A broken heart is more venomous than the bite of a serpent. There is no better word to correctly describe the bitter feelings in a lover abused, used, and dumped than the word, ‘Hate’. It could be your boyfriend or girlfriend who you loved and respected that did despicable things to you to warrant the contempt you feel.

Rather than hoard it within and end up being a prisoner of self-hate, express your bitterness with the following Hate You Messages. The more you are able to let out, the freer you will become. However hurt you might be, don’t dwell on hatred for long, at the expense of your glorious future ahead.

I Hate You Messages

I Hate You Messages

1: Looking back, I have come to believe without any doubt that I was dating a scumbag. I tolerated your excesses and hoped for the best for you. But no, there’s no redemption for someone as hopeless as you. Glad I left you, fool.

2: You think you have a hard heart, but I will shock you to you marrows someday. I will go on and succeed, and never will I remember you with fondness. You will see me achieving all the things you told me were beyond my reach.

3: With what I know now, it is impossible to stoop low to date someone as difficult as you. Before you think I have nothing reasonable to talk about, be sure you understood this post first.

4: I envy those who made the best out of their relationships. As for you and me, there was nothing common for us to work on, and our separation was the sweetest decision we both had ever made.

5: If you care to know, I have picked up the broken pieces of my heart, and moved on without you. I wish to tell you that I am better off without your caustic tongue which harangued me every stinking day of my life with you.

6: You gloried in the wickedness with which you treated me. You had ample reasons to tear me down at every given opportunity. Well, I am happy that I escaped your deathly trap. Bear in mind that I despise you.

7: After all that I did for you, after all that I gave up for you, when it was time to show me a side of you, you did with such deadliness I couldn’t deny. It is better for me to die, than to take you back into my life again.

8: I want to thank you for this new lease on life which I have got for myself. If you hadn’t been such a distasteful soul, I wouldn’t have known that there’s more to life than tears and futile pleadings.

9: You know, I am not surprised that you are waiting to hear the news of my downfall. Sorry, loser, I am already at the top, in charge of the top, and have fortified my base with gold and diamond. Any misery for me? No sir!

10: At least, your friends in the ‘hood must be intimating you with the latest information about me. But since I care so much about your tarty heart, I am doing well with some person faithful and juicy. How has cheating been treating you so far?

11: I have known for a long time that there is no thick line between love and hate. But I didn’t imagine that a day shall come when I will cherish tearing down any wall that stands in the way of my hatred for you. It feels good!

Hate You Messages For Ex-boyfriend

Hate You Messages For Ex-boyfriend

12: Tell me, did you ever visualize a future without me by your side? Did you ever imagine that I will be a source of pain and regret to you, someday? Welcome to reality, dear friend!

13: As long as I live, and as long as I still remember your name, you will remain that slothful ingrate I was chanced to meet in life. Merely thinking of you gives me the chills; how did I cope with you?

14: In your little mind, you could be expecting me to announce to the whole world that we are no more together. If you have no shame left in you, I do. It will be unheard of to remind people of the garbage I dumped.

15: The best and sweetest way to get at you is by making sure that I soar higher than I did before I left you. I can’t wait to see you cringe at the sound of my powerful name.

16: I will give you credit for being a skilful liar. If you weren’t, I wouldn’t have stayed with you, long enough to be a walking corpse. I will forever remain indebted to that day my sanity was restored back to me.

17: Excuse me; how on earth did I gravitate toward a miserable soul like you? How could I have allowed myself be touched by your despicable hands? How did you find your way into my heart? God forbid!

18: For your information and necessary action, I don’t intend setting my eyes on you ever in my life. I don’t ever wish to hear your voice even unto my death. I would rather sleep with the devil than dine with you.

19: I have you to thank for showing me your true colors before the sun set. I glow in appreciation to you, for never hiding your ugly habits from me; I would have thought you were a sinless angel. Thank you for saving my life, really.

20: I don’t blame you in any way; I rather blame myself for not believing in my self worth, thereby allowing you to use and abuse me any way you deemed fit. I have me back; you won’t have the guts to face me at present.

21: After all the forbidden things you did to me, I am still standing. Unfortunately, that wasn’t how you planned it. You wanted to break me and make me worthless; shame on you! Hope I am communicating.

Hate You Messages For Ex-girlfriend

Hate You Messages For Ex-girlfriend

22: It will be bizarre of me to come down to your level of being a hateful person. Instead, I will be so happy and loving, that you will have no other choice than to hate your life.

23: Though I have left you, I have just one regret. And that is for crying over you. I thought you were everything I needed to survive; little did I know you belonged to the lowest class of noble personalities. Nevertheless, I forgive myself.

24: If you knew better, you would have treated me with just a bit of respect, and all would have been fine with us. Unsurprisingly, you never cared about the person next to you for your selfish heart. I hate you.

25: The many months and years I endured for you proved abortive on your character. You went on to wax stronger in your hideous nature, and never for once, imagined that I would leave you for good. I’m in a happy place, right now.

26: I have nothing much to say to you, but that you live to experience the hurt, pains, and rejections you meted out on me. Only then will karma be the ruthless champion it claims to be.

27: I loved you with my body, soul and spirit. I believed in you, even when I felt strongly in my guts that you were lying to me. I did all I could to protect our relationship to no avail. May you go on to find peace in your miserable life.

28: It is absolutely true that pigs don’t deserve any precious treatment. They are deeply covenanted with filth and murky waters. How I wish I knew about this earlier; I would have never let you into my clean life.

29: Today, I am writing from the deepest part of me, someplace I never thought was possible for me to access. With all joy, dear ex, I wish to let you know that you were the worst thing that ever happened to my life.

30: All along, I thought I was dealing with a reasonable person. I deluded myself with thoughts of you changing for the best. Thankfully, you went on to prove yourself wrong to me. I am happy that I gave up on you.

31: Months ago, I wept inconsolably at the thought of you leaving me. It makes me laugh now that after you took your leave, I never shed a tear. How terrible that is.

32: Never mind, I didn’t come to start off trouble. I only felt that I should remind you that I am a work in progress, building from the place you left me. Do hold on for my comeback, idiot.

33: You were special because I treated you specially. You were happy because I sacrificed my happiness on the altar of your heartlessness. Now I am as free as a bird escaped from a trap, I hope you will die in misery.

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