Men love it when they fall in love. Come on; which man doesn’t want to walk on the clouds while being overpowered by feelings that make his head swell up sweetly? It’s even much more desirable when he is able to express himself to his object of affection in words and with actions. Whether you are a helpless romantic or a staunch believer in tough love, showing your beloved wife or girlfriend how much you love her is unnegotiable.

You either choose the light path of buying her gifts and sending her text messages, or go for the higher calling of churning out heart-melting love paragraphs solely for her. Whichever way is acceptable, but the impression love paragraphs will leave on her heart remains indelible. If you’re sceptical about the possibility of developing meaningful love paragraphs for her, follow us as we show you below, different samples you definitely can use. Enjoy the read.

Romantic Love Paragraphs For Her

Romantic Love Paragraphs For Her

1: My love, the beginning of a new life for me came the day I knocked on the door of your parents’ house and it was you who answered. In all honesty, I wouldn’t have expected to meet my true love the way our meeting went, but that makes me to strongly believe the saying that love happens at the odd places. Ever since then, it has been a life of bliss and full meaning with you. Today as I did yesterday, I love you. Loving you tomorrow and the day after is already a done deal. I only hope that you will never feel overwhelmed with my unending loving.

2: You are beautiful from the inside, baby. Forgive me for saying that you are dangerously beautiful because that’s the best way I can emphasize correctly on your looks. You are the sun that brightens my days and the moon that adorns my somber nights. I must confess that the only time I think reasonably is when you are out of my sight. Apart from that, every bit of my thoughts is tainted with how to impress you, to make you smile. That brings me to your heavenly smiles: sweet, pure, alluring, unhidden, priceless. Without them, I am certain that bleakness and emptiness would have enveloped my living heart. Let me remind you at this moment that you are my everything, wifey. No one and nothing can ever take your beautiful place.

3: I am a man. That’s superb. But I am a man in love. That something extraordinary in a world where incessant heartbreaks have made it pretty difficult to let one’s guard down. Believe me, honey, I would have never thought it possible to find my soulmate until I pass on from this earth. I had planned on settling for anyone as long as there’s an iota of feeling for her. Drowning in love is what I never bargained for. But here I am, having the best of it with you. I have you to thank for accepting me just the way I am, notwithstanding my excesses and baggage. You make everything alright, babe; I will choose you over and over again.

4: My angel, I count it a blessing to be associated with you, not in my dreams but in the real-world setting. It beats my imagination that a woman such as you is mine, for all that Nature can give as a gift. Indeed, I might not be able to tell in a straightforward manner, how gloriously happy I am to live every single day of my life as your lover. However, I strive in my own right, to please you with everything that makes me a man, and even more. You are entitled to all of me; God forbid that I will deny you of even an insignificant bit. I love you, sweet. I can never do otherwise.

Love Paragraphs For Her

Cute Short Love Paragraphs For Her

5: Pretty eyes, you are killing me slowly with your love. I am totally caught up in your trap with no hope that I will make it out alive if I ever attempt to. Dee, there is nothing much to say other than that I want to be with you regardless of the risks and costs. You have shown me the way that brings to light every hidden emotion; I am not prepared to go back to where you picked me up from.

6: Call me a fool, but I will rather be your fool than to be the wisest man devoid of the joy from loving you. I do hope that my time with you shall be remarkable with every act of tender affection I show you. Believe me, baby, you make me come alive in a way I am not able to describe. If there were translators that specialize in simplifying the wordings inscribed on my heart for you, I wouldn’t mind hiring one at any cost. Don’t make me go away, my love. Please, allow me to prove my unflinching love for you. I swear that you won’t regret having me as your lover.

7: Will you mind giving me your hand when I ask you to? When the rain is falling heavily and the streets are flooded, will you climb on my back and let my feet be yours? When there’s nothing else to talk about, will you cherish my silence while I drink in the sweetness of your company? Will you be by my side, through the thick and thin as I have decided for you? Will you, princess, be my everything?

8: Just so you know, I love you more than the life I lead. Thankfully, it has come to your knowledge that I will walk miles for you without as much as looking back to see the trail of my blood following me. I don’t love you because I feel like; I do it because my life is hinged on it.

9: Over the years, I have come to admire everything about you. You are an epitome of elegance. Also, you are a powerful woman who wields her influence like a magic wand, causing me to think twice about losing you. Keep this close to your heart: I will forever and always support you in the pursuit of your happiness because you mean so much to me.

Deep Long Love Paragraphs For Her

10: Life is beautiful, that I know. Its beauty is transformed when life encounters love in its pure form. I am sure that there is nothing I can do to merit or receive love, so that I won’t make boast with what I have done or how I should have it. My reason for writing this love note is borne out of deep humility to acknowledge my luck in enjoying a life of transformed beauty, all because you waltzed into my life. Baby, do me a favor by making yourself available for the outpouring of my appreciation from a grateful heart. The merry sound of your laughter is a tonic to my soul. The touch of your hand is healing to my heart. Simply put, the essence of my existence is upheld by your loving presence. I know of a truth, that I wouldn’t have been this lucky with you if luck wasn’t on my side.

11: Time stands still whenever thoughts of you fly into my waiting heart. No words exist to define the mushy feeling that envelops me, from the tips of my toes to the strands of my hair anytime I watch you go about your routine chores. In such an occasion and without making it too obvious, I speak under my breath to my vibrating heart to quell its ferocious beating. You are everything I have dreamt of in a woman. To make it clearer, you are the full package as I had long fantasized about. There is no way I can keep myself from gaping in wonder at you, even after five years of living under the same roof with you. Oh, baby, I don’t know what to do with you other than to consume you with the fiery fire from my eyes. It is just about the only thing I can do to keep myself from going insane with wonder.

12: As long as I can remember, the sky above us has been quite stretched out in an endless horizon beyond any human’s reach. That by itself, is a terrifying wonder, and a reminder that there is a lot that is bigger than me. It brings me also to the reality that I share with you, darling. Tell me, did you see us happening? I mean, going by the way we started off as sworn enemies who despised the mere footprint of each other, we would rather have our heads off than to allow anything bring us together. But I tell you, baby, we were oblivious of the workings of time and everything it controls. Suffice it to say that we are a couple so much in love that we are afraid that we might not be able to survive without each other. I want to make up for the lost times in every way possible. It is my decision, and that stays forever.

Love Paragraphs For Her

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