A wedding anniversary is much more than a date. It is the remembrance of memories that have been made in the course of walking side by side with one’s spouse. A whole lot of events take place in the days, weeks and months prior to the landmark day when a couple said, “I do” to each other, in the presence of God, family and friends.

To a wife, a wedding anniversary renews her well of loving affection to the man who made her the super woman she has become. Her wishes for her husband as a way of celebrating their marriage vows remembrance, sets the pace for a grand reception that could last into the night.

Below are some wedding anniversary wishes that can inspire you to wow your handsome husband:

Short Best Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

1: Dearest husband, you are a divine blessing, specially packaged for me. Every time I have been privileged to spend with you has been nothing short of blissful. Happy wedding anniversary to us.

2: In all that I got from above, you are the most sweet and delightful gift. I promise to be by your side till the end meets me.

3: It feels surreal, having you as my husband. I remember that day before our dear ones, when you looked into my eyes and loved me intensely. This is a great beginning for more blissful moments with you.

4: Thank you for selecting me amongst many other beautiful women. It is an honour to be called your wife. I will not make you regret this journey with me.

5: This is for life, our love story. The best is yet to come as we are just beginning to lavish our love for each other. I love you, my desire.

Anniversary Wishes For Husband

6: Another year to discover the hidden treasures in you is here. We successfully completed 365 days and as the sun never gets tired of rotating on its axis, I can’t get used to loving you. It is a new affair each day.

7: We make memories and hold onto them till forever. The memories I have of you and me are enough to keep me loving you without fail. You’re the best husband for me.

8: Are you just my husband? I don’t think so. You are my everything. After you, there is no other. I love you with every fibre of my being. Happy wedding anniversary.

9: The way you love me, the amount of commitment you show, and your dedication to the well-being of our home are all confirmations that I married a 100% real man. God bless you for me.

10: You have a heart of gold, baby. Getting married to you is the most profitable decision I have ever taken. Everything in me has become an asset since you stepped into my life. I can’t stop loving you.

11: In spite of my shortcomings, you have remained steadfast in loving me, and in teaching me how to love you better. I get on your nerves, but you calmly get me melting in your arms. Happy wedding anniversary to us.

12: I will forever love you. I will always be the one whose shoulders you’ll rest on after a hectic day. I am ready to love you till the earth ceases to be. I love you, now and always.

13: The way you look at me still makes me blush even after years of sharing the same bed space with you. You are an amazing husband. Lots of love!

14: You light up my life in a million, indescribable ways. You make our marriage easy with your patience, great sense of humour, and fierce loyalty. I couldn’t have asked for a better lover and partner.

15: Even when you don’t say it often, you show me with your actions that you love me passionately. There is no way I can opt for another man in my lifetime. It is our wedding anniversary. Make some noise!!!

16: When I count my blessings, I count my husband as a blessing with sub-blessings. I don’t make any boast with money or riches; rather, I raise my shoulders high because I have you.

17: I am a complete woman with you. Knowing and marrying you have brought nothing but joy, peace and satisfaction to me. There are so many beautiful things to say to you, my one and only. In all, thank you for loving me.

18: Your priority is to make me a happy woman. You are always on the look out for me, providing for me even when I don’t ask you. You’re simply sweet and more than perfect.

19: Your love quietens my troubled soul. You are extra thoughtful and sufficiently affectionate. One of the reasons I love spending my life with you is the peace that you bring to me. Happy wedding anniversary to us.

20: I know you don’t doubt me when I tell you that you are irreplaceable. You truly are. May God bless that day you found me.

21: You don’t have to ask me if I will choose you over and over again. I made a vow with my body, soul, and spirit that it is you, or no one else. I love you till eternity. Happy wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Wishes For Husband

Long Best Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

1: You are quite understanding, true, patient, tolerant, kind, and faithful. I don’t say this to get you excited. You are nothing short of pure in your soul. My husband, what can I do without you? Where would all my hopes, dreams and aspirations have found encouragement and inspiration? If I hadn’t married you, I am sure my life would have been a shadow of what it is today. I love you, now, the next moment, and in time to come.

2: With you, I realise that dreams do surely come true. When we met, there was no sign that we will eventually be made for each other. I didn’t know that my dream man was right next to me as a mere friend. Love can be funny, indeed. I love the way you love me, honey. Cheers to a new year to our marriage.

3: I am grateful for all the times we spend together, and for all the meaningful years both of us share. Honestly, you have taught me what it means to be married to the man of your choice. It is incredibly sweet and awesome to live each day of my life in the paradise of your love. In fact, I can’t help but ask for more of you. Happy wedding anniversary to us. The journey so far, has been worth it.

4: I desire to grow old with you. I want to spend the rest of my days as your wife and helpmeet. My true lover, cherishing you is all I know how to do best. The world and all that is in it hold nothing compared to the value you add to my life. Permit me to say that you are my sunlight, my energy giver. I love you.

5: How happy I am to witness another wedding anniversary with you! In the past year, I have seen you profoundly love and support me. You do your best to remind me everyday, that I am very important to you. For all the times you stood by me, for the storms you weathered for me, for your smiles that send me to the clouds, thank you. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

6: Certainly, we are made for each other. The years we have spent together have shown us that, in our differences, we blend seamlessly. The beginning of our walk was rough and bumpy; all we have now is a jollifying ride at another level of joyfulness. As we mark a new season in our lives, may we continue being the best for each other.

7: We may not have much by people’s standards and expectations, but we have everything beyond their understanding. You laid down everything you are and all that you have, in order to make me a happy wife. I am contented to say that God dutifully brought purpose in my life through your love. I love you, my darling. Who would ever think that we will come this far?

8: You have my undiluted respect and total submission. That is because, your efforts in making me the most wonderful woman cannot go unnoticed and unrewarded. There is absolutely no reason not to call you my husband because you live out every detail of a man who really has a wife. I love you.

9: Make merry, baby. It is our day today. Remember how you danced and I glowed. Remember the smiles on your face and the twinkling of my eyes. Remember how we couldn’t wait to go home on that day. Remember how we held each other and slept off till the next day. Happy wedding anniversary to us!

Anniversary Wishes For Husband

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