Hey girls! Today’s post is all about you and the mountains you can move on Instagram. We all know that any picture that hasn’t found itself posted on Instagram is missing out from an all important attention because that’s what IG exists for – to get pictures heavily noticed. In order to make them more captivating, captions are attached to pictures as short, straight-to-the-point texts just below the uploaded pictures on Instagram.

It is incredible the degree of statement a unique Instagram caption can make on a picture. In addition to signing luxury on the pic, Instagram captions touch on certain truths about a girl’s world, and of life generally. So, girls, we have taken out the time to make this post exceptionally special by supplying you with juicy captions in various categories for your Instagram pics. See them below!

Best Instagram Captions For Girls

1: There’s no mountain too high for a determined girl to climb.

2: It is not about the face; search the heart.

3: Help doesn’t come from the wishes of your mouth; find help in your hands.

4: “Live and let live” is more than a warning quote.

5: You are a girl, not a ball.

6: I do hope that someday the world will see me for me, and then apologize.

7: There are many ways to kill a rat, the sweetest is by being a cat.

8: I only care about those who can spell the meaning of care correctly.

9: Don’t judge me if you are still a learner.

10: Why wait on people to make you happy, when you can’t be everything at the same time?

11: I don’t believe who I doubt.

12: No matter the amount of time spent doing a wrong thing, a second is enough to write it off.

13: Rainfall is the desert’s erstwhile lover.

14: You can only count the stars when your face is up and lifted.

15: Do yourself a favor: stop listening to gossips!

16: Light only shines brightly in the dark.

17: It only gets better when you start trying.

18: Enough is enough for all work and no selfies.

19: Don’t feel sorry for a girl who still holds onto her future after a deadly past.

20: I am proud of the woman I have become.

21: Real men don’t have the time to body shame ladies.

22: Special thanks to my past for giving me the present I needed.

23: I only look for the words to say when I meet an idiot.

Instagram Captions For A Girl’s Attitude

Instagram Captions For A Girl’s Attitude

24: When I fall, rising up becomes sweeter.

25: Revenge is best served cold with a hot iron.

26: I don’t know about yours, but my mother gave birth to a winner.

27: Flying without wings is the new walking.

28: If you don’t want to walk in my shoes, you have no right to talk about my bunions.

29: My heart is always cheery by default.

30: I don’t need your help to shine; it is in me.

31: If you get me pissed off, I will bake you a cake you and your entire community won’t be able to finish.

32: There’s no fire without the support from oxygen.

33: If I am crazy, that’s just how I have been wired to be.

34: Queens don’t acknowledge opinions because they don’t count.

35: My heart can’t be broken; it is made of steel.

36: Girls dance in the rain to shame their tears.

37: I have no reason to be down; the space up above calls and begs for my important presence.

38: You are woman; you are not ordinary!

39: The happiest girl is the healthiest.

40: Don’t look at me like I have just arrived; I am the destination itself.

41: My happiness lies in the truth that I accept myself the way I am.

42: Black, brown, white, yellow: variety is the spice of life.

43: I can do without you; it is my secret confession.

44: Money makes me taste sweeter than honey.

45: Life is too short to take bullshits.

46: The difference between honey and money is in their first letters.

Inspiring Instagram Captions For Girls

Inspiring Instagram Captions For Girls

47: It is normal to fall, and abnormal to make excuses to rise up.

48: Look at your mirror and blow a kiss at the woman you are staring at.

49: Don’t wait for a man to define you before living your unique life.

50: Keep hope alive. It is as simple as waking up each day determined to succeed.

51: Girls don’t run the world; they are the world!

52: I have grown to listen less to people and more to my heart.

53: There’s no perfect life; stop being hard on yourself.

54: If no one sees the good in you, then they are a bunch of blind folks.

55: I am allergic to a fake life.

56: I am a winner, with or without a medal.

57: You can’t put me in my place because I have long occupied my territory.

58: Stop blaming and start doing!

59: I can’t help but glow irresistibly.

60: Jealousy is the fruit of a discontented life.

61: I have less to talk about my past and a lot to say about my future.

62: I can’t be held down, not without my permission.

63: The road to a great life is steep with mind-bolstering challenges.

64: It is unheard of that I came this far only to fail woefully.

65: The good news is that there is no harm in trying.

66: As for me and my very self, we are set to take the world by storm.

67: I am as real as the mistakes I make.

68: If you are looking for a 10/10 girl, check next door.

69: I get what I desire from life, not what I deserve.

Funny Instagram Captions For Girls

Funny Instagram Captions For Girls

70: If you are thinking that I am a failure, you must be out of your mind.

71: Stop waiting for me to shine. We weren’t born the same minute.

72: My cat is a fighter; mess with me at your own peril.

73: Lipsticks are a girl’s ride or die friend.

74: I own my house but my house doesn’t own me.

75: You’ll need glasses to see the real me beyond my picture.

76: Life is made easier with chocolates.

77: I have always wanted to have my own dog, now I have a house full of strange puppies.

78: It is okay to break a heart or two. Anything more than that and it’s a crime against love.

79: Shy men make the sweetest lovers.

Sassy Instagram Captions For Girls

Sassy Instagram Captions For Girls

80: I can kiss a stranger provided I am not wearing my lipstick.

81: I change my attitude as often as I do my underwear.

82: There’s nothing anyone does that comes as a surprise to me because we are all humans.

83: I push myself to my limits because I have to.

84: Don’t ever take me for granted; the price isn’t cheap.

85: I don’t have time for nonsense when I have a lot to make the sense out of.

86: Do yourself a favor by ignoring me.

87: I believe in a world free of poor men.

88: It is not over until I say so.

89: My body odor is my natural perfume.

90: My name is beautiful. Beautiful is my name.

91: No matter how many times I am beaten, I can’t be broken.

92: The only problem with a bold girl is her fearless attitude.

93: I don’t think I have the energy to discuss anyone who wouldn’t pay me for the advert.

94: It is a man’s world; women are the kingmakers.

95: I had hoped that nobody would notice my sexiness but it seems I was kidding myself.

96: Shoes are meant to be worn. So are attitudes.

97: You are as important as my heart takes you.

98: I have basic intolerance for a shabby character.

99: Truth is, life continues.

Instagram Caption For The Stylish Girl

Instagram Caption For The Stylish Girl

100: I dress to kill; that’s the deal.

101: I only fantasize about money, riches, and wealth.

102: I don’t wish to spend beyond what I can afford.

103: Fashionable girls are the only girls in vogue.

104: My body isn’t the problem; blame the dress I am wearing.

105: I am as excited as the clicking of my heels.

106: My beauty isn’t skin deep.

107: I’m as beautiful as the clothes I wear.

108: Diamonds are not as expensive as my decision to wear them.

109: I want to thank my mother for lending me her pretty face.

110: A girl can’t get used to shopping.

111: I am not afraid of spending my money on activities that make me happy.

112: Value the wearer more than the wears.

113: It isn’t necessary that I live a fake life; my gold necklace is real.

114: Don’t forget, I am the empress of my beauty empire.

115: A girl’s perfume goes ahead to announce her presence.