A childhood without a sister is half-baked. A sister mustn’t be blood to bond, and her trust easily tugs at our hearts to spill dark secrets which we can’t tell mother. She tolerates our quirks, barks at us to behave, and has no other choice than to stand and fight for us even at the risk of losing her admirer. Her birthday does mean a lot to us, and we want to use this opportunity to celebrate her for all that she is, and has done for us.

See below, sample birthday wishes for sister to help you craft out yours. Copy and share!

Birthday Wishes For Sister

1: You mean the world to me, sis. I don’t know if I would have grown into the loving person I am if I hadn’t been a recipient of your affectionate care. I want you to be happy because you’ve worked for it. Happy birthday!

2: My dearest one, I have nothing but kind words for you. This is the day to celebrate this blessing that was given to our family. May your days be long; may you be in health, and may all your good desires be met. Happy birthday.

3: Sweet sis, I love you because you love me unconditionally. You make sisterhood worth the while. Happy birthday.

4: Sister, you’re special to me in many ways I can’t describe. I appreciate you for making our childhood adventurous. Happy birthday.

5: Do you remember those times we fought and argued? Can you figure out what we actually quarrelled about? Well, I can only remember that I still feel connected to you, as strongly as the heat of our disagreements. Happy birthday, sis.

6: Sis, happy birthday. Have a fun day today.

Birthday Wishes For Sister

7: You’re the sweetest sister in the world. On your birthday, I wish you an overflow of joy and a lovely new year.

8: To my one and only sister, happy birthday. You’re as amazing as you are inspirational. I love you.

9: Do you know there are not so many sisters who are as pretty, loving, intelligent, and smart as you are. I admire you so much, and wish to tell you today that I’m extremely proud of you. Happy birthday.

10: If I could turn back the hands of time, I would show you often, and in different ways that I love you. Truly, those days of our intractable misunderstandings robbed me of a precious relationship. I promise to never let us part. Happy birthday, sis.

11: Time has taught me that a sister is a dual blessing of family and friendship. Happy birthday, my lovely sister.

12: Though we were on each other’s necks, we never allowed our differences to come in the way of our pure love for each other. Happy birthday, big sis. I celebrate you today and always.

13: Little by little, our respect deepened into loyalty, and our care evolved into a fierce friendship. The world is a better place with you, darling sis. Happy birthday!

14: If I had told you earlier, that you are my mentor, you would have shrieked in disbelief. But, I have to let you know now, that you inspire me to be the best of my kind. You’re my mentor, sis. Happy birthday.

15: Growing up with you was quite hilarious. Your creativity and imagination brought us trouble, but we never had any cause to quit. I want to thank you for all that you were then. Happy birthday, my friend turned sister.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Sister

1: The true essence of friendship lies in the mutual understanding that exists between friends. I’m privileged to enjoy a rare kind of friendship with you, sis. You’re one in a million. Happy birthday!

2: You took care of me and our other siblings as though you were our mother. You cherished and nursed us, expecting nothing from us. You’re a wonderful woman, Noona, and I wish to say that I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Sister

3: Having a good sister is the most thoughtful gift I received from above. I can’t love you less, dearest sis. Happy birthday.

4: Anyone who has you, has a priceless treasure. Your husband is indeed, much blessed. Happy birthday, sis. You’ll live long for us, and we will always celebrate your amazing life.

5: It’s not surprising that you ended up becoming an exquisite entrepreneur of a class. You burned with a passion no one could quench, with your eyes set on excellence. I celebrate you, great one. Happy birthday, sista.

6: I have you, and it is the best privilege ever. Happy birthday, sis.

7: It is no accident that we became sisters; God knew that it was necessary I lived in your influence to set my course to destiny. I’m indebted to your honor, sis. Happy birthday.

8: The best get attracted to the best, little wonder your life has been set to attract only the most honourable and profitable. Happy birthday. Excel, sis.

9: You’re by far, the greatest of all sisters. I’ve seen sisters relate, but nothing compares to the strength in ours. I won’t fail to give credit to your tolerance of me. Happy birthday, my beloved sis.

10: When others complain of having uncaring sisters, I try to imagine what they mean by that. I’m lucky to not be numbered among the complainants. Happy birthday. Thanks for being my sister.

11: You have a way of making me crack up even when I am in the sourest mood. You live and talk happiness without holding back. For that, I do cherish you everyday of my life. Happy birthday, sweetest sis.

12: To make me happy today, go out, give yourself a treat in your favorite restaurant, and come home for a surprise from me. You deserve nothing less than happiness, sis. Meanwhile, happy birthday!

13: I didn’t fail to protect you the best way I could because you were like my little baby. You still are. Happy birthday, kiddo.

14: It is clear to all of us that you aren’t living an ordinary life. Your choices are difficult yet classic; the goals you set are attainable only to the brave-hearted. I honor the life you lead, sis. Happy birthday.

15: Your love made my life bearable after I suffered a fatal heartbreak. You risked your job and stayed with me for a month. I can’t repay you, my most kind sister, but heaven will lift you up beyond your wildest imaginations. Happy birthday.

16: From my heart, I wish you a glorious birthday, devoid of boredom. Enjoy life to the fullest, sis.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister

Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister

1: It took dad’s pleas to change my mind toward you. If not, you would have still been the cot stealer to me. Happy birthday, sis. Hope you won’t spend the entire day in bed.

2: It wasn’t enough that you are the most beautiful of the girls, you also had to become the most brilliant of all in the family. I tremble for you, mighty sis. Happy birthday. Enjoy!!

3: My evergreen baby sister is a year older today. Remember that you’re not entitled to makeups until your face is acne-free. Happy birthday.

4: Happy birthday, sweet sis. I love the way you brag about me; it gives me a swollen head which compensates for my lack of guts when it is time for action.

5: Happy birthday, sisi. The most appropriate way to appreciate your beautiful soul is by coming to your birthday, dressed to kill on my new pyjamas and gardening boots. I hope you will still love me afterwards.

6: You’ve always been an integral part of me, sis. Sometimes I wonder if we weren’t twins before this lifetime. Happy birthday, twinny.

7: I bless God for the way He remolded you into this sassy lady. While we were growing up, I thought you would end up a nun. Happy birthday, lovely sis.

8: Sis, you wanted to grow up fast to be able to do adult things. Hope you’re not in a hurry to say that it isn’t as easy as it felt. It’s a secret one discovers after growing up too fast. Anyway, happy birthday!

9: Ours is a friendship where we rant and pull at each other’s hairs, without giving up on our love. Happy birthday, sis.

10: It’s another year to celebrate the self-crowned queen of the family. Happy birthday. May your reign be forever!

11: You know that I can’t do without your smiles, that’s why you like frowning a lot to make me beg. Continue with your high handedness. Happy birthday, pumpkin.

12: May you have a remarkable day, free from self-inflicted mischief and naughtiness. Happy birthday, darling sis.

13: Truth is, more than half of the troubles I had to deal with were created by you, directly and indirectly. I love you, regardless. Happy birthday.

14: Happy birthday, sweetheart. Expect your gift from me on your next birthday.

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