The unconditional love of a mother is one of the closest experiences we can ever have of perfect devotion. Indeed, motherhood is a life of pride and a true blessing to mankind.

Ignorantly, we have, in many uncountable ways, failed to acknowledge the sacrifices a mother makes to keep us going through life, while she struggles to keep her head above the waters of hardship. The rude shock comes when the woman who we think will stay as our mother forever exits this painful world.

Her departure though inevitable, is more heart-ripping when we realise that we didn’t let her know how much she meant to us and how deeply we loved her. It becomes as though her forever absence broke down the door of our years of ingratitude, mumblings, anger, and rebellion toward her, and in its place, erected a fountain of ceaseless tears of loss and regrets.

Since every human being on earth has his uniqueness, there are people who find it difficult to get over the hurt caused by their mothers’ unreturnable exit. For them, it takes the expression of their pent up feelings in words to gradually help them heal.

Also, reading poems or short messages that are similar to what they feel about their mothers goes a long way to speed up their psychological healing. This write-up is purposed to make that work, and if you’re one of those in need of closure through I miss you mum messages, read through.

I Miss You Messages For Mum After Death

1: Mom, you were the best thing that even happened to me. RIP: Return if possible. I am sorry for not telling you enough that I love you.

2: You brought me up and shouldered my responsibilities without asking for any payment. Your absence has left me standing alone to face life. I miss you, mommy.

3: Your heart was always there to pour out your affection on me. You had a pure heart. I know you are resting where only angels like you deserve to be.

4: My mom for life. Though you are gone, none of your memories will be forgotten. I will forever cherish every little, single one of them. I love you.

5: Everything I know today, you inspired or laid the foundation. There’s nothing I have today that you didn’t encourage me to go for, yesterday. I have lost a rare gem in you. I miss you so much, mom.

I Miss You Messages For Mom After Death

6: True love is shown by a woman who underwent pain to give me life, a woman who chose to be strong when there were many reasons to give up on me. Mom, you truly loved me. Rest in peace.

7: You taught me almost everything, mother. But you didn’t teach me how to live without you. How could you not? Why did you leave me hurting so? Hear me, I miss you so much it hurts.

8: When I looked for someone who would be my father, you filled the gap effortlessly. When I needed the nurturing bosom of my mother, you gave me all in excess. Little did I know it was for a while. I miss you, mommy.

9: My children teach me daily how priceless you were. I’m sorry that I took many of your acts of kindness and your sacrifices for granted. Ma, forgive me for not being the most easy of children to train. I love and miss you.

10: When I see how people laugh and catch fun with their mothers, it makes me remember what a gift you were to me. I miss you, momma.

11: How I wished tears can bring you home. How I prayed I would hear your loud footsteps. I would give anything to see you and hold you tightly without letting go the second time. I miss you a lot, mother.

12: A million miles are between us. I’m a man of sorrow, a motherless child. I want to stop missing you as much as I do, mom. Console me in ways only you can, please. Help me.

13: Ever since you turned your back to me, I have struggled with myself, questioning what I did wrong to deserve such a punishment. The pain of missing you is miserable.

14: It’s been years but it feels like it’s just yesterday that you bade me an unwanted goodbye. So hard, so long. I miss you, mom.

15: I always wanted to be right. I didn’t want to be the one apologising first for any wrongdoing. But you taught me humility through your attitude. I miss you sorely, world’s best mum.

I Miss You Messages For Mom After Death

16: Queen of my heart. The most beautiful personality whose love is unrivalled. I need you, but angels are more in need of you. How I miss you!

17: They told me I would get over your loss with time. They seem not to understand how close we were. How possible is it to get over losing one’s heart? That is how much I miss you, mama.

18: By this time last year, we were basking in the excitement that you had pulled through treatment. You fought death to a stand still. I believe you are better off, resting. I missed you, mom.

19: Your love is irreplaceable. Your devotion is unquantifiable. Your value is inestimable. Your absence is unbearable. Things are no more the same without you. I miss you, mom.

20: Daily, I fight with myself for not being able to return your love when you were alive. I was too naive to think that you would stay forever with me. I miss you, mommy.

21: If I could only turn back the hands of time. I would live right with you, show you all the love you deserve, make you happy and put smiles on your face. I miss your continuous absence, mommy.

22: Did you have to leave, mom? Did you have to leave me shattered, with my world turned upside down? Did you have to make me miss you with tears running down my cheeks? Did you have to leave me broken?

23: What we had was pure and timeless. The beauty of your affection was life-giving; I know because it saw me through painful ordeals. Your leaving has cost me a great part of my existence, mom.

24: You would have wanted me to be happy. Of course, you lived for my happiness. But mom, it is as hard as it gets. I howl every night in pains. I am trying, but it isn’t good enough. I miss you.

25: Change is constant. I wasn’t prepared for this phase of my life where I have to deal with your death. I want to be healed. I want a change, one that makes everything okay. Missing you, mama.

I Miss You Messages For Mom After Death

26: Nothing equates with your commitment to your family. I now understand the value of all that you did for us. I thought you were being overzealous. Thanks for being in my lifetime. I miss you, precious mom.

27: Though it hurts to live without you, I’m thankful to God for giving me a mother like you. I am one of the most fortunate persons on earth to be born. Rest on, mom. I miss you.

28: You modelled strength, gratitude, resilience and a life of unconditional joy. You raised me right, and gave me the right to live. Mom, it hurts to say goodbye. It will be hard, but it’s well. I miss you.

29: I’ve cried my heart out yet it seems that it isn’t enough for me. I’ve touched the bottom of despair, and roamed about in utter grief. You left me high and dry, mom. I miss you badly, God knows.

30: Just when I thought you were my lifelong confidant, you zoomed off to eternity. Mom, you weren’t this selfish; how could you become so, suddenly? Come back home. I miss you.

I Miss You Messages For Mom After Death

31: You took yourself out, and left behind brokenness in all forms and shades. It is morning, but I still feel the night won’t pass away. I miss and love you, loving mom.

32: Now I know that it takes time for one to appreciate what one had. It is hard for me because you are no more. I realised late the kind of treasure you were to me. I miss you, mom.

33: No one can be like you. You were an epitome of excellence, a woman more priceless than precious stones. You’re truly irreplaceable, mommy. I miss you big.

34: I still smell your fragrance and sometimes feel your eyes on me. Even in death, you are still doing all you can to keep your memories with me. I miss you, mom.

35: If you’re fine where you are now, I believe I will be fine over here. For once, do what makes you happy. You’ve always looked out for me. I miss you, mama.

36: Will life be the same without you? I doubt so. Your departure has turned a lot around. I can’t help but miss you, mommy.

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