After a night rest, the morning is a time to set the course into another day. Often, there are less special moments about this time of the day because a lot of people are in a hurry to go to work or school. It is important for you as a guy, to infuse droplets of romance into your girl’s morning, for her to be reminded that despite the busyness of the morning, her place in your heart remains intact.

Use the following samples of good morning poems for your girlfriend, as guides in creating yours.

Good Morning Love Poems For Girlfriend

1: My sweetheart,
Always in my heart.
Nothing else matters
But you.
I rather falter
Than keep myself
From telling you,
“Good morning, beautiful.”

2: It is amazing
How the night sped past.
It is soothing
How the morning looks right
For my one and only,
The girl that is so pretty
That it is impossible to deny her a lovely
“Good morning.”

3: As cold as snowballs,
As dry as the Saharan wind,
As washed-out as a weathered plain,
So will my day be
If I don’t wish my love a good morning.

4: How much have you known?
Has any other told you?
Have you seen for yourself?
That you’re a queen,
Delectable, classy, and straight from above.
I can’t trade you for anything else,
And be assured that I will always be
The first to wake you up
With a good morning song.

5: One thing I do know
Is that you are the only woman for me.
Let the days turn into weeks,
And weeks to months.
The months will become years
And the years, try as they may,
Can never dampen my love for you.
Good morning, precious one.

6: I waited patiently
As the night reigned indefatigably.
I was consoled
Because it has been foretold
That joy comes in the morning.
So, gradually, there was an unfolding,
And behold, the bright lights struck the earth
As your windows let them in,
The message I held through the night slipped in;
It is simple, yet divine:
“Good morning, my sweetheart, and may your day be as powerful as the rays of the morning sun.”

7: The only way
To have a jolly day
Is to be happy,
And don’t forget to be snappy.
Good morning, honey.

8: Little things do count:
One here, two there,
Before long, a huge amount.
A smile here, a giggle there,
And your day, a joyful fount.
Good morning, darling.

9: Kindly let me in, dearest
Into your arm to rest.
Life is full of trouble,
Without you, it will be doubled.
That’s the reason I wake up each day
Hopeful that your touch will make it a good day.
Good morning.

10: If you were sad and lonely
Blame me for my folly.
I should have stayed awake
For your happiness at stake.
I have learned better,
Yes, I now know better
That even though the night is gone,
Your morning should start gloriously from dawn
With a cheery, “Good morning, lovely one”
From me.

11: Hello, my morning star!
Hope your night was as sweet as sugar.
Remember that someone cares a lot for you.
All day, without fail, his heart beats for you.
Good morning!

12: From the east to the west,
From the left to the right;
I searched, and found none
As stunning, beautiful, and lovesome
As you.
Baby, good morning.

Good Morning Poems For Your Girlfriend

13: Truly, it is an incredible privilege
To be the one to sound the gong to stir you awake.
I tell you, there’s so much to admire,
A lot to appreciate and desire.
I love you much more than you know
And I want you to bear it in mind, even this morning.

14: When you hear the rustling of the leaves,
And the rumbling of the waters nearby;
When your window blinds swish,
And you hear the distant crows of cocks,
Then you should rise up,
Pretty one,
Because it’s morning.
You shouldn’t miss my good morning song.

15: I miss you, and can’t wait to be with you.
I love you, and it is hellish to exist without you.
I want you, and I will do anything to be with you.
Until we see again today, may my good morning call to you
Bring endless delight and pleasure to you.

16: Wish for something,
And I will give up anything
To bring it to you.
Say something,
And it will be my utmost pleasure
To grant you anything.
And if by chance you need much more
Than that which I own
Be rest assured that I will mortgage the entire world
For your sake.
Good morning, darling.

17: The morning dew falls unrestrained.
The morning sun shines unhindered.
The birds fly and sing unbothered.
Likewise, live through today unfettered
From the worries and burdens
Which a busy day carries.
Good morning, bestie.

18: I had always thought
That life was void and nought
Without money and fame.
Then, I met you and became sane.
Love is everything life needs,
And everything life needs
Is found in love.
Good morning, cutie.

19: Have you ever found someone
So loving that it’s too good to be true?
Have you ever seen anyone
So loyal that she is fiercely supportive?
Take some steps to your mirror
And behold the one I’m referring to.
You’re everything and more, sweet.
And I really want you
To have a blissful morning.

20: There are a thousand and one ways
To make life awesome,
But one sure way
Is to acknowledge the role
That someone as important as you plays.
I regard and respect you,
And do hope that my good morning message to you
Will go a long way to make your day full.

21: Time and again
I’m made to remember,
That because I have you by my side
I have everything to make my life savory.
Good morning, sweet one.

22: It rained heavily last night.
It was stormy, and the thunders roared scarily.
I stayed up, and wondered how my love was faring in the night.
I was still, then my heart sang happily,
When I noticed the glimmers of the morning light.
Good morning darling, and hope your night was great.

23: Wake up, sweet;
Open your eyes to the bright light of the new day.
Make merry, honey;
Give your heart over to the winds and soar with wings.
It is a beautiful day; good morning.

24: Don’t put much thoughts to the night.
All I’m after is how your day shall be today
Because the past is gone,
And the highlight of the dawn
Is its freshness.
Good morning, sunshine.

25: In no small measure,
I pray that you have an outstanding day
Full of goodness and blessings.
Good morning, treasure,
And do have a wonderful day.

26: Reality dawned on me
When I looked at the clock,
And saw it was past the time
To wish my heart a beautiful morning.
Hope you’ll forgive my shortcoming.

27: Did you see the wishing star dart through the sky last night?
If you didn’t, I do understand;
You needed your beauty sleep earlier.
So, I made a wish
As quickly as I could
For you to wake up to a pleasant day.
Good morning, my love.

28: Drink from the spring of joy,
Eat from the table of plenty,
Lie on the bed of restfulness.
You deserve the best
And the best you shall have.
Good morning, bae.

29: Who would ever think
That the night, as short as the word
Will take so long a time to pass?
I’m hopeful that someday,
I will lie, side by side with you
Never to worry about the length of the night.
Good morning, dear.

30: Slowly and steadily,
All that I wish for you
Will unfold before your eyes.
I do hope you will hold on,
And with patience
Embrace all that are for you.
Good morning, lovely heart.

Good Morning Love Poems For Girlfriend

31: Don’t feel tired
Though you had a terrible night.
Don’t get wearied
Though you had a fitful night.
Here is my reason:
It is a new day, at your disposal for anything you wish
Be happy, and have a good morning.

32: Sweetheart, I just want to let you know
That you are the best gift I have ever known.
On this day, I want you to have blessings unending,
Much more than you’ve ever known.
Good morning.

33: May the heavens favor you.
May the earth be sweet for you.
May all your goals come true,
As you today plays out, through and through.
Good morning, my princess.

34: It’s easy to sleep away the night,
But nothing is as boring as a dull morning.
Here is my “Good morning, pretty” shout out to you
To kickstart your morning,
Hoping you’ll have a wonderful day.

35: I always envisioned you
As a divine being
Made to inhabit the heavens.
A rare gem to humanity, are you.
Dear queen, kindly accept my humble “Good morning.”

36: I welcome you into this new day
With a cheery heart.
My wish, my desire,
Revolve around giving you pleasure.
One thing I am sure of
Is that I can never go wrong
With saying, “Good morning” to you,
For it will be a wish come true.


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