While most people won’t mind squirrels visiting their garden or yard, no one really wants them inside the house. Although they have a better reputation than mice or rats, squirrels are rodents and can cause much trouble. Some of the consequences of their presence are not even immediately notable, so you may end up with some nasty surprises in the future. Learn all about the signs telling you it’s time to call in a squirrel removal service and what they are going to do about your problem. 

Indicators of Squirrel Invasions

These critters are known to be avid climbers, so attic windows, chimneys, and all the other openings in your roof, even the smallest ones, are like an open door for some unwanted rodent company. Here are some signs you need to watch out for, so you won’t miss the invasion:

  • Missing food. You may notice some cookies have just disappeared while there was no one at home. And the bird feeder seems to never stay full for more than ten minutes.
  • Excrement. You often find small droppings resembling tan rice grains. Usually, those will be concentrated in the spots that squirrels use to enter your home. 
  • Damaged wiring. A common sign of squirrel activity is the exponentially growing frequency of problems with electricity or electrical equipment. All rodents chew on wires, and squirrels are no exception.
  • Litter. You find discarded pieces of materials that squirrels use for building a nest, like leaves, twigs, feathers, and straws. 
  • Food leftovers. Squirrels love nuts, so if you notice nutshells scattered all over your floor, you will know you have a fluffy tenant. 
  • Weird pets’ behavior. If your fuzzie-wuzzies react to something you can’t see, they must be sensing a squirrel. Rodents have an intense odor that cats and dogs detect much earlier than people. Pets can make sounds, chase a rodent, or try to get it from under the floor. 

Some of these signs may indicate a pest infestation, but you can still tell the difference. Squirrels are active during the day, more selective in food, and use different means to get into the house. Also, they only breed two times a year and are much less social than rats, so this infestation is less dangerous. 

Save Ways to Remove Squirrels

Getting rid of this ginger intruder can be tricky because they are fast and have excellent defensive reactions. Plus, any drastic measures are forbidden by law, at least in some states. Here is the list of the allowed roots you can take:

  • The one-way door method. Basically, you just chase the squirrels out, then block all the entrances to prevent them from getting back in.
  • Non-damaging traps. Use safe baits to attract a squirrel and, when trapped, transport it to a safe park zone area.
  • Professional services. Trained professionals will use the same allowed means but make it quicker and safer, thanks to their knowledge and experience.

The latter option is optimal because it ensures critter removal and quality sealing to avoid similar episodes. 


Squirrels can cause many troubles, but they are rodents with the least pest-like behavior. You can easily recognize them if you are attentive enough. When you do that, please remember to use safe tools and methods that will not harm a critter or get you in legal trouble. The wisest move is to call a reliable wildlife control service to handle this matter for you.


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