Do you have a girl that you like? Are you confused about how to tell if she likes you in return? It can be hard to know whether or not you should approach her. You do not want to make unwelcome advances, but you also do not want to miss out because you were too shy to make the first move.

Although this is changing in some parts of the world, in general, women tend to communicate less directly than men. So, how can you tell if a girl likes you?

Don’t worry. We have you covered. Read on to learn how to tell if a girl likes you.

6 Ways to Tell if a Girl Likes You

1: Watch her body language

One of the first ways to tell if a girl likes you is to pay attention to her body language. Do you find that she looks at you often? Do you catch her nervously look away if she sees that you have caught her eye? These are often tell-tale signs that she finds you attractive.

What does she do if you come closer? Does she seem warm and open? Or does she get harder and somewhat cold?

Many women do not want to be rude, and because of this, unless you are pushy or obnoxious, they will not tell you directly that they are not interested. Instead, they will give you clues as to whether they want you to stay or leave. As you keep talking, the clues one way or another will get more and more obvious.

When we are attracted to someone, our eyes dilate unconsciously when we look at them. So, if you are unsure, try to look into her eyes.

Blushing easily is another sign that a girl likes you, particularly if she is rather shy. Also, pay attention to her smile. Is it a real smile or a fake one? One of the ways to tell if a smile is real or fake is to see if her eyes crinkle.

2: Compare her behavior with others to her behavior with you

If the girl you are interested in is someone you know, pay attention to how she behaves with other people and compare it to how she behaves with you. Many girls become nervous and shy with someone that they like. For example, she might be talkative and articulate with her friends, but then become shy and tongue-tied when she is with you.

Now, one must be a bit careful with this. Sometimes her behavior will change when she is with you because she does not like you. This is particularly true if she thinks you like her, and she wants to discourage your advances. However, there is a different feel to her if that is the case.

Also, while she might become quieter if she wants to discourage you, she will rarely become inarticulate. Indeed, she will probably seem quite cool and collected if she does not like you.

If a girl likes you, you may also notice that she is more conscious of her appearance when you are around. She may make a special effort to fix her hair or freshen up her make-up when she knows she is going to see you. She might also get nervous if you catch her off-guard when she has not had the chance to make herself look nice.

3: Listen to what she says

If you are trying to tell if a girl likes you, it is also important to listen closely to what she says. If she likes you, she may go out of her way to let you know that she is available. She may also ask you personal questions about whether you have a wife or girlfriend.

While there are girls who try to hide their feelings, most want you to know how they feel. Most of the time, they will not tell you directly, but they do not want to make it too hard for you to guess.

One of the things to pay attention to is whether or not she praises you and how frequently she does so. If a girl likes you, she will often clue you in by saying nice things about you. The praise will not necessarily be about your appearance. Instead, as you talk about yourself, she will compliment what you have done.

Also, pay attention to whether and how often she asks you for help or advice. Many times, asking for help or advice can be a way to prolong contact with you in a noncommittal way. This is particularly the case if she asks for help about things that she is normally quite capable of doing herself.

You might also want to see how she responds to your unsolicited offers to help her. There is a lot of material about “mansplaining,” which is a man thinking he needs to explain things to a woman just because she is a woman. On the other hand, girls will often be more patient and less annoyed with it if they like you. If they don’t like you, they will probably just get annoyed.

If she likes you, she may also fish for information about how you feel about her. She may ask how you think she looks, particularly if she has gotten new clothes or is trying a new hairstyle.

4: Pay attention to her friends

Even if she has not told you her feelings, you can be pretty certain that if a girl likes you, she has told her friends. Many times, the behavior of her friends will give you important clues about how she feels about you. For example, when you come around, do her friends give her knowing looks and seem to be teasing her a little? That is a good sign that she has told them that she likes you.

Also, notice whether her friends stay or go when you come to talk to her. If she does not like you, her friends will likely stay around to protect her from unwelcome advances. If she does like you, however, her friends will all find excuses to leave, giving the two of you a chance to be alone together.

Even though her friends will probably know her feelings long before you do, it is not a good idea to ask them about it. For one thing, it may make you look creepy in her eyes if she finds out….and she will find out. For another, it is very unlikely that you will get an honest answer from her friends.

Asking her friends will put them on the spot because whatever she might have told them was probably done in confidence. If her friends do tell you, it will put a rift in their friendship. Also, if you do like a girl, you will want the good opinion of her friends. These are the people who she will go to for advice about you, so it helps if they think highly of you.

5: Tell her how you feel about her

You can get clues as to how a girl feels about you from her body language, her behavior, what she says, and how her friends behave when you are around. While all of these things will give you good information, the best way to find out how she feels about you is to tell her how you feel about her.

In most cases, when you tell a girl how you feel about her, she will be honest about how she feels about you. Be careful, though. Don’t assume that she likes you just because she does not reject you outright. Most girls will appreciate your honesty, but they will not want to hurt your feelings.

It is also possible that she will not actually know what she feels about you. Your confession might come as a surprise to her, and she might want to think about it before she says anything to you.

For these reasons, when you do confess your feelings for her, it is best to do so briefly and without pressure for a response. She might say quickly and clearly that she likes you too, and if she does, congratulations!

She may say nothing at all about it, or something non-committal, such as saying you are sweet or thanking you for your honesty. If that happens, treat that as a no, at least for the time being. Don’t push, and if she changes the subject, just go along with it.

6: Wait…time will make things more clear

If you have tried the first five steps, and you are still not sure if a girl likes you, wait. If this is a love worth having, it is one worth being sure of. In time, she will let you know exactly how she feels. Also, her feelings may change over time, as might yours. Love and relationships are complicated. Sometimes, a friendship turns into a romance, and sometimes a romance settles into a deep friendship.

Waiting can be hard when you have strong feelings for someone, but ultimately it is the only way to be certain if she is the one for you.