When you have every reason to be with your man, yet time and space don’t permit you to enjoy that, the feeling of hurt and forlornness can drive one crazy. At times, your desire to have the fullness of his presence, coupled with the satisfaction that comes with his peculiar attitude; the joy in his laughter, and the pleasure of his touch all stay unmet.

We understand how much the love of your life means to you, and how much he could be missed also. Even though there is nothing that can take the place of his company, words in messages can go a long way to reduce the sadness. Below are some I miss you messages for him that can help save the day.

Best I Miss You Messages For Him

1: My love, it isn’t an easy task to live without you close and around. If it is possible, come home now.

2: I desire to see your face more often than twice every month. You bring me untold joy, and the experience associated with your company is always out of this world. I miss you dearly.

3: My heart beats for you always. Honestly, I am left empty and out whenever you aren’t within reach. I may be obsessed with you, but I don’t care. I miss you.

4: My existence became meaningful from the day you stepped into my life. I can’t seem to get enough of you. I miss you, baby.

5: You know how to make me mushy and blushing. It is only you that know my weak button, and can press it correctly. I am down for you, and you know it. I miss you!

6: You are my first thought each waking day. I sleep with you on my mind each night. It is my pleasure to dwell on thoughts about you because miss you completely.

I Miss You Messages For Him

7: Baby, you need to know how your memories tug at my heart. The feeling is too real to be simply described. You are my all in all. So you know, I miss you.

8: If I had my way, you would have still be here with me. I miss everything about you, which is strange for someone as strong-hearted as I am. You have really and successfully caught me in your web.

9: Missing you gives me heartaches. I never bargained for this long absence, and it is really telling on my performance at work. I need to see and hear you talk in person. Help me, please. I miss you.

10: The father to my unborn child, I miss you sorely. How I wish you are home for the holidays, and with us. Your presence makes everything better.

11: I don’t pray to miss you this way again in the nearest future. To say that it makes me insane is an understatement. Told simply, it disorients me totally. Hurry, and come home to mama.

12: My one and only, it has been quite a time since we had fun together. The times that we spent leave lasting memories which I am hard pressed to relive soon. I miss you so much.

13: Between having you grow old with me, and missing you for half a day, I won’t even think twice before choosing you for life, never to let you go for once. I pray my desire comes real fast. I miss you.

14: I appreciate the presents you send across from afar. I cherish our regular phone talks, and the video calls we make are wondrous. However, they don’t substitute for the sweet pleasure from your loving company, nor can they replace the warmth of your cuddles. I miss you a lot, my soulmate.

15: Your efforts to make me a happy woman do not go unnoticed. You outdo yourself, and sometimes I wonder how I deserved a blessing like you. I miss your loving.

16: My love, I try hard to live each day with the reality that you are going to be gone for a long time. I understand that you do all to cater for our home and to make our kids proud of their father. But then, I am worn out in the process of missing you. Don’t be angry; I miss you badly.

17: I thought it would be easy staying apart from you, but I am here, finding it difficult to get a hold of myself. Expect to see me soon. I really miss you, baby.

18: For the records, I tried all I could to live without you in my life, but the more I tried, the more I find myself sinking into a bottomless pit. I give up. Forgive me; I need you in my life, and I miss you crazily.

19: The smell of your perfume, the pictures of your smiling face, and the playing of your favourite songs strongly remind me of you. I can’t wait to set my eyes on you. I miss you.

20: The weather is cold over here, thereby making my hormones to be restless. If you were here, the cold would have been quite bearable. I miss you.

Romantic Miss You Messages For Him

21: Time and again, you have proven that there is no dull moment with you. Nevertheless, you went away thinking I will survive it. It is impossible a thing to think about. Find your way back to me soonest. I miss you.

22: They know, and have seen the effect of your love on me. They know, and have witnessed me dance for joy the moment I sight you. They know our story, and have watched us grow. They know I can’t live without you. I miss you very much, honey.

23: You encouraged me to be the best. You saw me fall, and gave me a hand that lifted me. You dud so much and more for me, but you ruined everything by leaving me for further studies. I miss you so much.

24: Whosoever that opined that absence makes the heart grow fonder was under the influence of something terrible. It doesn’t work at all, for me. Rather than grow fonder, my heart is growing sadder by the day. Nothing compares to your company. To lift my moodiness, make out time for us to be together. I miss you.

25: Give me a million times of you, and it still won’t be enough. Take away a fragment of your time from me, and all hell will be let loose. In summary, I can’t function well without you. I miss you, sweetheart.

Romantic Miss You Messages For Him

26: You and I are inseparable. We are meant for each other, and that affects the bond that we share. Letting you out of my sight is tolerable if it is for a part of the day. This long journey has put a gap between us, and it is a very terrible situation. I miss everything about you.

27: I can’t imagine life without you; it’s just unimaginable and scary. These few days of your absence have taken a toll on my health. I miss you terribly.

28: Heaven knows that everything I do is for our love. Every morning, I wake up thankful for the gift of having you. You are my shining light, the sweetest love of my life. I miss you.

29: There is no other like you. You were made for me, and I am very satisfied with all you do. You are my world. I miss you so much.

30: You give me much trouble and cause a lot of mischief to my detriment. Yet, I can’t have it any other way because I love you from the depth of my soul. I miss you, babe.

31: Your tender lips give me life. The compassionate touch of your hand is a balm to my wounded heart. Within a short period of time, you have turned my life around completely. I miss you.

32: Even if you try all that you can, you cannot make me stop loving you. It is a fruitless effort, please. Above all, I miss your lovely smiles.

33: I am amazed at you. You are a symbol of manliness and the epitome of endless goodness. I miss you in a special way.

34: I draw my strength from the well of your love. I gain pride from calling you mine. In fact, there is no me without you. I sorely miss you.

35: Believe me, I hate to miss you. It is one of the ugliest and scariest feelings ever. I need you back in my life.

36: Just because others can survive without their partners, doesn’t mean that I am cut out for such. I can’t endure months and years without you because I will miss you in tears.

37: Darling, the truth is that I am willing to walk a thousand miles just to be with you. It is a lesser pain compared to staying without you. I miss you.

38: Give me one reason why I should be contented with your absence. If you can, I will stop missing you. If not, then leave me to my feelings.