It is every man and woman’s wish to start their day on an exhilarating note. In a study on sleeping and waking patterns conducted by My Morning Routine, 97% of the participants woke up by 8:30 a.m. In other words, that is the average waking time of many individuals before their day kicks off.

Now you have known this, you might as well take some time now, to ask yourself if you can make your friend’s or significant other’s morning a great one…with a prayer.

If you’ve agreed in the affirmative, then hop in with us as we show you sample sentences which will guide you on what to write. Copy and share!

Good Morning Prayers For Him

1: As your eyes open to meet the brightness of this day, I pray that they see only goodness till the end of today. Good morning.

2: Today, wherever the soles of your feet shall touch, you will make a difference there. You and yours shall be associated with good happenings from the start to the end. Good morning.

3: May the light of God’s countenance shine on your path today. May He direct your steps into the right places for the achievement of your purpose. Good morning.

4: Today, your prayers and every good desire of yours shall be answered. No lack is permitted to be heard in your camp. Good morning.

5: Already, our God has mobilized His angels to take charge of you. They will guide you in all your ways, everywhere you go. Good morning.

6: Before this day comes to an end, you’ll have many reasons to sing to the glory of God. In fact, today will be one of your best days. Good morning.

7: I am glad that you made it alive into the land of the living. May you eat of the fruitfulness of this day. I declare that your day shall be full of laughter and celebration.

8: Your day shall go smoothly, and you’ll be grateful it did. Sweet morning!

9: Today, you will not be a victim of happenstance. God shall make every crooked path straight for you.

10: Start today with excitement because it is the day that the Lord has made for you to rejoice in!

11: Anyone who meets you today shall be blessed and through many, your increase shall come. Good morning, dear.

12: You will not labor in vain today because the grace of God shall accompany all you do. Sit back and enjoy maximum results for all your efforts.

13: You’re a happy man, therefore, whosoever you will encounter today shall be infected with happiness. Have a wonderful morning.

14: You shall never be stranded today. Even in strange places, God shall cause you to receive help and rescue. Amen.

15: As you wake up with success on your mind today, God will cause everything to work out for the good of your plans. Good morning.

Morning Prayer For Him And Her

Good Morning Messages For Her

1: Be rest assured that the promises of God to make you the head and not the tail, and to prosper you in all your ways, shall be fulfilled today. Be confident in that assurance.

2: The mighty hand of Jehovah shall deliver you from every form of evil planned against your life today. You’re a woman of excellence, and no devil can take that away from you.

3: I am sure you know that your safety is of the Lord. He will guide you in all your ways, lest you come to harm.

4: Good morning, God’s favorite lady. Today, you’ll enjoy journey mercies, to and from your places of endeavor.

5: Today, you will not beg for food, or for anything good. God has made sufficient provision to meet all your needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus.

6: No matter the kind of problem or challenge you may face today, help has already been put in place for you. You will never be overwhelmed by difficulties today.

7: Dearest, God has made you a solution to many. You’ll touch lives positively. There shall be none who will ever regret meeting you today.

8: My prayer for you on this day is for our Heavenly Father to go ahead of you, in order to make today a glorious one. Be expectant, dear.

9: When you’re happy, I’m also happy. I declare therefore, that everything you need to be happy today be made in surplus quantities for you. Enjoy your day.

10: I wish above all things, that you be in good health, stay contented, and love yourself the way God loves you. You’re the best. Good morning.

11: Even if you wake up, unmotivated to start your day, the strength that comes from above is very much available to serve you. Don’t worry; today will turn out beautiful.

Good Morning Prayer For My Boyfriend

1: My darling heart, I want to commit you into the care of our Almighty God who understands you better than I do. May He make your expectations of today to be flawless, according to His will. Good morning.

2: No weapon formed against you today shall prosper. That is because your safety is guaranteed in Jesus Christ. Have a perfect day, dear.

3: You’re more than a conqueror; you didn’t fight any battle, yet, victory is yours. That is what only God can do. Good morning, baby.

4: All that you’ve hoped for, all that you’re believing God for, may the answers come today. Bright morning, love!

5: You will not lose money today, neither will you lose helpers. Go and succeed, sweetheart. Good morning.

6: Weeping may last for the night, but joy is sure to come in the morning. May that be your testimony today, cutie.

7: Whoever that gathers against you shall be put in confusion. No act of wickedness shall prosper over you. Rejoice for the battle is won. Good morning, babe.

8: Every evil eye that has been programmed to monitor you is blinded for your sake. You will not plant and another will reap. May your day be wonderful, handsome.

9: Mighty doors shall be opened for you. Where others go and are turned back, you will be received with open arms. May kings rise because of you. Good morning, dear.

10: If others would complain about today, you will give thanks for a successful day. When others are crying that nothing is going well with the economy, you shall be receiving bountiful harvests. Good morning, dude.

11: Every good and pleasant work you do today shall bring heavy blessings on you. Many income-yielding opportunities shall be made available for you. Good morning, my chocolate.

12: Instead of little, you shall have in excess. Instead of nothing, you shall be a partaker of plenty. The way God will prosper you today shall stun you. Good morning, dearest.

Morning Prayer For Him And Her

Good Morning Messages For My Girlfriend

1: Baby girl, you don’t have to be anxious today. I want to let you know that all your needs have been taken care of by God. I am sure He will also use me to make you happy. Good morning.

2: I pray for you today, that you will have the answers to all your secret requests. Heaven has heard you. Good morning, best friend.

3: God will honor you today. He will place you above your peers; nothing shall be too difficult for you to achieve today. Good morning, precious one.

4: Babe, my love for you compels me to raise you up in prayers. You’re divinely covered, and hidden under the wings of our good God. No harm shall before you today and as long as you live. Good morning.

5: You’re surrounded by God’s glory. Even if you walk into a danger zone today, the shining glory of God shall barricade you from being hurt. Good morning, my princess.

6: Out of your belly shall flow rivers of strategies that will bring blessings to you, and to the kingdom of God. Whatever your hands find to do shall be blessed. Good morning.

7: For your sake, the counsel of the wicked against you shall be turned into foolishness. Confusion shall be the lot of evil schemers who plot for your downfall. Good morning, my jewel.

8: The wisdom of God shall direct you into making the right choices. You aren’t permitted to make any form of costly mistake today. Good morning!

9: Hope you know that you’re a favored woman, more blessed than her counterparts. I am convinced that you’re a special lady who deserves the treatment that befits royalty. Don’t ever forget those. Good morning, darling.

10: I pray that people who will come around you today shall be your destiny helpers. May the comfort of unfriendly friends be terminated in your life. Good morning, my heart.

11: Surely, God’s goodness and mercy shall accompany you everywhere you will go today. No cause for alarm, dear. Good morning.

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