Your friend is your walking treasure. Indeed, the bond that exists between best of friends is synonymous to the relationship between a metal and a piece of magnet. They could have weird opposites, but are drawn to each other by an invisible, pulling force. When you have a friend who cares a lot about you like you do for him, it is quite easy to pull the strings to make him or her feel valued.

One of the ways to show your care for them is through thoughtful words that mark the end of a day, and that is by sending goodnight messages. You not only get to tell them goodnight specially, you also earn for yourself the badge of a timeless friendship. See some of the messages below:

Best Goodnight Messages For Your Friend

1: It is an honour to be friends with a fantastic person like you. You have a way of taking my mind away from worries without announcing your intention. I will always hold you in a high esteem. Good night.

2: I am not afraid of tomorrow because I have a partner who believes in my wildest dreams without talking down on me. I owe you my friendship till the end of time. Good night, dear.

3: You are always on my mind, and it is good that way. Your friendship means the world to me. Good night.

4: Everything will be alright because I know I have someone like you. Thank you for the lovely things you do. Good night, and sleep well.

5: Enjoy a night full of rest, with the gleaming moon as your jolly companion. Don’t worry; I am your angel on guard. Good night!

6: A successful night ushers in an incredible morning. Look beyond your fears; the future is yours, dear friend. Good night.

 Goodnight Messages For Your Friend

7: I have prayed for angels to keep watch over my friend who is more than amazing to me. They are already at work this night which means that your sound sleep is guaranteed.

8: Your company is worth keeping, and your smiles worth a million watts. Your loving heart surpasses the sweetness of honey, and your safety is as important as air to me. This is me wishing you a beautiful night rest.

9: The night is still young and fresh, there is absolutely no way it will grow old without receiving a good night message from me, to you. Good night, sweet friend.

10: It is as though the night has stretched out its full length like a lazy python. I wish it would quickly crawl away for the beauty of the morning to shine through. For the time being, have a good night. I can’t wait to see you by morning.

11: I received your lovely message, and I am moved to send mine to you. I pray that the night and the atmosphere surrounding it be kind to you. I want you to enjoy the coolness of the night thoroughly, and even from your sleep. I care a lot about you. Good night.

12: When you pray in the night, the answers will surely come in the morning because divine angels are acting on a command from me. Good night, dearest.

13: I hope your mind is at rest, and not roaming about like a sheep without a shepherd. Right now, put away the cloak of anxiety, and embrace the warmth of the lovely kiss I wrapped in this message. Good night, my friendship.

14: One of my sweetest dreams was that which showed you and me having a swell time at the beach. We weren’t afraid of the oncoming waves, and allowed our feet to be swept away with the soft sands. I woke up, feeling refreshed. I wish you could have the same dream experience this night. Let me start it off by telling you, “Good night!”

15: It is possible that dreams do come true. So, with a mind full of rest and from a heart, lovely and true: sleep well, have great dreams, and wake up to see them unfold in reality. Good night, dear.

16: I wouldn’t want to hear that you stayed up thinking about your problems; it will break my heart, truly. The day was hectic and torturous, let the night for rest not be the same as the troubled day. Stay calm, close your eyes, imagine me rub your back softly, and doze off. By morning, everything will be alright.

17: Life is short; be happy. Life is true; be yourself. Enjoy every moment that you find yourself in. It is the end of the day, and I want to begin the night with this good night message for you. Sleep tight, my friend.

18: If it is possible, sleep in the nude. The cosiness it brings into your night sleep makes every night memorable. Try it out, and give me a feedback by morning. Good night, beloved.

19: You are as priceless as all the precious stones combined together. I thank God everyday for the good friend I have in you. It is because of you that I am able to reach out my hand of help to people in need. Thank you, and have a blissful night rest.

20: The stars are all over the sky, dotting every sky-space with their alluring shine. The sight is a beauty to behold and I wish you a more beautiful night rest, my friend.

21: Though the night is pitch dark, the light my message bears will make it bearable. Good night, and sweet dreams.

Sweet Goodnight Messages For Your Friend

22: At any point in the night when you feel loneliness slowly creeping in, just switch your thoughts to our time together, and imagine us conquering the night as a team. You are in my thoughts. Good night.

23: I wish we were in the part of the earth where the sun doesn’t go down. With that, we will have every reason to stay up and about as the friends that we are. While still waiting for my wish to come true, enjoy a good night sleep.

24: I am over here battling the urge to invite you out for a night party. I care about your rest and sleep, so I’m going to tell you to have a good night rest.

25: Your friendship gives me life. You may not quite understand the importance of your presence, but time shall give me reasons to explain them better. Amongst all the friends I have been privileged to have, you stand out as the most caring and honourable of them all. Don’t stress about my loyalty to you because I have got your back all day. Good night.

26: My earnest prayer is for God to create another like you for the world. You are one in a billion, the rarest of gems. You bring life into any dead situation, and revive worn out souls with reassuring and practical words of hope. I cherish you, and want to use this opportunity to tell you, “Good night!”

27: You have always been the first to wish me a good night. Now, the tables have been turned around. I want to be the first between us who will send a lovely message for the night. Sleep well, dearest friend and do not look into the night. Close your eyes, and you will see me waiting in your dreams. Good night, sweetheart.

28: I am proud of you, anytime, anywhere. You have distinguished yourself as an evergreen friend, one who loves justice and fairness. You complete me in diverse ways, and I say again, that I am proud of you. Good night.

29: I am missing you already and I can’t help the feeling. I think the day makes itself short to cheat me of your presence. Very soon, I will make a bargain with the night to keep itself short, too. Have a pleasant night rest.

30: You are my lovely friend, and, my lovely friend, you shall remain. I don’t want to lose you to anything, not even to the night. Therefore, I am wishing you a beautiful night sleep so that you will walk out of it by morning, feeling great and beautiful.

Goodnight Messages For Your Friend

31: My darling friend, this is another night that compels me to say goodbye to you till morning. Make sure you have a sound sleep and a fitful rest.

32: By now, you should know that I always think about you. It isn’t something I can help, even though it helps me a great deal in managing how much I miss your friendship. I know you are doing well wherever you are and also thinking about me. It is night already, and I want to seal me message by wishing you a good night rest.

33: Anytime we see again, I will make sure that we spend the entire day together, without as much as blinking an eyelid in sleepiness. Have a good night sleep, dear.

34: It is amazing how time flies past. It is night already. I wish you a good night rest.

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