A Libra man is charming and romantic. He is accomplished at the art of flirtation, and he can make anyone feel like they are special. It can be easy to mistake his charm for actual interest, however. Even though he will flirt with anyone, he is quite discriminating when it comes to who he will date or form a relationship with. Read on for some tips on how to make a Libra man like you.

1. Be unusual

It can be easy to think that a Libra man is ordinary and conventional. His desire for balance and harmony means that he rarely does anything that would stand out in a crowd. His manners are impeccable, and he likes to blend in as much as he can wherever he is.

Yet, surprisingly enough, the tastes of a Libra man often run to the unusual and exotic.

A Libra man meets many different people throughout his life. His famous gift for diplomacy means that he can converse with people of many different cultures and social backgrounds. This is something that he greatly enjoys.

So, if you want a Libra man to like you, you need to be interesting or unusual in some way. Even if you think you are rather ordinary, there is probably something unique about your background or your interests. Be sure to share that with him.

2. Talk intelligently

Libra is one of the most underestimated signs in the zodiac. His need for balance and harmony cause him to adopt a rather self-effacing demeanor. He abhors conflict and so he often does not say what he thinks in order to avoid getting into a disagreement with someone.

Yet, this sign is an Air Sign, which means that he enjoys the world of ideas. Like all of the Air Signs, he cannot feel physical attraction for someone unless that person is intellectually stimulating to him as well.

For this reason, if you want to get a Libra man to like you, it is important to sound intelligent when you speak. One of the things that you can do to sound intelligent is to use proper grammar in your speech and even more so in your texts and electronic communication.

All Air Signs will notice how you speak and write, but unlike the other two Air Signs, Gemini and Aquarius, a Libra man will never tell you about it. He will just silently judge your intelligence based on it.

3. Have good manners

There is nothing more important to a Libra native, whether man or woman, than courtesy and good manners. Courtesy matters more than honesty and more than anyone’s feelings. A Libra man cannot abide by rude behavior of any sort.

This does not just apply to your behavior towards him, but also towards everyone around you in his presence. It is particularly important that you don’t embarrass him in public. Do not speak harshly to the servers at the restaurant or the clerk at the store when you are with him. If you do, you may lose him.

Unlike men of many other signs, a Libra man can be almost impossible to read. His manners are so good that he will never show if he is unhappy or displeased, especially during the early stages of your relationship. This means that you could do something that will be a deal-breaker to him without ever knowing it.

He also will probably not properly break up with you. He will just stop calling or returning your calls and hope you get the hint.

4. Let him charm you

Don’t be fooled by his pleasant manner. A Libra man likes to be the one to take the initiative. He wants to be the chaser and not the chasee. His method of going after what he wants may be rather indirect, but it can be surprisingly effective.

A Libra man is famous for his charm, and he will use it to get what he wants. He has developed flirtation to a fine art form, and he is proud of his ability.

Now, it might be tempting to flirt back, but if you do, you will move into his “friend zone” rather than become a potential romantic partner. Instead, you will do best if you are a bit aloof and play hard to get. You will then become a challenge to him, and he will use his talent for romance to try to sweep you off your feet.

5. Learn to understand him

As charming as a Libra man is, he can be rather frustrating. This is because Libra has a unique way of seeing the world that can baffle more direct zodiac signs.

For example, a Libra man is incredibly polite to strangers, but he will set aside his good manners with those he is close to. This also means that if he is feeling distant toward you or angry with you, his manners will get better again. He will flirt shamelessly with friends, but then be surprisingly aloof with his true love interest.

The reason for this is that he views social interaction with strangers and acquaintances as a complex dance. It is much more important to him to say the right and expected thing than to say what he thinks. He reserves his true opinions for those he is close to.

Likewise, for him, flirtation is a game that he enjoys with his friends. When he is with a love interest, he wants to take off his mask and be himself.

6. Know your own mind

Even though a Libra man keeps his own thoughts and opinions close to the vest, he will be interested in yours. He will like you if you can speak your opinions thoughtfully and articulately. Do not worry about whether or not he will agree with you. A Libra man can usually see all sides to an issue, and he likes to hear what others think.

Also, do not worry if your thoughts and opinions are a bit unconventional. While a Libra man does not want to rock the boat in public, he does like to hear ideas that are unusual and even those that are eccentric. He is capable of holding an intelligent conversation on any subject, and don’t be surprised if, at times, he plays the role of devil’s advocate.

While it does not do to get into a heated debate with a Libra man, do not think that you have to back down if he disagrees with you or asks you difficult questions about your opinions. Indeed, if you can hold your own in such a conversation, you will become incredibly attractive to him. Remember, a Libra man cannot feel attraction to someone if she does not intellectually stimulate him as well.

7. Be decisive

There is an old adage, “opposites attract,” and that adage applies to romance. Because a Libra man values harmony above all else and because he can see all sides to any issue, he has a reputation for being indecisive. That reputation is not entirely unearned.

Because of this, he needs a partner who can make decisions. The symbol for Libra is the scales, and this is the sign of balance. He cannot really be himself unless he has someone to balance off of. This means that he needs to know what you want so he can see where his desires fit in with yours.

This does not mean that he will always do what you want or go along with you. Many times, he will, but if he really wants something or does not want something, he is quite capable of getting his way. Most Libra natives have the ability to apparently agree with you completely, and then do what they want anyway, even if it is the opposite of what they agreed with. This ability is more common in Libra women, but Libra men do it too.

Even so, a Libra man will appreciate it if you are clear and direct about your wants and desires.

8. Take your relationship with him seriously

Yes, a Libra man enjoys flirting with almost everyone, and yes, in public, a Libra man may seem like he is all style and no substance. Underneath all of this, however, is a man who absolutely needs to be in a relationship with one special person.

In the modern world, there is a belief that it is important for people to be independent and self-sufficient. This belief is hard on the Libra zodiac sign. More than any other sign, Libra is defined by his relationships with others. He cannot truly be himself unless he has someone to balance with.

Because of this, if you want a Libra man to like you and want to be with you, you need to demonstrate to him that you are sincere. Let him know your feelings about him and tell him upfront if you see long-term potential in your relationship. Make time to be with him, and be willing to put work into your relationship.