Hey guys!
Instagram, as you should have known, is the happening place for all your cute and memorable photos. To make a lasting impression on your followers, there should be a caption, a write-up that tells them what you have in mind while uploading your photo.

That caption could come from a place of love, friendship, inspiration, self-confidence, or plain savagery. Kick in your imagination and creativity, guided by the captions we’ve developed below. Enjoy!

Instagram Captions For Guys

1: At the end of the day, what matters is you.

2: I have no enemy. I just avoid haters.

3: The truth is too dangerous for the lying heart.

4: Thanks for loving me when love was a luxury to me.

5: Food is tastier when shared.

6: I can’t believe you when you don’t even believe yourself.

7: My heart is too trusting to be broken.

8: I have nothing but goodness to give.

9: You didn’t break me; you only helped me find my strength.

10: Peace is unnecessary without war.

11: White makes the law. Black rules.

12: Heart of steel; fist of anvil.

13: I am as clean as your heart is.

14: As juicy as citrus; as chewy as fiber.

15: Don’t take my silence for muteness.

16: I don’t argue with wise fools. I’m too foolish for that.

17: Who else understands the meaning of wild?

18: Rainfall is intentional.

19: The candle sells only in dark towns.

20: Help is in my hands.

21: Too happy? Check your feelings again.

22: No winner, no battle.

23: I don’t share what makes me different.

24: Hurting you is the least agenda on my mind.

25: It is high time I started living my faith.

26: One God, one life, one me.

27: You and I are hardly on the same page because we are different books.

28: Time will tell the truth.

29: I hate crying when I should be laughing.

30: My life is beautiful all thanks to my ugly past.

31: The ‘hood makes blood thick.

32: I don’t know about you, but I am no more where I used to be.

33: Beat me; I rise like the dust.

34: Light in the end of the tunnel is overrated.

35: Ice-cream and salad are twins. They are served cold.

36: You have no reason to blame your mother.

37: Who else has been reborn?

38: Don’t make me regret meeting you.

Inspirational Instagram Captions For Guys

Inspirational Instagram Captions For Guys

39: He married hope and lives happily over and over.

40: Dare your past with your future.

41: Nothing can defeat you without your permission.

42: Even if I have failed, I am better than those who have never walked out of their comfort zone.

43: Whatever opportunity that offers itself is a miracle in the making.

44: You won’t know until you’ve asked.

45: Don’t keep your mouth closed until your challenge responds positively.

46: If you are not at peace with yourself, nothing the world gives can ever bring you peace.

47: I am not a product of chance. I am the child of choice.

48: Don’t get involved with a matter strange to your heart.

49: I am like the instant noodles, full of junk but indispensable.

50: You can’t talk me out of my reality if you don’t share in my dreams.

51: Until you move on, you’re still living your past.

52: Choose to fight for another day.

53: It is not over until I say so.

54: I am not just a man; I tackle life like a man.

55: My footsteps, my legacy.

56: I can’t seem to stand enough for success.

57: Once there’s a man, there’s a way.

58: The assurance of a better tomorrow is the sound decision of today.

59: Don’t let your Yes outweigh your No.

60: I am not waiting for the future because I am the future.

61: Live in such a way that you will become envious of yourself.

62: I can’t guarantee a 100% successful life though 100% of my life is successful.

63: I can’t deny that I am blessed.

64: Never underestimate the power of purpose.

65: Until you make it, don’t rest.

66: I fear no evil.

67: Monetize your time; thank me later.

Savage Instagram Captions For Guys

Savage Instagram Captions For Guys

68: From your breath, I can tell what you’ve been doing in the secret.

69: I can’t stand girls who are selfish with their bodies.

70: Don’t make me wait for what you’ll eventually give me.

71: Apology? That’s for losers.

72: I owe you nothing. You owe me nothing. Stop the noise.

73: There’s none as high as a man on heat.

74: I want to thank you for making a fool of yourself on my page.

75: Dare me and curse the day you were born.

76: I live for myself unless you have reasons to think otherwise.

77: Make a mountain out of a mole hill and be prepared to pull it down yourself.

78: I have no time for drama queens.

79: There’s absolutely nobody that I can’t drop behind for the sake of my future.

80: Chicks be thinking they can’t be talked to like they are prettier than peacocks.

81: I wonder how on earth you want to stand side by side with me. We are not on the same level.

82: I am sure you know by now, that I don’t care about your friendship. It sucks.

83: Do with me whatever you wish, but never underrate my hustle.

84: I bear the consequences of my decisions. Thanks for caring.

85: I am in my happy place, beyond the reach of killjoys.

86: The real lessons of life are packed in the gutters.

87: The last time I checked, I was doing fine without you.

Funny Instagram Captions For Guys

Funny Instagram Captions For Guys

88: Being a man is a longer affair than your manhood.

89: Once food is involved, to hell with gentlemanliness.

90: The few times I visited the hospital, I waited for a woman physician. Men don’t care.

91: Smelling good is good business.

92: It pays to wash your socks. Guys take note.

93: Before you give her a ride, be sure it is your car you’re riding because it’s likely she’s going to fall in love with it for your sake.

94: Whoever says love isn’t real is a bag of broken bones.

95: Always pay attention to your girl; she might be saving you from a fatal heartbreak.

Instagram Captions For Pics With Bae

Instagram Captions For Pics With Bae

96: Mine till forever.

97: She is the only one that gets me standing.

98: There’s so much about you that makes everyday ravishing.

99: You are my lover. I am your beloved.

100: She drives me crazy. Without her, I am sane, and that’s not a good thing.

101: Perfect. Stunning. Fantabulous.

102: She makes everything I do seem like the best of its kind.

103: Trust me when I say you are irreplaceable.

104: She’s my heartbeat.

105: I can’t spare you my love. It’s the reason I live.

106: Most beautiful.

107: I am grateful to God that I found you.

108: Her smiles are my aphrodisiac.

109: Everyday makes me want you more.

110: You have me, now and forever.

111: I admit I am helplessly in love with you.

112: Meant for each other.

113: She’s my yin.

114: The apple of my eyes.

115: Ready to give my all for you.

116: Your kiss lights up a thousand stars in my eyes.

117: You belong to my arms.

118: There’s no other. There will be no other.

119: She’s the queen of my heart.

120: All hail my empress!

121: You’re so special that I count it a privilege to have you.

122: My bumblebee!

123: Purest heart ever.

Instagram Captions For Pics With Friends

Instagram Captions For Pics With Friends

124: We are friends, not fiends.

125: It is an honor to be in their circle.

126: Friendship is a glimpse of paradise.

127: We have each other; that’s enough for us.

128: You know me at my lowest. You deserve me at my highest.

129: Our friendship is here to stay.

130: Love knows no wrong.

131: Much more than a blood tie is the strength of our friendship.

132: Time made us inseparable.

133: Some of the best persons in my world are my friends.

134: You may not understand our history for we’ve come a long way.

135: Light for and through each other.

136: We belong to one another. We are friends.

137: Sworn to each other never to part ways. We will always find our way back to us.

138: Love makes the difference.

139: Friends and fun go hand in hand.

140: I am blessed to have special friends like you.

141: They won’t let me down.

142: My people, my friendship.

143: They are just a call away from me.

144: Always in my heart.

145: We made solid memories.