It is 2020. In some ways, this world is racing towards the future. We are using technology in ways that would be unimaginable even ten years ago. Right now, even novices are learning how to videoconference and do more and more online. Yet, at the same time, we are rediscovering skills from the past. Many of these skills have been traditional tasks of women. Below are ten traditional hobbies for women that are making a comeback.

1 Gardening

Hobbies For Women/Gardening

Whether to cultivate their own food source, to get some time outside, or just to have something to do, many people are now trying their hands at gardening. Gardening can be a lovely pastime, with many benefits.

Some of the obvious benefits of gardening are getting exercise and providing you and your family with fresh produce. It can give you a sense of accomplishment and bring beauty to your yard. In addition to that, there have been studies that have shown that working with soil can be a natural antidepressant.

If you are new to gardening, it can be hard to know where to begin. You might want to start small with a few plants. If you are planting vegetables, think about the ones that you like to eat.
Research the needs of your chosen plants in terms of sunlight and water.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and to learn from them. Even experienced gardeners lose plants from time to time.

2 Sewing

Hobbies For Women/Sewing

Sewing used to be something that women did to keep the family in clothing, but in the past several decades it has been cheaper to buy clothes than to make them. Some people continued to sew as a hobby. Now, with the need for masks and other items, anyone who can sew has become extremely important.

Yet, there are plenty of opportunities to sew just because you enjoy it. There are many online classes available, and some of them are free. If you are not ready to invest in a sewing machine, you can always start learning to sew by hand.

3 Bread Making

Hobbies For Women/Bread Making

Another hobby that has come back is bread making. Indeed, it has become so popular in some places that it is difficult to find yeast. If you want to try this hobby, and you cannot find yeast,

don’t despair. You can always try your hand at sourdough bread. With sourdough bread, you make your own yeast with flour and water.

Bread making not only gives you something to do, but it also gives you delicious homemade bread to eat!

4 Knitting

Hobbies For Women/Knitting

One creative skill that has made a comeback is knitting. This is a wonderful way to pass the time, while at the same time making useful items for yourself and for others. All you really need to begin is a pattern, some yarn, and some knitting needles.

YouTube is filled with resources for novices and for more advanced knitters who are learning new skills. It is not a hard skill to learn, but it does take practice. Hats, scarves. and dishcloths make very good first projects.

Once you have a little experience under your belt, you can move on to more complicated projects such as sweaters. It is also a wonderful thing to do while watching your favorite shows on Netflix.

5 Crocheting

Hobbies For Women/Crocheting

A close cousin to knitting is crocheting, although both knitters and crocheters may deny the kinship. Most things that are knit can also be crocheted, and vise versa. While most of our ancestresses could do both…as well as sew…in modern times, most people do one or the other.

Crocheting can be quite difficult and intricate, but the entry point is a little easier than knitting for beginners. You can learn the basic stitches from a book or online. Once you learn the stitches, it is not that hard to create something freestyle. Of course, there are patterns galore in print and online.

Like knitting, it is important to practice, and this is also something that can be done in front of the television.

6 Painting

Hobbies For Women/Painting

If you want to try your hand at painting, there is no better time than now. There are currently twelve seasons of The Joy of Painting by Bob Ross available on YouTube. If you want to start painting, there are some basic supplies that you will need, such as paintbrushes and a canvas. You might also want to get some pencils, erasers, and a sketch pad.

If you do not want to take the time to learn to paint from scratch, there are always easier options to exercise your creativity, such as paint-by-number kits.

7 Cooking

Hobbies For Women/Cooking

While cooking can be an ordinary, everyday chore, it can also be a hobby and a chance to exercise your creativity. Many people are using their extra time to try time-honored recipes or to experiment with new ideas and techniques.

Cooking at home is a wonderful way to bond with your family, and to create nutritious meals for them. It is usually less expensive to cook than to eat out. It also allows you to tailor your food to your own tastes and dietary needs.

If you are just a beginner, you might want to start with some simple recipes. Do not be afraid to fail every so often. This is how you learn. With time and experience, your skills will improve…and you and your family will be able to enjoy your progress as you get better.

8 Playing an Instrument

Hobbies For Women/Playing an Instrument

Playing an instrument is a time-honored hobby. People have been entertaining themselves and others with music since prehistoric times. Many people learn to play an instrument as a child. Many people also stop playing when they become an adult. Yet, now is as good a time as any to pick it back up.

What if you never learned as a child? Is it possible to learn once you are an adult? Of course!

In some ways, it can be harder to learn as an adult. We often have other obligations, and we do not have parents around making us practice. It can also be hard for adults to set aside their egos and become a novice at something.

Yet, there are other advantages as well. An adult has a greater cognitive ability to understand the music they are playing. An adult may also have more self-discipline and motivation than a child.

9 Origami

Hobbies For Women/Origami

Origami, or the traditional art of folding paper, has also been making a comeback in recent years. This art has been practiced in Japan since at least the 17th Century, but similar paper folding traditions were also practiced in Europe and China. Modern origami combines elements from all of these traditions.

Origami can be very relaxing, and there is a therapeutic value to creating order and beauty out of simple paper.

One of the nice things about this hobby is that it can be started without buying anything. Of course, you can buy fancy origami paper, but any paper that can hold a crease will do.

There are many online resources and YouTube videos that can teach basic designs. You don’t need any artistic ability. You just need to be able to follow instructions.

10 Writing Poetry

Hobbies For Women/Writing Poetry

Poetry has been around since language began. This form of art long predates writing. Many classic works of literature started as oral poetry. Yet, poetry is alive and well today, and young people are embracing it as well.

In the modern world, there are new mediums to share one’s poetry such as blogs and YouTube.

Even if you don’t want to share your poetry, it can be a wonderful way to capture one’s thoughts and to deal with difficult emotions.

A good way to get started writing poetry is to read poetry. You might read classic poetry or find a poet whose work speaks to you.

You may want to learn theoretical techniques such as rhyme and meter…or you can just write what is in your heart.


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