Let’s all face it; we are never 100% right all the time. Yes, we mess up sometimes because all human beings are bound to be wrong at one point or the other. What truly matters is how you handle it and whether you own up your mistakes.

Saying sorry is one of the hardest things anyone could do but it is the primary distinction between mature and immature. In today’s article, we will look at some of the sincerest and heartwarming poems that could help you relay the apology you have been trying to construct. Do you need a short, long, funny ‘sorry poem’ for a loved one, friend or colleague? Stay put, we have all the answers you need!

I’m Sorry Poems

1: I’m so sorry for making you mad
Sorry for everything wrong I ever did to you
Sorry for the lies and mind games
Please forgive me

2: For being the worst disappointment in your life
The worst mistake you ever made
And for breaking most of my promises
I am so sorry
I hope that one day
You will find it in your heart
To forgive me

3: I know I made you mad
And I inconvenienced most of our plans
But I will find a way to make it up to you
And make sure that you are the happiest person

4: I’m sorry for not trusting you enough
And now I know I have lost all the trust I had in you
I try so hard to make you see things as I do
And I realize how lonely life would be without you
I am sincerely sorry for everything

I'm Sorry’ Poems

5: I know I shouldn’t have put you to the test
Words alone cannot express how sorry I am
I wish I did things differently Because I know I have lost you for good
If we could go back in time
I would have been better for you I’m sorry

6: Lying in bed with pillows soaked in tears
I wonder how life will be without you
You were everything real in a world of make-believe
Forgive me for being too cruel and not caring so much
I hope you find the happiness you deserve.

7: Sorry for everything I did
Sorry for everything I never did
Sorry for everything I will ever do
I still love you
And I hope we can go back to being happy and contented.

8: I love and treasure you more than anything
At times, I know I do things that hurt you
I try so hard to keep this side locked in
Because you mean so much to me
I’m sorry for not being the best for you
Please let’s start over?

9: Of all the tears I’ve made you cry
Of all the bad things I’ve said
Of all the unnecessary actions I took
I want you to know,I will always be sorry
I still love and admire your character.

Short Sorry Poems

1: I ache for us from the inside
Knowing we are not in good terms
Makes me sick to the core
I wish I could take this all away
My heart wishes things were different
I’m sorry for everything

2: Love cannot be forced
Neither can it be restrained
All I ever wanted
Was to have an unconditional love
But because of my unfathomable mistake
I am going to grieve all my life
I am sorry, love.

3: I will never stop loving you
Just like Monet grew his garden gradually,
You picked me up from the ashes and built me up
And just like that, I wrecked us completely
I am sorry for putting you through hell
I don’t deserve your forgiveness.

4: At the end of it all
We would have settled down in a beautiful home
With lovely kids and a dog
But now
That reality is merely a dream that will never come true
Please find it in your heart to forgive me

5: Leaving you has been the worst mistake ever
I ache every time I think about you
And I wish I did things differently
You were all I ever dreamed of
I hope that in another lifetime
We will get to do things differently
Accept my deepest apologies.

6: Now I realize how much I lost
I thought I would get better with time
But it feels like I’m only getting worse
I’m sorry for not changing even after your constant warnings
We should have done things differently
But I guess it’s too late now

7: Being in your arms
Remains to be the best feeling in the world
But because of my grievous mistakes
We will never get to experience each other again
I am deeply sorry for hurting you

8: Growing up and becoming best friends
Has been my greatest honor
You have been so instrumental in nurturing me
I am sorry I failed us
And I hope you will find all that you desire in life
You are still the best thing that ever happened to me

I'm Sorry’ Poems

Famous Apology Poems

1: I feel so awful about what I did
Every time I look in the mirror
I feel the shame and guilt
What I did was so unfair
I don’t know what I was thinking
I hope with time, you will gain the strength to forgive me

2: I deserve all the consequences that come my way
I can’t imagine I found the nerve to do whatever I did
Allow me to apologize slowly
At least let me try making you understand
How sorry I am
It is the least I could do

3: From deep inside,
I am so sorry
My hands are tied
And I am guilty of everything that happened
If I could take it all away, I would
I hope you will be able to move on from this, someday.

4: I selfishly acted and completely messed us up
It was never my intention to ruin this friendship
And I pray that you will have the grace and mercy
To forgive meNevertheless, I am going through the worst torment
And I am deeply sorry for my misgivings

5: I truly cared about us
But I fell short like all people do
I am sorry I never owned up to my mistakes
And that you had to find out like this
With all this shame and regret
All I am asking for is your forgiveness

6: You have every right to blame me
You have every right to be mad at me
I don’t deserve your love
But I pray that one day
You will let go off the bitterness
For now, all I can say is that I’m sorry

7: Out of what I did
My psychology has been messed up
And my heart will never be the same again
I won’t give you any more excuses
I know I messed up big time
And I would spend a lifetime Apologizing for it.

8: More than anything,
I plead for your forgiveness
I plead for mercy and love
Without it, I will never be free
I own up all my mistakes
And hope you are ready to bury the hatchet

Funny Apology Poems

1: I know I’m not perfect
I know I didn’t make you as happy as you wish
I also know I never made you smile as your favorite show did
I’m sorry for not being as good or gentle as you were
But I know that one dayI will make it all up to you
Thank you for everything and I will forever be sorry

2: There are simply not enough words
To show how sorry I am for what I did
I will keep on being sorry and frowning Because that is the least I can do
I pray that with time, you will forgive me
So we can get back to pillow fighting together

3: We have come a long way as friends
It hurts knowing I lost you Because of stupidity and irresponsibility
I miss the late-night conversations
And the crazy jokes
Please forgive me?

4: All along,
I never thought this relationship would face any diseases
Because it was vaccinated with numerous hugs and kisses
The virus called misunderstanding has affected us
Henceforth, we will implement a cure called forgiveness
And move on with life I am so sorry for everything.

5: We have to take some sorry images together
To help us remember how grumpy we were
This is my way of trying to say sorry
Because in the end
We are still going to end up as a happy couple
Let’s move on and steer this relationship forward

6: Your love is the only thing that has kept me going
Well, and our pet’s love as well.
All I’m trying to say is that
I have a heavy heart because we are not in good terms
Sending sorry hugs and kisses, sunshine.
Find it in your heart to forgive me, please.

7: Being angry at each other is not going to help
Let’s sit down as adults and discuss the issue
Let me get you your favorite ice cream
As I tell you how sorry I am
Thank you in advance.

8: Take your time, dear sister
Feel all the anger
And let it out at your own pace
I will be here ready to apologize all over again
If that’s not enough,
I’ll write your name on the moon just to make you feel better
I am sorry for everything