Heartbreak is one of the worst forms of emotional pain, regardless of gender or age. At any point in life, you may undergo a heartbreak from a failed relationship or friendship, but what truly matters, is how you get past it. Some days feel like a walk in the park, some are full of tears and emotion; but don’t worry, we are here for you.

One of the greatest ways to get over the pain and heartache is letting out the feelings. And what better way of expression than poems? With this collection, you will be able to connect to your inner self, channel all the thoughts and relay a clear message to yourself or your former lover. Stick around, you might need this sooner or later.

Heartbreak Poems

Heartbreak Poems

1: At night I lie
Thinking about all the things that died
When we parted ways
Could it be the perfect dayTo let you know
That I miss you, although
Things will never work out between us.

2: Even after you left me
I still found myself craving your hugs for free
Because our lives have been entangled completely
Without the hope of getting back together
I wish we could last forever

3: My heart aches, and my chest breaks
Knowing we lost something great
And even though we are not mates
I hope we could one day relate And finally, turn out to be friends

4: I know I made the worst mistake
And with a heavy heart, I earnestly pray
That you find it in your heart to forgive my ways
Lest I end up miserable till the end of my days.

5: Thinking about what we would be
Sparks a sad reality within me
That turns into a flame
Eventually leaving me weary and afraid
Come back to meLet us do things differently
I promise to love you reverently
And keep you by my side comfortably

6: Walking down the streets every day,
I experience a sense of nostalgia
Realizing we were living on borrowed time
So many memories, so many investments together But still, lies managed to pull
us from each other
I am sorry. Now and forever.

7: Warm tears falling down my cheek
My heart pounding like a stray dog in a cage
My life trickling down as I grow in age
And struggling not to fall out in rage
I hope that this heavy wage
Will bring forth a blessing that has no break.

8: Am I going crazy?
Is this truly over between us, baby?
Weren’t we supposed to grow old and forever be lazy?
I am still in shock and stress
For the love we shared was too strong to profess
But time would finally make this a mess.

9: Kissing in the rain, cuddling in the storm
Driving amidst the pain, hugging in the summer warmth
Are some of the fond things
I loved most about our long-term fling
I hope life turns out big
To compensate all the love you would have gotten from me.

Heartbreak Poems for Him Or Her

Heartbreak Poems for Him Or Her

1: The first time we met
I never thought we would get
To such crazy and stomach-churning extents
Of making sadistic threats While all we ever did was a date and have pets
I wish we could start over and forget
Everything that could make us fall apart again.

2: Inside my heart
Is a hole that keeps growing
Soon ready to affect other parts Hence keeping me from glowing
Every part in me aches
Remembering all the lunch and dinner dates
That made us everyone’s dream couple I hope we both get to move on in a subtle way

3: All I can think of right now
Are the sleepless nights
The broken promises
And the sweet dates we had
A future that would have been so bright
With kids so vibrant
But I spoiled everything for us
And I will forever be sorry for my actions
I love you, long-lost lover

4: If only I could get one chance
To go back in timeAnd change my actions
Then I would make us better
And ensure we have that dream marriage
You have been everything real in a world of make-believe
It hurts knowing we could have made things right
Now we will live in a world full of thoughts of what would have been

5: As I lay down every night
I relieve all the moments we had
Both good and bad
Understanding that what we shared
Can never be replicated
Neither can it be redone in the same way All we can do is hope to find lovers who fulfill us every day.

6: You have been a drug to me
And now I find it so hard to live without you
All my life has been a pure lie
If only I could turn back time
And take back all the precious moments we shared
Then I would not be so miserable now
Thank you for hurting me so much
I hope you have added some days to your life.

7: We thought we knew
That all would be alright
That we would turn out as the perfect team
That we would get a beautiful family
But now it seems
Like all we did
Was waste each other’s time
I’m sorry our dreams were so short-lived.

Famous Heartbreak Poems

Famous Heartbreak Poems

1: I have tears of blood and agony
Falling from my broken heart
Through my puny cheeks
I never thought for a moment
That we would part ways
But now that you’re gone
Our forever has become ‘never’

2: You looked at me in the eye
And told me you loved me
Even though you knew deep down
That you would never end up with me
You are a cold-hearted liar,
But I still choose to forgive you

3: Two of the greatest things I will miss,
Are your tender touch
And your soft kisses
As I sit here thinking about you
My face is full of tears that were dueI loved you so
And I should have cried long ago
But I know this wound will heal
And I will move on with life

4: They say love is blind But it’s only you, I had on my mind
What keeps worrying me
Is if these deep wounds will ever heal
True love and regrets fill my mind
I miss you dearly

5: I always told myself that I would never love you this much
But all my determination was in vain
You are the dream I wish to bury alive
Never to be awoken
Till the end of time
I was the happiest person when I was with you
But now the very thought of you makes me sick
Even so, moments with you will remain treasured and memorable

5: Thoughts haunt me
I wonder when months will turn into years
Just to get you completely off my mind
You have been my cup of tea
But I take coffee nowadays
Remembering you is not the wisest thing right now,
But I could never forget what we had, though.

6: Love has finally turned out to be a lie
You said that you would love me forever
And I believed every single word you said
I never thought you would turn out to be the liar
But I have known better never to trust anyone who feels like a player
You will forever live in my prayer.

Inspirational Poems Broken Heart

Inspirational Poems Broken Heart

1: My mind has been telling me to leave
Though I knew I had no chance to advance
I listened to my heart and decided to take a chance
Knowing it was a bad choice, and now look at the misery it brought
I hope to make amends and take the right shot

2: Unfortunately, it was you
The person I trusted the most
The one who left me feeling so cold and empty like a ghost
The one who couldn’t tell if I was happy or not
I must have been crazy to try making things work out
Because in the end, you brought me an intimacy drought

3: In case you didn’t know
Today, you killed all the little hopes I had
In becoming better and sustaining what we fed
But I take hope in the fact that
Someone somewhere will take me up the way I am
Without ever judging where I’m coming from

4: I cry every night knowing I tried
To be the best but only got denied
I remember every tear I shed
And wish it was blood instead
So I would have to leave this world and rest
I wish you the very best

5: I have nothing to gain, nothing to lose
I am completely fed up with the pain
And the constant urge to choose
Whether to move on or refuse
And whether you are still over me or not.
I wish I could have fought
For whatever we were holding on to

6: All my lifeI have never wasted so much time
Such as this back and forth relationship, similar to a kite
I have given up trying with you
Because deep down
I know nothing will ever changeThe best way forward
Is to try matching onwards
As I try and engage
In other new profitable ventures.

7: Had you given me one more chance
I would have been your lover for life
But since we both have issues with trust
We will remain distant friends till the end of time
If I could change one thing about the world
I would align our thinking and make us a permanent couple
If only wishes were horses.


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