Men who wear glasses should be open to experimenting with different frame styles. A thin, translucent frame may work well on a narrow face to balance the chin but can look over-chunky or obtrusive on a square shape.

Glasses that add definition can be incredibly flattering for a round face. Angular or geometric frames help sharpen softer features and create balance.

1. Round

A round face is a stunning shape that works well with most frame styles. But to take your style to the next level, consider choosing a pair of frames with angular solid lines. Your gentler curves will be balanced and contrasted by these.

What are the most popular men’s glasses frames? On a round face, square, rectangle, and geometric cat-eye frames look fantastic. They can help give the impression that your face is more prolonged and slimmer by adding a hint of angularity without overpowering it. Your face will appear longer and more muscular if you wear a dark rectangular frame.

It would be best if you avoided fully circular or oval frames, as they will accentuate your soft curves and make your face appear more significant than it is. It would be best to steer clear of any frames with a hard browline, as they will add years to your appearance and broaden the sides of your face.

2. Narrow

A narrow face is long and thin, often with a high forehead and long nose. You may also have a narrow jaw and cheekbones, which can add sharpness to your features.

The best men’s glasses for a narrow face will balance your face shape with a broader frame or lenses. It helps create proportion on your face and can help soften angular features. Avoid oversized frames, as they can look too big on your face, making it seem pinched and disproportionate.

To find the right frame for your face, measure the width of your face with a ruler or flexible measuring tape. Hold it close to your nose or mouth, then move it away from your face about a foot to get the most accurate measurement. Alternatively, you can try on some glasses that fit you well and use those measurements to compare with the online frame sizes.

Narrow faces require a frame width of less than 129 millimeters. It means you will have a smaller lens width, bridge, and shorter temple arms (although shorter than children’s frames). You can even opt for a tortoiseshell design to add an extra touch of sophistication.

4. Square

If you have a square face, the key is to find frames that contrast your robust features rather than highlight them. You want a curved frame to help balance your angular jawline and chin.

Round frames are a popular option for men with square faces, as they offer plenty of softness to counterbalance your angular features. They are in various styles, from mirrored and patterned to classic black and tortoiseshell acetate. You can also try oval frames, often better for men with square faces than round frames because they tend to have more pronounced curves. These frames can create a distinguished, studious-looking style to help you stand out.

Browline frames are another fashionable choice for men with square faces, as they offer a unique brow-centric design that helps to slim the forehead and soften your angles. Aviators are also an excellent option for square faces because they can add a rugged, masculine appeal to your appearance. You can even try horn-rimmed glasses to bring a vintage touch to your look.

Some celebrities with square-shaped faces include Margot Robbie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, and Sandra Bullock. To determine if you have a square-shaped face, check your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline for the same width and look for a pronounced chin with a straight or slightly curved hairline.

5. Oblong

Men with an oblong face shape usually have narrower chins and cheekbones, wider foreheads, and a longer nose. They have balanced features and can wear a wide range of styles.

Try rounded frames, which add softness to your face, or rectangular styles that create angles and balance the width of your chin and jawline. Frames with a decorative brow line or cat-eye swoops work well, too, as they add a sense of style that suits your personality.


You can also choose bottom-heavy glasses, such as aviator frames, to make your face appear longer and thinner. These frames are perfect for oblong faces because they draw the eye away from your narrow forehead and focus attention on your chin.

If your oblong face is very long, finding a pair of glasses that match your slender appearance may be challenging. A square or rectangular frame that is tall, with a broad rim and color-accented tops, can help you look longer. Men’s narrower rim frames can also help elongate your face. 


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