Words are the easiest way to communicate better how much you love someone. A heart willing to profess its feeling of love cannot do without a hand willing to take dictated love notes. Therefore, as much as you are in love, it is much more important to do all that is within your powers to let that special person know…no, let that person read how much of your love you have for them.

Whether you want it short and hot, or long and comforting, let’s show you how to do it with the following love notes:

Short Love Notes For Him or Her

1: I love how I feel when we meet. My heart beats with so much excitement that I cannot contain. Hope you do realise what that means.

2: I love you for you, nothing else. You are everything and more that I need in person. Bless my heart!

3: I looked up, and glanced down. Then, I searched around me. Truly, no one loves like you.

4: Please, believe me when I tell you that I’m helplessly in love with you. It isn’t an issue I can help.

5: Don’t make it difficult for me, I plead with you. Accept my heart and my love. There is definitely no turning back on this decision of mine.

6: When I hear you speak, I imagine the melodies from a choir of angels singing. The sound of your voice is as soothing as the sea breeze.

7: There is no dull moment with you. None at all. You make every moment I spend in your company worthwhile. Thank you for everything you’ve been to me.

8: You’re my most prized asset, the reason I smile and sing everyday. You draw out the beauty in me with your words of love and encouragement. I love you.

Love Notes For Him or Her

9: Time flies by, memories are fleeting. Nothing stays till eternity but the sweetness of the love that you give me.

10: You need to know my love for you is unwavering and solid. No matter how long our journey becomes, you will still find me close on your side.

11: I was hard-hearted until you touched me with the overflow of your love. It is 100% impossible to let you go. My heart yearns for you all day. Always.

12: I thought that I know how to love until I met you. Now, I can say that I am a learner with you. Baby, you have humbled me with your love.

13: Let anyone who cares to know, hear this: love at first sight is real. It has happened to me. Thank you for making me an icon of love with your love. I love you.

14: All I ever desire from you is the gift of your love. Without it, I am at a loss for direction; nothing would make complete sense to me.

15: The light in your eyes sparks up a thousand and one feelings in me. I am in awe of the ease with which you sweep me off my feet with your smile.

16: Your love is divine, too beautiful to be just a feeling. There were days darkness was the only reality I faced. That’s not so anymore. You’re more than life to me.

17: Hold me and never let go. Anything you want, I will do for you. Just say the word, and you’ll have it done. It is no news that I was made for you.

18: There’s no word enough to express how deep my affections are toward you. All I know to do is to simply say that I love you with every fibre of my being.

19: Let me prove my love to you. Let me be the one to brighten your day and make you laugh hilariously. Let me be the one to kiss you goodnight and be your wakeup call. Let me be everything to you.

20: Your coming into my life has brought brightness to my lost world. There is no denying that I have been given a new lease to life. I promise that my love for you will never end.

Long Love Notes For Him or Her

Love Notes For Him or Her

1: Save a soul! Save me from the drowning sea of loneliness, bring me out from the cold hands of boredom. There is so much I need to be, so many heights to attain. Without your help, they all will remain mirages. I have found you finally, the answer to my secret prayers. My days of despair are gone, my new dawns are unveiled. Help me make my dreams come true.

2: Before the birds fly home to their nests, before the sun sets sail behind the mountains, before time rests for the day, let me drop timeless words for my love. I love you as much as you have never known. Through the ups and downs I have been privileged to face in life, I have come to realise that love makes every journey worth taking. As long as I have breath in me, I will go to any length to win your love, and to make you keep falling in love with me. It is my solemn promise to you.

3: You’re irreplaceable and irresistible. Many could have a lot to boast with, but I have just you as my pride and jewel. You are all I ever want to live for, sweetheart. Time and again, my life hasn’t failed to acknowledge the impact of your presence in it. Who else do I look forward to seeing everyday if not you?

4: I’m not going to let you down. I’m not going to make you cry. I’m not going to be the reason you want to give up on love. Darling, I swear by the might of my love that I will be the best person you could ever fall in love with. Take my hand, let’s walk into our own world, our own forever.

5: As surely as the springtime, your love will remain ever new, ever priceless to me. It took me a long time to figure out my ability to love such a precious soul in the most deserving of ways. Thank heavens, it didn’t take me losing you to realise that you are an indescribable source of blessing to me. I love you, now and always.

6: Have you ever been in love? The stars gleam with ethereal glows, and the sun becomes a ball of gold. The earth is light when you’re in love, and heaven becomes your room next door. If you’ve ever been in love, then there is no way how I feel for you will be a mystery to you. I am down for you, for life.

7: It’s an honour to be called yours. As for me, there’s no hiding place. I make sure I say, act and live out my love for you. If there is nothing else to be sure about, let my unflinching love for you be a constant in your equation of love. I will never disappoint you.

8: My life blossoms because of your love and immeasurable affection for me. The truth is, you are the most important person in my life. The best of me began from the time I started sharing my life with you. It’s all roses, daisies and sunshine. Friends ask, family wonders. I know. You’re the only one who holds my heart. I love you dearly.

9: It will be unheard of to compare you with another. There is absolutely no way I can bring myself to think of you less. I love you so much that I have no part of me to keep for myself or for any other. I can spend my lifetime loving you, and it still won’t be enough. In loving you, I found myself. In giving my all to you, I became whole.

10: You colour my life with the pureness of your love. You’ve been the one that silence the fear and anxiety in me with the strength of your love. You make my life strikingly beautiful with the majesty of your love. Everything about my life is changed because I let you in.

11: My imperfections have nothing to do with the perfect nature of my love. I may not have all you want, but I will give you all that you need. There are deep ways to love; I will search for the deepest just for you. I won’t let anything hurt you, I won’t have anything to give to you but laughter, joy, and happiness. You’re all there is for me. I love you.

12: The love of my life, you’re nothing less than a treasure to me. I promise you my undying devotion, and my lifelong affection. For a lifetime and in eternity, you stand out as my best, my lover, my essence, the apple of my eyes, the never-dimming light in my heart.

Love Notes For Him or Her