Nothing can take away the memory of a dear one, not even death can dare. In a bid to forge ahead in life after the demise of a beloved, we carry on with traditions that once again, revive the loving memories of them. One of such practices is their birthday remembrance.

In today’s post, we have made sure to take care of your deepest thoughts, through the birthday wishes below even if we won’t be able to perfectly capture your feelings of bereavement for the one close to your heart.

Happy Birthday Wishes In Heaven

1: I wish you were here today to have a taste of the sponge cake I made for you. You would have been fifteen on this beautiful day. Happy birthday, baby.

2: Exactly today, angels are marking your seventh month with them while we here on earth, are lighting candles for your eightieth birthday. Happy birthday, grandma. We miss you intensely.

3: I think of you every day. No single day rolls by without the faintest of thoughts about you. It is your birthday, dearest. Above all wishes, keep resting in peace.

4: You deserved to live, to be able to breathe in the clear air of the morning which ushered in your birthday today. You are gone, but not forgotten. Happy birthday.

5: Of all the things I had hoped to achieve this year, scattering fresh petals of roses on your grave in honor of your birthday is the chief. I succeeded. Happy birthday!

6: It hasn’t been easy living the past one year without your physical presence. My heart aches when I remember how you looked forward to your birthday this year. Happy birthday.

7: The tears have long dried up but your memory lives on, buddy. It is your birthday today; I hope you are dining with the saints right now.

8: I don’t want to miss you, sweet, that’s why I kept track of the days and weeks until the month of your birthday. I am wishing you a birthday celebration full of heavenly joy.

9: Your heartfelt desire was for me not to mourn your loss even when it was obvious that your passing would be quite painful. Happy birthday; I celebrate your heart of love.

10: Instead of tears, I am drinking in gulps, your favorite wine. Dearie, you fought and won valiantly. Happy birthday. Rest on.

11: Shame on cancer; you had the final laugh. I only wish I could see your peaceful face once again. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

12: Happy birthday to you, my one and only love who is now at rest in heaven. You made life an adventure to have. I love you endlessly.

13: Memories of your lively talks fill the crevices of my mind. I can’t seem to forget your carefree attitude toward life. Who knew you weren’t meant for earth? Happy birthday, darling.

14: I try looking ahead and leaving the past behind. But the more I try, the more I feel you pulling me to your existence. Yes, you still live. Happy birthday.

15: Someday, we will meet to part no more. While I still remain in this earthly realm, I will always keep your memory valid. Happy birthday, handsome.

16: The only period in time when I hold myself tight in order not to break down is on your birthday. Your death is too painful a parting. Happy birthday.

17: With or without the coming of your birthday, you are fondly remembered. I can’t even imagine myself going a day stripped of your thoughts. Happy birthday.

18: People were concerned that I would lose my mind after your demise. Funnily, that’s not the case, sweet. I can feel strongly in me that you are in a better place. Happy birthday.

19: I am jealous of the peace you’ve found, of the comfort you have from angels. You left a vacuum nothing can fill. Happy birthday.

20: I am broken, really broken. It is surreal, relieving the events before your passing. How could your birthday bring me much pain while heaven gains therein? Stay happy.

21: I search my mind through and through to discover anything that was out of place to make you leave me, suddenly. There’s nothing found. Enjoy a blissful birthday in heaven.

22: Forget about everything we shared together, but never for a second think that I will ever stop loving you. It’s not going to happen. Happy birthday, angel.

23: Peace, perfect peace is all yours for the taking. Truly, you were troubled enough. I celebrate your birthday today from a place of gratitude.

24: For the first in a very long while, I see your demise from a brighter and less selfish perspective: you are now a real angel with wings, halo, and all. Happy birthday.

25: Thank you for the fun times you gave me and the eye-opening inspiration your passing brought me. I live to be grateful to you all the time. Happy birthday.

25: The truth is that I miss you like a thirsty body misses water. You were an intricate part of me, and I can’t help but miss you badly. Happy birthday.

26: The hope I have is that you are singing songs of victory with the host of angels in heaven. Even louder are the songs today being your birthday. Happy birthday.

27: Let your light shine brighter as you glow in the heavenly where you now belong. Happy birthday.

28: The bells chimed over and again but you failed to appear. Right now, I am receiving a message that you’ll be gone forever. For real. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes In Heaven

Happy Birthday Wishes For Mom In Heaven

30: You birthed and gave me life in life. How do I explain the joy you gave me? Happy birthday, mom. Rest on.

31: Are there words enough to describe the emptiness I feel inside of me? You left, but your memory lives on. Happy birthday, mom.

32: I wished that you would be here to see me become the man you prayed for. I would really have wanted to give a little of the much you gave. Happy birthday, best mom.

33: I am still going on because you taught me resilience and strength. Now you are no more, I wish to keep with the tradition of wishing you a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Dad In Heaven

34: Dad, you were more than a father to me: you were my friend. I love you, but I know God loves you more. Happy birthday.

35: Wherever I go, I carry your thoughts with me. You were loving and caring to a fault; I can’t deny that. Happy birthday, sweet dad.

36: You made home an I interesting place to live in with your amiable spirit. I wished you lived for more years, dad. Happy birthday.

37: There is no other father I know that is as honorable as you were. Also, you were a true definition of selflessness and generosity. I miss you. Happy birthday.

38: Life is indeed, transient. If I could turn back the hands of time, spending more time with you would be my primary goal. Happy birthday, daddy. Heaven is yours to have.

39: I didn’t believe you would be gone this soon, dad. You left me wondering how your birthday would look like. It’s here today; I don’t know what to do.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister In Heaven

40: Dearest sis, you were one person I had great confidence in to answer me speedily whenever I needed help. I weep because I lost someone priceless in you. Happy birthday.

41: We grew up together looking out for each other. Now you are gone to be in heaven, may your eyes stay fixed on me. Happy birthday, sis.

42: You said goodbye and returned no more. It’s your birthday today, and I want you to stay happy in heaven where you’ve gone to.

43: There isn’t much to say because I am yet to get over your passing. But my heart wishes you more peace as you mark your birthday today in heaven.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother In Heaven

44: Your death brought sadness to me, yet, I don’t want to dwell much on it today as you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday, brother.

45: There will be none as smart, homely, tolerant as you, complete with your positive outlook to life. You really shouldn’t have gone. Happy birthday, bro.

46: Happy birthday, bro. I know you can see me from heaven above, and can hear me also. I’m sorry for not saying this often: I love you so much!

47: Happy birthday, bro. There are days I feel life isn’t fair to me by your untimely exit. However, there are times I’m convinced that you’ve gone for a higher assignment.

48: Happy birthday, brotherly. You worth more than gold even though you’ve gone to be with the Lord. See you on that glorious morning.