Honeymoon. Sweet honeymoon.
Regardless of the unique personalities a couple is bringing into their married life, the first few months of marriage would have been a drab experience without honeymoon. Honeymoon is that period immediately after marriage when a married couple takes their time to savor their passionate love for each other without the interference from family, friends, work, and the harsh challenges of life following marriage.

Whether they took a romantic trip outside their city or are locked up in a hotel somewhere in town, married lovers assuredly react excitedly to honeymoon wishes and messages from their well-wishers. Below are lovely honeymoon messages we’ve developed for that purpose. Hope you’ll like them!

Honeymoon Messages

Honeymoon Messages

1: From my heart, I pray that you enjoy the sweetest honeymoon ever known in marriage.

2: Happy is the couple that fills each other with loving memories only honeymoon can afford. May you be that couple.

3: My hopes are high; my spirit is soaring. I don’t have anything short of happiness as my darling message to you. Happy honeymoon, dearies.

4: There is so much to explore in the affectionate arms of each other as lovers. Marriage is your bed, honeymoon is your guide. Enjoy!

5: I dream that one day, you both will look back and thank God that you found each other in the journey of love. Not as husband and wife, but as a confidante finds their soulmate. Happy honeymoon.

6: Have all the time in your own little world to be the loveliest of souls, most importantly to each other. By doing so, you are giving “charity begins at home” its true value. Happy honeymoon.

7: Marriage is a blessing you are yet to embrace with all your hearts. Your honeymoon gives you an idea of the enormity of the privilege to be partakers of such a blessing. Remain blessed now and ever after.

8: Time may drag on, and promises may fail. But your hearts which will be brought together with the magnet of honeymoon shall stay true for each other.

9: Romance seems to be at its peak during honeymoon. It will be nice you extend your own peaked romance beyond honeymoon, into the cracks and rigors of marital life. You’ll never regret making that decision.

10: For all you are to each other, never fail to make compromise where it will favor your marital relationship. Let your honeymoon be your inspiration for a team-based marriage.

11: My happiness is that you’ve become joined with each other, never to part. Renew your commitment to your marriage, always referring to the blissful honeymoon that you have just stepped into.

12: If there is any marriage free from unnecessary challenges, it is that one where the honeymoon was dependent on mutual intimacy and discovery of purpose. Enjoy a purpose-driven honeymoon.

13: It is you against the world. You may not understand how much you mean to each other without honeymoon. So, enjoy an eye-opening honeymoon filled with love and compassion.

14: It is always beautiful to behold a married couple walk side by side with their arms locked with each other’s. It is incredible to imagine them throw every care to the wind as they laugh and hug each other in excitement. My heart has you displayed as that couple. Cheery honeymoon!

15: Even if it is a very short period of time that you will spend in honeymoon, make each moment count. Find reasons to be happy with each other, notwithstanding the little offences that may arise. Your honeymoon is treasurable; never forget that.

16: To fall in love over and over; to build a home hinged on love and tested with the fire of passion; to believe and to trust each other…those are the paramount goals of honeymoon. Happy honeymoon, sweethearts.

17: After marriage, honeymoon follows. It doesn’t matter how formal or informal the honeymoon; what should concern you is the sweetness that you will trigger to the overflow during your honeymoon. Don’t relent in your search for an abundance of sweet memories and happenings even in your journey through marital life.

Honeymoon Wishes For Your Best Friend

Honeymoon Wishes For Your Best Friend

18: You are blessed to have each other. It is with this blessing that honeymoon becomes worthwhile. Be happy and contented with your blessing!

19: Ultimately, the decision to enjoy a pleasant honeymoon lies in your hands. I am convinced that you will be much more loving, tolerant, and loyal to each other during and after the beginning of your marriage.

20: See your honeymoon as the occasion that presents itself in the lives of a couple to make them appreciate their vows to each other. Together forever, your union will be. Sweet honeymoon!

21: I make boast with you as my favorite couple because you have gone through the length and width of trying times to stick with each other. You deserve a restful and romantic honeymoon. Enjoy, my darlings!

22: Just as you’ve known before now, there is no marriage without its peculiar challenges. However, your honeymoon will afford you the opportunity to learn and unlearn, with the hope that you will find reasons to be submissive to each other as you passionately give up your bodies. Glorious honeymoon.

23: Take pride in the knowledge that your honeymoon will be much more beautiful than that which you’ve come to think as beautiful. I know that because I believe in you and in what you can do as a couple.

24: Without honeymoon, it is possible you wouldn’t have thought of lingering in each other’s arms as often as you desire. Enjoy a passionate honeymoon!

25: It is my earnest wish that you grow in love and patience with each other as you swim flawlessly in the honeymoon phase of your marriage.

26: My prayer for you is for your honeymoon to bring you the best of experiences you’ve ever had before marriage. May the joy you share with each other be full and overwhelming.

27: My thoughts for you are filled with rapturous bliss which I pray that you will enjoy in your honeymoon and beyond. I am glad you made it to this point in your love relationship.

28: It takes kindness to beget kindness. May your honeymoon be encompassed with acts of kindness to each other. Surely, your marriage will not wither when you do so.

29: I am pleased to send you my heartfelt wishes as you embark on your honeymoon. May it be fruitful for you as individuals, and for your marital journey as a couple. Enjoy!

30: It takes devoted hearts to build an enviable marriage. May your honeymoon enlighten you on the steps to take to make true your dream of a successful marriage.

31: It is my wish for you to dip into the honey wells of your relationship starting from your honeymoon. Once your hands are coated with honey, it will be unlikely you’ll ever stop dipping for more!

32: I count myself blessed to have known you before your marriage. You inspire a lot of folks to believe in selfless love. I pray that you will increase your affection for each other on a daily basis as you step into your honeymoon. God bless.

33: As you begin your honeymoon today, I wish your marriage endless bliss, uncontrollable joy, wild passion, and dangerous loyalty. May you have every reason to be immersed in each other’s love.

34: I wish you nothing but soulful moments on your honeymoon. May your happiness never be cut short by minor offences that are sure to arise.

35: Be the best of lovers to each other. May you never feel compelled to compare yourselves with others with respect to their methods. Aim for the top of bliss, and see your happiness closer than you have ever imagined. Fun honeymoon!

36: You have the world to yourselves. Everything will happen as you wish if you put your mind to it. There’s little need to rush; delight yourselves in the moments you share. Happy honeymoon.

Funny Honeymoon Wishes

Funny Honeymoon Wishes

37: Honeymoon is the only time you are permitted to skip work and still be regarded busy. Surely, you are a lucky bunch!

38: It is your honeymoon, the long-awaited period in your marriage which doesn’t make sense to life-sworn celibates. Don’t fail to do all you can to make them go green with envy.

39: Happy are those who tenaciously hold on to their honeymoon memories, for they shall never suffer from memory loss due to Alzheimer’s disease.

40: Your honeymoon is that time in your marriage when you can’t explain why your phone’s memory is making it difficult for you to save photos of your naked bodies in one position but 100 different styles. To avoid such an embarrassment, go on honeymoon with your common sense.

41: Marital bliss is born during your honeymoon. I wish that you are wise enough to not mess that rare commodity up with baby tantrums. Be warned!

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