For any boyfriend out there: A loving heart and a passionate spirit will do you better than all the money in the world. Women are attracted to words and the constant assurance that you will stick around through thick and thin.

Fellas, it’s time to go out of your comfort zones and by discarding plain goodnight texts. You would be surprised how many other guys try to outdo you. With poems, you can display emotion and express the truest form of love.

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If you can’t formulate your own, we have compiled some of the most rhythmical and sweet Goodnight poems just to help you blow her mind. Nothing beats this!

Goodnight Poems For Her

1: Like a life with no choices
A painter without brushes
A flower with no fragrance
A poet with no words
And a musician with no voice
That is how I feel without you
I miss you dearly
Goodnight, my love.

2: We can face time, We can talk all night But all I want is to hug you and let you know,
That you mean the world to me.
We can tweet or talk on Facebook,
But I wish I could give you endless kisses.
We could Instagram and we could text,
But more than anything, I wish we could cuddle
And snuggle all night with no shred of worry.
Goodnight, princess.

3: As I lie here in my bed,
I can’t help but think about you
With a broad smile plastered on my faceBecause I feel thankful and lucky
To call you the love of my life.
I won’t promise you the world
But I promise to be next to you
All the days of my life.
Goodnight and I love you.

4: I wish I was your blanket,
So I could cuddle with you all night
I wish I was a pillow,
So you would rest your head on me
If I were your pajamas, you’d hug me so tight
I wish I could be your sheets
Just to tug with you all night long
But since I can’t be any of these things
I hope to dream with you every day,
Just to wake up in a happy mood every morning.
Sending warm goodnight kisses to you.

Goodnight Poems For Her

5: Mine forever, that’s true
You and no other, that too
I don’t mind giving you my all
To secure and protect you, girl.
You are always on my mind
Even when there’s no cloud left in the night.
Goodnight, my baby.

6: The day I met you
Was the day I swore
To never let you go.
So much about you
Gives me joy, peace
And hope that someday
I will have you to hold and to cherish.
Before my dream comes true,
Have a good night, babe.

7: You are my sunshine
You are my moonlight
The one that lights up my beaten-up body.
That the stars in your eyes
Are forever a guide
To my wandering heart.
If you don’t mind, beautiful,
Receive my goodnight kiss to you
With bursts of joy
For me, darling.

8: Thank you
For making my life worth every heartbeat.
Thank you
For making my love your muse.
Thank you
For your heart is so tender and true
Nothing compares to it.
Goodnight, sweetheart.

9: In the end,
All that will make waves is,
You and me together
As we move mountains
And spring forth from valleys.
It’s our time, baby
To be us, nothing holds us back.

10: Summer leaves
Broad and happy.
Winter ice
Bright and classy.
You, my baby
Fun and pretty
Are much more than seasons
And reasons.
I love you
For whom you are.

11: Your eyes call on me
To hang on for dear life.
You know I have been through hell;
Made it back safely in your arms
Where serenity lies,
And strength,
The energy that envelops
From your eyes.
I won’t bail on you.
Goodnight, honey.

12: The world, they say,
Is for those,
Who have power
But they have not met you
Goodnight, babe.

Short Good Night Poems For Her

Good Night Poems For Her

13: With sleep in my eyes
And a heart full of love
I set my fingers steady
To text the love of my life
Have the sweetest night, my love.

14: My eyes finally saw a glimpse of heaven
My heart finally discovered its desireI will never say goodbye
Neither will I depart your side
Only saying goodnight,
And that I cherish you for being mine.

15: Until the dark loses its stars
And the moon loses its light
There will be a sweet goodnight in my heart
The fire within me burns fiercely
As you kiss my forehead lightly
Sleep well, my queen.

16: Look no further, babe
For the one, you seek after
Is awake and sound
Miles away,
Bearing words of comfort
That your night may be
Soft and splendid.

17: The light of your love
Pierces through the eyes of darkness
That stare mockingly into my soul.
It reflects,
And bounces off my terror.
Never stop loving me, baby.

18: We are counting in hours
Before the night pushes its heavy self
Into the face of the earth.
Be safe for me, my love.
It’s just a goodnight,
And never goodbye.

19: I miss you
So much it melts my heart
You are gone
Just for a night
And it feels like an eternity.
Can’t you return tomorrow,
For my virtual goodnight kiss tonight
To be the last ever?

20: f I could just set my eyes right now
On your lovely face
I would have no other wish
Than to stay that way, transfixed.

21: The only way all will be alright
Is if I can hold you tight
Never letting go
Never exhaling
Until I am filled to the brim
With all of you, sweetheart.

22: The distance between us
Does us good as neighbors
But is the strongest enemy
To our passionate affair.
I wish things were different
But I guess we will make do
With seeing each other
From the inception of dawn.
Goodnight, my heart.

23: Dreams do come true
For the eyes that flip open to see.
Sleep well, honey,
And wake up to meet our reality
From where we stopped.

24: You are my dearest lover
My soulmate without a doubt.
Whenever you need me
I am only a turn away.

25: Cakes and pies
Chocolates and candies
All have sugar
But none is as sweet
As the taste of your lips.
I’m honored to be called yours.
And mine you will be forever.

Heart Touching Good Night Poems For Her

Heart Touching Good Night Poems For Her

26: As the moon glows
And the stars twinkle
All I can think of
Is how pretty and divine you are
You drive me crazy
And it makes me happy
Goodnight Sweetheart.

27: I know I don’t express my feelings quite wellBut that doesn’t mean I don’t cherish or value what we have
I am a typical guy that’s too afraid to say how much you brighten my life
I feel more than lucky to be called yours
In so many ways, I don’t think I deserve someone so perfect
But I know we make the perfect team
I love you and have a splendid night ahead.

28: You are the one whom my heart beats for
The one who makes my heart pound a little harder
And my breath fall a little shorter
I would wish for nothing more in the whole wide world
Than to be in your arms foreverI am not ashamed about what we have
Thank you for everything
Goodnight, my dear.

29: If anyone wants to behold natural, unfeigned beauty,
Let him have a peek
At your reposing face.
In the calmness of the night,
Your loveliness causes uncontrollable stirs
Deep in the pit of my stomach.
Enjoy a beautiful sleep, my princess.

30: When I sing,
I sing for you.
When I dance,
You’ve got my twists and thrusts.
When I moan,
It is for your pleasure, baby.
You mean the world to me.

31: From the onset
I made it clear to myself
That I will never be elsewhere
But with the one, I cherish with all my heart.
Even if circumstances threaten my decision,
They will fail woefully
Because I have got my goodnight kisses
As a backup plan,
Well-packaged and sent through this lovely poem.
I hope you’ll love them.

32: Did I tell you
That my breath gets caught in my throat
Whenever you smile while making gestures with your slender hands?
Are you aware
That there’s a certain pull
You have on me
Whenever you pronounce my name?
I may not have an exhaustive explanation to the tricks my heart play
Whenever you are with me
But I’m sure
Love has a hand in them.
Goodnight, Perfect one.

33: I hate coming back home
To an empty bed
After a day’s work.
But then,
Do I have a choice?
All I pray for
Is the dawn of a new day
To tick off a day gone
And count off steps closer
To your return home.
Goodnight. I miss you.

34: Experience and time
Didn’t take away
The magic of our union
We are meant for each other
Through thick and thin.
I don’t have to be far off
To write you a blissful goodnight wish.
Goodnight, my darling.

35: Cutie, don’t be in a hurry
To escape the world.
Take it slowly
And wait nicely
For this…
“I love you.”

36: You are my first
And foremost priority.
You don’t have to ask me why
Or be troubled why
Because I wouldn’t ever put you
In second place

37: I have a funny heart
That knows no shame
As it beats ferociously
And flutters its wings excitedly
To the wind of your presence.
In your kindness,
You could suggest a heart check
To keep safe.
But I am fine
If not better
With my funny heart.

38: There’s no mountain too high
No valley too low
To stop my short goodnight message
From catching you as you hit your bed on your pillow.
It reads,
“Darling, embrace the precious night. I’m right here with you.”

39: When you find the one
You will do everything within your power
To secure her stay.
Babe, that’s my testimony.
You’re the one I’ve found
And you’ve come to stay.

40: Happy are the partners
Whose hearts are closely connected
To each other
In love and care.
Happy are we, baby.

41: Movies are real-life stories
Played out by strangers.
Our love story
Is a movie all right,
And has made lovers
Out of strangers.
I will always love you, sugar.

42: Strangely,
The rivers don’t beg for fish
They are the source; they know their worth.
We won’t beg for love
For we have our heart as our source
And never shall we trade our worth
For anything on earth.
Goodnight, my love.

Funny Good Night Poems For Her

Funny Good Night Poems For Her

43: Even after the birds have finished chirping

The sun is about to set

The moon is ready to shine
The stars are twinkling majestically

And the skies are darkening in a beautiful haze

All I can think of is you
My mind is in a frenzy 
And my heart is thumping wildly

I miss you dearly,

As you sleep, think of our love

Goodnight, my future wife.

44: As out love bubbles madly,
As the skies make way for a beautiful night
I can’t help but think about youBeing away from you almost feels like torture
But I can hold on to hope
Because seeing you will put me to ease
And make my worries cease.
Sending all the love and warm wishes.

45: No one quite knows,
How our love developed
And none of us realized how much it has grown
Looking back, I realize how we are in sync
How my breath gets heavy when I’m around you
And how my eyes become fluttery when I see you.
I love you and I miss you.
Goodnight, dear one.

46: As her gracious body glistens in the light
I get the urge to poke her all night
I hold her, pick her up, and make sure she is steady
As we both take deep breaths, we are ready
She falls asleep in my arms, just before I perform my magic.
Goodnight honey.

47: I am the kind of man
Who won’t hesitate to be noticed
By his woman.
Anything that draws your attention to me
Has got me trying it out.
Tell me you yearn to kiss me.

48: If I had been mincing words in the past
I choose to live like the adult I am,
To be plain and forward
With the truth
Especially when it has something
To do with you.
You are gorgeous and sexy in your nightie.
Pardon my bluntness.

49: If I’m not mistaken
You are the lady
That owns the better half of my heart.
Sure, you won’t mind
If I ask you to marry me in the dream?

50: My lover, my friend.
My honor, my crown.
My heart, my love.
For you, I can do and undo,
And if you want me,
I can move a bridge
And won’t hurt a bit.
Do you believe me?
Meanwhile, have a goodnight’s rest.

51: I will play you melodies
From my lips of praise.
I will watch you sleep off
From my place of rest.
I will, yes, I will do all
To give you the most of a goodnight.

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