In all honesty, do we get to choose who becomes our brother? Biologically, we don’t! Luckily for some of us, our lot from the random toss of the die which nature throws, brought us brothers who we cannot do without, as hellishly annoying as they are. Others were blessed; they got good brothers who made childhood more of etiquette classes than growing up.

Then, there are those who are both lucky and blessed; the ones who randomly got the naughtiest brothers who are also endowed with saintly hearts: the best of them all. If you know your brother is special to you, the following happy birthday wishes are a subtle way of reminding you that you ought to send him a note on his birthday.

Heart-warming Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother

Heart-warming Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother

1: It is impossible to forget that your birthday is today. You are one of the rarest breeds of gentlemen the world has ever known. May you enjoy the best of years. Happy birthday, dear brother.

2: You are my brother, in whom I am well pleased. I love you, dude. Happy birthday.

3: There are only a few words to say to a man who exemplifies goodness. Though my brother, I highly respect you for the depth of your knowledge and kind-heartedness. Happy birthday, dear.

4: Through it all, you held my hand in yours, and gave me an assurance that all will be well. All became well, eventually. Thank you for accepting to be my brother. Happy birthday.

5: Countless times, you have shown up for my family when we were at a crossroad. Truthfully, you have become more than a friend to us. To me, you’re my brother for all times. I celebrate you today on your birthday.

6: I am not in any way belittling myself when I say you inspire me. You are my little brother, yet, you are wiser and deeper than expected of a boy of your age. I am very proud of you. Happy birthday!

7: Happy birthday, brotherly. I take out this moment to wish you a fantabulous day of merriment. There should be no dull moment today for any reason. Have fun!

8: It is amazing how fast you’ve grown into a responsible man. It was just like yesterday that you wore shorts and played in the rain. Happy birthday, dearest brother.

9: With you by my side, I can never put my face down. You make me proud. Happy birthday, big bro.

10: When the chips were down, you never backed out and away from me. Thank you, brother, for standing by me through the thick and thin. Happy birthday.

11: The beauty of our relationship is the fact that we have got each other’s back. Happy birthday, brother.

12: My childhood memories will lack its true flavour if you weren’t in it. All of our times together were the best that I had ever had. Happy birthday, smart bro.

13: Happy birthday, dear brother. Excel in wisdom and grow in knowledge.

14: Only a handful of men can boldly stand for themselves in a world of inconsistency and conformity. Brother, you are simply the light of guidance to many unsteady steps. Happy birthday. Be more!

15: Tell me: who would have made a better brother than you? You and I know that you have got no rival. You are the best brother anyone can have! Happy birthday, soldier!

16: Relying on words alone will only play down on your personality. Actions that involve heartfelt thanksgiving and purchasing of worthy gifts should back up every word of gratitude to you. You’re the best thing that could ever happen to me. Happy birthday, darling brother.

17: Nobody makes me laugh as hard as I do, like you. I will always cherish you. Happy birthday, precious one.

18: Suddenly, the years flew past. I miss the times we had as children of yesteryear. Time has gone indeed, but my regard for you can never die. Happy birthday bro.

19: You are an epitome of good character, my lifelong mentor. Happy birthday, brother.

Happy Birthday Prayers For Brother

Happy Birthday Prayers For Brother

1: Overflow of blessings, joy, peace, good health, and success are yours for the taking. Happy birthday, big man.

2: You are as charming as you are entertaining. Happy birthday, my brother of life.

3: Brother, can you remember how you stood up to the bullies that made life in school? May you never be stranded for helpers. Happy birthday.

4: Even with the eyes of a little girl, I was able to see how much you cared for me and my other siblings. I pray that you will live long to reap the benefits from us all. Happy birthday.

5: Your warmth brings life to any cold atmosphere. The beauty of your presence makes everything alright. May peace reside permanently in your life. Happy birthday to my only brother.

6: Happy birthday, most handsome of all. Be merry. Be cheery!

7: Before I came to know the word “mentor”, you were all there is in a mentor to me. I pray that the good Lord will keep you in all your ways. Happy birthday, my inspiration.

8: Growing up was very tough with you because I always wanted to have my way. Now I am older, I have come to appreciate your tolerance of me. You’re simply the best. God’s blessings on you. Happy birthday, brother.

9: Nothing can change my love for you. We’ve come this far never to look down on each other. My earnest prayer is for God to keep us united. Happy birthday, bro.

10: The world is at our feet. Together, we can move mountains and still finish strong. On this day, I want you to be confident that God’s favour is resting on you. Happy birthday, brother.

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother

1: This is a soft reminder that I will always be a pain in your royal ass. Happy birthday, bros!

2: Happy birthday, senior man. Go out there and do what you’ve never done before in your life, like dancing on the street on a pair of killer heels. You’ll be fine, I promise.

3: Sometimes, I wonder why you made it a point of duty to rescue me from the hands of bullies. That was how my dream of becoming a wrestling champion was crushed. Have a ballistic birthday, regardless.

4: Happy birthday, little imp. I know you can never turn from your evil ways of hitting my left cheek when in a laughing rage.

5: One of the things I like saying about you is that you are so good at remembering events that you always forget your birthday. I know you didn’t remember that today is your birthday. As usual, I came to your rescue. Happy birthday, brother.

6: If I had wings and I’m a bird, I would fly onto your rooftop this morning to peck holes on your bedroom ceiling. Then, whoop! Whitish poops would drop on you like snowballs. I would also cackle a birthday song as the last drop falls.

7: Happy birthday, toughie. Today, make an effort to laugh. It doesn’t kill. Thank you.

8: Having a brother like you is synonymous to having a mosquito as a roommate. You suck a lot of blood from me, and still make a lot of noise while you’re at it! Happy birthday.

9: Happy birthday, sir. Follow me down to your favourite restaurant and get a special treat. How about having water as the main course?

10: Today marks the beginning of great things in your life, like having to throw away that pair of old shoes in your closet. By the way, they also signed this note with me.

11: It is dangerous to move alone in the night without a brother like you whose talking voice is rough enough to make hoodlums stay in their lane for their own safety. Happy birthday.

12: Time and again, I always thank God that I came later than the rest of our siblings. Who knows the kind of indelible mark you would have gifted me with as an everlasting reminder of you. Happy birthday, brother.

13: Chill, bro. It’s just your birthday, and not a public holiday.

14: I find it easier texting this birthday wish to you than calling you. I feel there’s an airtime-eating machine which you always attach to your phone while on a call with me. Happy birthday.

15: There is absolutely nothing I can about our relationship. I know you’re stuck with me forever. Poor me. Happy birthday, brother.

16: Happy birthday, kiddo. That you are older today doesn’t change the fact that you’re still the baby of the house.

17: Your ability to smile in difficult situations leaves the rest of us feeling like sadists when we are actually better than you. Happy birthday, Mr Perfect.

18: I hope you’ll have a special day today. You’re famous for gate-crashing your own birthday. Happy birthday.