The essence of Thanksgiving has its roots in the reality that man is naturally forgetful. Our memories are fleeting, so, it takes reminders to call our attention to vital issues, especially when they require expressions of gratitude. In our Thanksgiving post today, we hope to inspire you to reflect on the events of the past months, weeks and days in your life which deserve to be thanked for.

Whether they happened by your own making, miraculously, or through people around you, thanksgiving messages ought to be happy! Irrespective of the not-so-wonderful times, cheerily digest the happy thanksgiving messages below:

Happy Thanksgiving Messages

1: Happiness is sharing my life with a positive character like you. Truly, you deserve to receive my Happy Thanksgiving shout out.

2: We have been through ups and downs, yet, still standing till this day. So many sought for this opportunity but couldn’t find it. With a grateful heart, I want to wish you and your family members a Happy Thanksgiving celebration.

3: It is highly impossible to celebrate Thanksgiving today without wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving.

4: You are the joy of many, a ready friend in times of need and deed. Heartily accept my Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you.

Happy Thanksgiving Messages

5: For your constant expression of care for my kids and ever supportive acts of encouragement, thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.

6: There is so much fun and love around you. Also, you are quite a huge relief whenever you are called upon for help. This is me wishing you a joyful Thanksgiving celebration. Love you.

7: This season calls for the remembrance of how lucky we have been so far. As we put our hearts to remember, may our mouths be filled with much gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving.

8: Enjoy this Thanksgiving in health and strength. You are always on my mind.

9: Truth be told, we have a thousand and one reasons to be thankful. If not for anything, being able to witness brand new mornings is worth celebrating. Happy Thanksgiving, dear.

10: With an overflowing heart of gratitude, I wish you a beautiful holiday season. May this Thanksgiving be one of the most memorable.

11: Even when things haven’t been all right, choose to be thankful today for the good times you hope to have. Happy Thanksgiving.

12: Everything mustn’t be functional before you allow happiness creep into your heart. Decide to make the best use of today to dance away every sadness. Happy Thanksgiving.

13: When the founding fathers of our dear nation instituted Thanksgiving, I doubt they had the opulent life we enjoy today. Their motive for Thanksgiving was for the blessings of the day and for the hope of a brighter tomorrow. Let that guide your heart, dear. Happy Thanksgiving.

14: You are free; many are in chains. You can sleep and wake up; many have been asleep in their graves for years. Come on; enjoy a dance-filled, gratitude-overflowing Thanksgiving for these simple but invaluable blessings.

15: Today calls for a deep meditation on the extravagant blessings you have the privilege to be a partaker of. Make the most use of every moment of this day to show unpretentious gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving.

16: Happy Thanksgiving, dearest. Wherever you are right now, I want you to lift up your grateful hands toward heaven. Really, God has been faithful to us in all ramifications.

17: Certainly, living in a country where every man regardless of his individualities is free, is a privilege to be happy for. In the spirit of thanksgiving, I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

18: I can’t trade your friendship for anything less. I love it that you are my buddy. Happy Thanksgiving.

19: Your achievements of the past months can’t be compared with the life that you are leading today. Be happy, darling. Happy Thanksgiving.

20: Thank God for a new day. I am confident that today’s Thanksgiving will be a blast for you and your family members.

21: The special opportunity of having to meet you on this new day is worthy to be thanked for.

Thanksgiving Wishes For Family And Friends

Thanksgiving Wishes For Family And Friends

22: May the joy and fulfilment of Thanksgiving be yours today and always.

23: Your happiness means a lot to me that I couldn’t help wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving celebration. Have fun.

24: Happy Thanksgiving. There is so much to look forward to as long as there’s life and health. May you never lose hope; keep it alive.

25: A grateful heart is a merry heart. Here’s me wishing my thankful parents a beautiful Thanksgiving.

26: Happy Thanksgiving, grandma. Thank you for teaching me the value of a life of gratefulness. You are truly unforgettable.

27: Counting the blessings in my life without mentioning you will be a show of ingratitude by all standards. I can never say enough of the way you have been a big sister with a difference to me. I love you, and want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

28: You are a friend indeed. And you deserve to have a blissful Thanksgiving celebration.

29: To my ever cheerful mom, Happy Thanksgiving. You are highly appreciated.

30: Dad, you are my role model, a true father figure to every one of us in the family. As I celebrate Thanksgiving today, my heart is full with exceptional thanksgiving for the blessed gift I have in you. I love you.

31: The only time I have ever been ungrateful for all your selfless sacrifices was in my days of ignorance. Mom, there’s no amount of thank you that will repay you. On this Thanksgiving day, I want to assure you that posterity will never forget you in a hurry.

32: For being a significant part of my life, I want to use this opportunity to say, “I am grateful”. Happy Thanksgiving.

33: Cheers to another November of Thanksgivings. You are one of the reasons why this month is special to me.

34: Bro, I am wishing you a bright and lovely Thanksgiving. You are better than the best.

35: Gone are the days when we wait for happy moments to be happy. Now, we are making every moment as happy as we want it to be. Happy Thanksgiving, baby sis.

Happy Thanksgiving Messages For Colleagues

Happy Thanksgiving Messages For Colleagues

36: Working with you has been interesting as well as eye-opening. It is no news that you are a bundle of hard work and smartness. Happy Thanksgiving.

37: There are a thousand persons who would have been in your place as my colleague. Thank God for giving me you as my teammate. Happy Thanksgiving.

38: You are a joy to be with, the life wire of our department. Happy Thanksgiving.

39: I have learned a lot within these few months of working with you that a positive mind-set is the winner in every difficult situation. In my opinion, it is quite a pleasure having you as my colleague. Happy Thanksgiving.

40: I found in you much more than a colleague. You are my friend, confidante, and mentor. From my heart of hearts, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Have a blast.

41: I have great respect for your impeccable work ethics and uprightness. To say that you are an inspiration to me is an understatement. Enjoy a fantastic Thanksgiving.

42: Permit me to call you irreplaceable. I know that might sound too patronizing, but that’s nothing but the truth. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Messages For Business

43: With grateful hearts we wish to thank you for your patronage of our products and services. We value you. Happy Thanksgiving.

44: Dear customer, it has been an incredible experience serving you. We wish to do much better for you, and wish that you have a fulfilling Thanksgiving celebration.

45: Our business has grown in leaps and bounds because of your loyal patronage. We really appreciate you from our hearts. Happy Thanksgiving.

46: Our Thanksgiving is incomplete without wishing our customers a beautiful celebration today. You are important to us.

47: Looking back, I can only be thankful for your fierce support of my brand of business. You are an intricate part of my success story. In fact, it is obvious that you are God-sent. Happy Thanksgiving.

Funny Happy Thanksgiving Messages

48: The first time I celebrated Thanksgiving in the States, I came with my own chicken and farm produce to my host’s house. My African self regrets that till today. Happy Thanksgiving.

49: May you enjoy Thanksgiving and still keep your weight. You don’t want to loss your best wears to charity.

50: There is a place called home where turkey commands absolute attention every fourth Thursday in November. I hope you’ll be there for Thanksgiving.

51: Happy Thanksgiving to my dear husband who makes sure he makes the most use of his nostrils to help me in the kitchen. This time around, be more practical!

52: Dearest mom, Happy Thanksgiving. I look forward to ravishing the fruit of your labor on the legendary turkey. Hope I will be welcomed.

Funny Happy Thanksgiving Messages