If you think that your man’s heart doesn’t beat hard for a love poem, you’ve really been dreaming. For your information and necessary action, there’s something deep in a man that longs for a romantic poem every once in a while. It’s up to you to make him go wild with any or more of the following electrifying love poems. Copy and share; it’s our pleasure!

Deep Love Poems For Him

1: It wasn’t easy for me
To believe that you were made for me,
But the reality stared hard at me,
And I just couldn’t keep on messing with me.
You’re everything that makes sense to me;
Nothing else matters, but you and me.

2: From my heart of hearts
I want to affirm my unreserved love for you.
It is as free as a bird,
And as deep as the ocean.
Always, forever, I love you.

3: Never will a time come
When I will raise my eyes to the sky
In regrets,
For knowing you.
“My blessing”, you are.

4: Much more beyond words
Is what I feel for you.
It’s all pure and raw,
Absolute in all its glory,
Sizzling in all of its essences.
I choose you over a million rubies
Because with you, everything is possible.

5: As long as the sun dotes the sky,
There’s no end to your appeal to me.
As sure as the air that tickles an open fire,
Is my constant presence in your life.
You’re my lover, my inspiration.
In you, I find peace.

6: People often wonder
How our love has come yonder.
I want to believe
They are yet to perceive
That we have come to stay.
O yes! For poorer, for richer
We are made for each other.

7: Sweetheart,
There’s so much I need to tell you
So many things you need to know
About this little heart of mine.
It did search and faltered some,
Went miles and faced tides
Until the day broke.
A new day, and it found a bloke
With whom it will spend the rest of its beating days living for.

Deep Love Poems For Him

8: I’m not surprised
That my desires came to be.
My lifelong prayers
In my youth, of my desperate times,
To have a man as complete as you
Whose imperfection
Will be the perfect shade of my kind of perfection.
It is you that I’ve ever wanted.
So, I’m not surprised
That you finally arrived.

9: Oranges are sweet,
But my husband
Is an epitome of sweetness.
The spring breeze is soothing,
But my husband’s kind words and tender kisses
Are the best relievers for an aching soul.

10: Baby,
I can’t go wrong in living my life to make you happy
For you showed me love when I was but a puppy
Who was dependent on love to find herself.
After all you’ve done, I can’t fool myself
Into thinking I will go wrong loving you with all that I have.

11: You’re not just the best thing
That has ever happened to me,
But you’re the only best thing that always happens to me.
Always, honey.

12: There are men,
And there are men.
There are lovers,
And there are lovers.
We know when our hearts speak.
You’re mine, forever.

13: There’s no turning back when we see
The one we’ve been waiting for, all of our lives.
Thanks for being my special kind of man and lover.

14: Promises have been underrated
Going by words abysmally exaggerated
For me, I have just my heart to give;
Therein lies everything you’ve ever wanted to be given.

No promises, just ready answers.

15: Darling bae,
You are:
The only melody my heart plays,
The only sound that gets my soul singing,
The redemption that my body sought for,
The capturer of my entire being.

16: It’s in vain to count blessings
When they are as the beach sands.
I can’t wrap my head around everything
That has become my testimony
Ever since I cleaved to you in matrimony.
You surpassed my expectations,
Leaving me with shredded emotions.
What did I do to deserve you, honey?

I messed up a few
Got broken, and grew
Then, I was found by you
And my life totally turned around anew.

17: To the ignorant,
Sacrifice is as deep as the brook can run.
To the wise,
Sacrifice is as deep as an ocean basin.
To the one in love,
Sacrifice is deeper than the deepest depth.
Look for me there,
That’s where my heart has driven me to.

18: Can I wish for one thing, dear lover?
Can I look into your eyes and make a whisper?
To be one with you, is all I desire.
To bear your name, the empress of your empire.
Don’t ever say no, baby.
Let me be your one and only.

19: I promise,
To make you regret your past,
To make you hiss when you remember your last,
I will do everything,
Absolutely anything
To make you grateful
For choosing me.

20: Thinking of you
Is all that I cherish to do.
Whenever my heart wants to be with you,
I quickly tune in, and suddenly
The memories of us start rushing in heavily:
Pure delight,
Endless ecstasy.

21: You’re my light that never goes dim.
You occupy the most important part of me,
Now, and for all time.

22: You need to know baby,
That I cherish you dearly.
Time may elapse,
Health may collapse
But as long as I still have breath in me,
Your name will remain sweet to me.

23: When the night becomes cold,
And my bed, too cold to do much,
I turn to you in my thoughts.
Your arms, open and true to give me warmth.
Then, I drift away
Into the sunny morning,
And open my eyes to meet your warmest smile.

Falling In Love Poems For Him

Falling In Love Poems For Him

1: I have watched you from afar.
It’s unknown to you,
That I live for every moment you walk past.
My type, you may not be proud of,
But you’ll forever be the man that my heart beats for.

2: It started as a joke.
Nothing serious, just a poke,
But I can’t seem to sleep
With my eyes closed.
It’s you that I see,
Everywhere, nowhere apart.

I have fallen for you.

3: No matter how hard I try,
I find myself drifting to your side.
What is that called?
Love or a plain curse?
Beyond explanations,
Tried but fell below expectations.
Nothing is making sense
Apart from the fact that it is you that has got a hold of my senses.

4: Something more fierce
Than hell let loose
Is the burning heart of a woman in love.
Hold my hands,
And feel the intensity of my hunger
For your love.
I rather burn in agony
Than have anything lesser.

5: The sweetest part of living
Is to discover that there’s someone worth living for,
Or something worth dying for.
In my wildest imaginations
I never saw you and me.
But reality has spoken,
And I can do nothing but obey.
Loving you, is my hard-set purpose, darling.

6: Mysteries do make life full,
And love has a way of making us fools.
Hard times make the heart woody,
And it takes love to render same mushy.
I may not know what’s up,
But I think I’m head over heels in love with you.

7: Your fingers grazed my skin,
And sent sparks to my chins.
I couldn’t help the tears that streamed down
As my heart chuckled like a clown.
Do it to me again,
I want to die in love.

Funny Love Poems For Him

Funny Love Poems For Him

1: It takes me days
To compose a love song for you.
For this poem, I will take a couple of minutes
Because you’re too busy
To read through to the end,
Where I attached “I love you”.

2: Dearest heart,
I have really wanted to tell you
That you make my heart beat irrationally
Whenever you buy me a gift.
It may not be the best thing to say,
But it is a sign that I can’t do without your generosity.

3: The way you hold me
Sends a ton of messages to onlookers.
They may think you’re winning in this love spree,
But they are in for a shock
Because I have got you tied up in my heart.

4: Whenever I pick up my phone
To call you or somebody else,
Your face is what I see.
You might think it is a wallpaper affair.
I wished my heart hadn’t been the one in that affair.

5: Softly and tenderly
You creeped in like a sedated cat,
And off you went with my heart
Like a skilled burglar.
In your bid to escape unnoticed,
You succeeded in arousing my sleeping feelings.
Shame on you!

I think of writing you a note
To tell you how blessed I am
To be yours.
Writing isn’t enough though.
I owe you an adventure
Which you’ll forever wish to do again
At the shortest notice.

6: You’re the sun
You’re the rain
You need to know
I’ve got no sunscreen
I’ve got no raincoat
Be mild, be gentle
And allow me love you like a magic.

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