The world is at the feet of that man who has found unfettered love in the heart of his woman. It isn’t just about the feeling, but the overwhelming desire to express how much affection and value he commands from her being. Girl, do your boyfriend the favor of walking around proudly, like the only man in the world with these heart touching love messages. No lady has enchanted her man and gone unrewarded!

Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages For Boyfriend

1: Our love affair is one in town. It breaks my heart yet glues me to you. My heart breaks, not out of sorrow, but because I can’t have enough of you. That’s the reason I am sticking to and with you forever.

2: I can’t do without you; that’s the truth, and nothing but the truth.

3: Your love has done awesome wonders to my life. It is beyond logical explanation yet simple to the heart that has received it. Deep gratitude flows from this heart of mine which your love has transformed.

4: The first time you knocked at the door of my heart became the last time my life knew any sorrow. I love you, baby.

5: Words may go out of trend. Wishes may be left unfulfilled. Seasons may refuse to be habitual, but my devotion to you will remain strong, beautiful and constant. You can always count on that.

Heart Touching Love Messages For Boyfriend

6: There hasn’t been a more hopeless adventure than our journey in love at its inception. We fiercely battled together and against each other. But the end of bitterness is only the beginning of sweeter understanding and undying passion between us, lovebirds.

7: Let the sun dance around with fire in his eyes. Let the moon sway from side to side while flashing her gleaming teeth. Let my soul sing unbarred to the music my lover plays for the universe, and for me.

8: I owe you my life because at its lowest ebb, the light of your love rescued it from dying a miserable death. Simply put, I belong to you.

9: There is no hiding place for the heart that has found love. There is no way I can confidently get through this day without confessing to you that you are the best thing that has ever happened to my tender heart. I love you, and I am crazy about that.

10: Sincerely, your presence wraps up my life into one comfortable package bearing, “Loved, Cherished. Irreplaceable.”

11: You are an expert in melting my heart into a free-flowing substance which derives its current from the electricity of your unending love.

12: Try as I could, my brain has failed to bring to reality any other man, living or dead, who could evoke throbbing passion from the very bottom of my belly to the wall of my chest as you do. That makes you the first and only controller of my essence.

13: As the waters refuse to flow backwards, so my love for you has naturally found its course, and to fill you up until you’re drowned in me.

14: Tears reveal little about the degree of love I have for you, honey. I love you, and for all eternity, it is going to be you and I forever.

15: When you smile, nothing keeps the morning light to find its way into the darkest night. That’s even little, compared with the loads of possibilities your pure love brought into my life.

16: Butter to the flour makes true a palatable mixture. Surely, I wouldn’t have been able to explore the beauty of my qualities if you never gave yourself wholesomely to me. I’m proud to be the butter in your batter.

17: Babe, you chase away gloominess with the boundless energy of your soul. I think you should know that I am unable to resist the magical force you exert on my emotions.

18: How terrible it is for me to live a day without as much as a sound from or a sight of you. Never let that be my lot, please.

19: Someday, I will take little steps back to the past. From there, I will raise my eyes toward the heavens, and with my heart in the present, bless Providence for stunning me with you, the sweetest gift of my future.

Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages For Boyfriend

20: Hours run into days and days into months with such incredible speed that I wish I can spend a thousand years of a lifetime with you.

21: Nobody told me that you are the one; my unseen heart could tell where it belonged as soon as you spoke my name.

22: As carefree as I am with items of material nature, I can’t bring myself to joke with my love for you. You are everything I hold precious in my life.

23: When the nightly cold threatens to decimate my bones, the warmth of your body hushes a swift command to it, and my heart comes alive into a brand new day of hope.

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