Welcome to that time of the year in your life as a boyfriend that your girlfriend is warming up to pull the world down to her feet. We are referring to her birthday! Before you cringe in fear…hold up!

If done right, it takes little to swoon a woman’s heart. Yes, that’s true. A gesture as simple as a midnight birthday note to her, can promote you to the level of the CEO of her heart. That said, we have compiled beautiful birthday messages you can wow your baby girl with. Copy and share!

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

1: My sweet angel, there’s no place I’d rather be than in your heart. Let your birthday today remind you that you’re mine forever. Happy birthday.

2: When you smile, the whole creation comes to a standstill. You rule my world; no one else can do the things you do. Happy birthday, love.

3: You have no comparison, dear. You are simply the best. Happy birthday!

4: I want to thank you for choosing me as your boyfriend. You mean the whole world to me. Happy birthday, mine.

5: Mine o’ mine, I’m delighted to be the man in your beautiful life, and I’m very, very happy to celebrate this day with you. Happy birthday.

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

6: You drive me crazy, to say the least. Happy birthday, Cherie.

7: I love the way you look at me. It brings me so much peace and security. I love you, babe. Happy birthday.

8: I chose you, and will still choose you over and again. Happy birthday, baby.

9: May today be one of your most lovely birthdays ever. I’ve got your back always, girl.

10: When I look back on the memories we’ve made, I get filled with much gratitude for a life with you. Happy birthday, angel.

11: It is easy to talk about the good qualities you possess but very difficult to get over them. I’m overwhelmed by all of you, babe. Happy birthday.

12: You came into my life at a time when I needed unconditional love to find myself. I’m forever grateful to you. Happy birthday, my heaven-sent.

13: I will treasure you for the rest of my life. Happy birthday, my super woman.

14: You mean a lot to me. I just want you to know that once more. Happy birthday.

15: I believe in love because I have felt love with you. Happy birthday, my woman.

16: My treasure, you bring me great joy. I love loving you. Enjoy a fruitful birthday today.

17: Your mission in my life is to make me a happy man. I’m glad I let you in. Happy birthday.

18: I don’t need a guardian angel when I have your unseen presence always looking out for me. I celebrate you today and every day. Happy birthday, love.

19: Happy birthday, sweet. I miss you so much that it crunches my heart. I hope to see you again, soon.

20: In my arms, you belong. In my heart, you’ll find rest. In my life, you live. Happy birthday, my one and only.

Heart-warming Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Heart-warming Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

1: I’ve never known any woman that loves the way you do. I guess you were specially made for me, babe. Happy birthday.

2: Today, I’m going to scream to the hearing of the world that my woman is a year older today. Let’s make merry, sweet! Who cares?

3: It is an honour to walk hand in hand with you down the streets. You’re most cherished and I will love you forever. Happy birthday, honey.

4: Happy birthday, baby. Your every wish today is my command.

5: Even if I give my life for you, it still won’t be enough to show how grateful I am to have you. You deserve my forever. Happy birthday, princess.

6: You are my definition of perfect, the only one who makes me happy. Happy birthday, my wonder woman.

7: If I start listing out the different ways you’ve touched my life beautifully, you’ll be forced to think of me a weirdo. Let me simply wish you a happy birthday.

8: The first day we met was the last day I stopped searching for my soulmate. I’m glad that you are mine. Happy birthday, sweet.

9: On the tag that you came with is written, “Made in heaven.” You are that special. Happy birthday, baby girl.

10: For everything you are, and for everything you’ll be to me, I want to say that I love you. Happy birthday.

11: Just when I thought life has been fair to me, you came along to make it a blissful one for me. You have me till time is no more. Happy birthday.

12: I am the least deserving person to be blessed with a woman as loving as you. It is an honour. It is a rare privilege. Happy birthday.

13: Deep inside of me, I am very sure that you complete my life. Without you, I am a nobody. Happy birthday, my heart.

Impressive Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Impressive Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

1: No matter what comes my way, with your love, victory is assured. Happy birthday, mine.

2: You don’t have to worry about my loyalty for you. I’ll rather get hurt than to see you in tears. Happy birthday, the love of my life.

3: Of a truth, your love makes everything alright for me. I can’t trade you for anything. Have a joyous birthday, baby.

4: Remember that I am always here for you. Happy birthday, girl.

5: You set my heart ablaze with your love, and have since refused to quench it. The ashes are litters of gold. Happy birthday, heart thriller.

6: It is your birthday today. It has been a great experience loving you for the past year. Happy birthday, best.

7: Only you can touch me in ways that I can’t help but respond to. Happy birthday, sugar pie.

8: Your thoughts are always with me wherever I may be. You’re an intricate part of me, baby. Happy birthday.

9: I love you so much that I can’t help it. Happy birthday, beautiful.

10: It is pretty much obvious that I can’t live without you. I hope you don’t leave me, ever. Happy birthday, baby.

11: When you touch me, I forget all my worries and everything comes to a stop. Then, I step into the realm of your love. Kill me, baby. Happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Funny Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

1: Love you to the moon and back? Pfft! I love you to the moon, and up into heaven. Happy birthday. Forward ever!

2: I love you, and you can’t do anything about it. Happy birthday, milady.

3: You are one helluva politician. You bribed God to give you more beauty than the rest of your kind. Happy birthday, sweet.

4: You smile coquettishly like you don’t know what you do to my melting heart. Woman, I’ll sue you to court. Happy birthday all the same.

5: You’re as hot as fire.I didn’t say that, please. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

6: Kindly lend me your heart. I’ll return it after forever o’ clock strikes, I promise. Happy birthday, cutie.

7: You are more than a girlfriend to me: you’re my head rest and eating house. I love you that way. Happy birthday.

8: Is it a crime to meet a girl like you? I’ve drowned in love, and my own chapter is closed. Happy birthday, desire.

9: I have gone through different heart breaks to meet you. What a journey! Happy birthday, girl.

10: There are so many ways to describe you. The one that comes tops is that you’re very troublesome. I guess I’m stuck with your trouble till whenever. Happy birthday, my queen.

11: Your birthday today will be cake-free to enable you keep a healthy weight. Don’t cry yet. Happy birthday.

12: I didn’t know the difference between a boss and a lady until I met you. I live to testify. Happy birthday, my boss lady.

13: I know you’ve set a trap for me for today. Don’t worry, I won’t come to your house until tomorrow. Hope we will still be together by then. Happy birthday!

14: Outwardly, you are a calm person but nobody will believe me when I tell them you’re a little devil. I’m safe in God’s hands! Happy birthday, dearest.

15: Today, I celebrate the woman who gets jealous of my beards. Grow yours, babe. Happy birthday.

16: I’m happy with you. Always. There’s no point in getting angry with you for you never take me seriously because I’m your melon-head. Happy birthday, pumpkin.

17: Your sweetness is as raw as a volcano. I’m telling you the truth. Happy birthday, love.

18: Pardon me, but I can’t believe it’s your birthday already. Didn’t we just celebrate it last year?!

19: I love you with all that is inside of me, including my long intestines. Happy birthday, pretty.

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