wife

Short Love Poems For Wife

#1: Thanks for loving me unconditionally
While overlooking my countless faults.
Thanks for giving me your support
While seeking my protection as your husband.
Thanks for everything you do for me
Though you think you haven’t done enough for me.

#2: I hope that someday
I will write our story
For the whole world to read
About the kind of love that we share.
Miraculous and indefatigable
Are the two words which rightly describe our partnership.
They’ll get wind of the full story
Of how we stood for the love that’s ours to be.

#3: Happiness is fleeting;
Wealth is marked for finishing.
You, my wife, bring pure joy into our home
That lasts as much as it fattens.

#4: I can’t explain how you do it
But I get weak on my knees
Anytime you call my name.
Maybe it’s in the softness of your voice,
Or the sexy drawling sound.
Whichever it is,
I live to hear you call my name.

#5: I step into our home
And there you are already in wait
To embrace me warmly
And to ask me how my day went.
It’s a routine I can’t get enough experiencing
Because it is the singular reason I am always hasty
To head home after work.
I love you, baby.

#6: Blessed are men that marry wives as good as you
For theirs is the peace of paradise
Made possible on earth.

#7: I make boast of you
Both in public and within earshot.
If you were in my shoes,
I bet you will do the same and more, honey.

Funny Love Poems For Wife

Funny Love Poems For Wife

#1: Gifts can’t buy your love back after a rift.
I am fully schooled in that,
The reason I am always careful
Not to make your forehead crease in sadness or anger
Even for a little moment.

#2: Tell me the truth:
Who fell in love first,
You or me?
Don’t be shy, girl!
Look; I won’t tell anyone
That you confessed your love for me
Before I bared my mind to you.
After all, we are married;
No one cares who made the first move
As long as we are still loving each other
Like our lives depend on it.

#3: “Staying married today is a mutual decision and commitment
Because yesterday is gone with its promises
And today is a new day.”
So said my wise wife,
Who looks forward to a happily ever after
With her stoned husband.

#4: I don’t know which I am most happy about,
Being the father of lovely kids
Or getting married to a caring wife.
Wisdom has taught me to choose the latter
If I will ever see my children again!

#5: I am striving to love you
The way you should be loved
And not the way I think you should be loved
It’s a difficult process
Which gets compounded anytime you are in your period.