Mornings are great. So are crushies! Your crush is usually that person who you are hugely attracted to, and who is capable of turning down your request for a relationship. Waking up with their thoughts on your mind is one of the sweetest feelings ever. When you think of how much that special one means to you, there is no hiding place for the glow on your face. Everything they do makes you come alive, down to their sneezes.

Also, you don’t mind admiring them from afar as long as there is no law breaking while doing so. Indeed, your crush is the reason you are poetic in the morning; how could you not be, when twinkling stars virtually follow them anywhere they go? For some of us who have to make an effort to get our foggy heads free from the thoughts of our crush before carrying out the day’s activities, sending a good morning paragraph to our crush is the real deal.

Actually, two things do happen when we send it: we gain happiness and our crush gets to smile while thinking about us…even if it’s for a moment. So, get ready, and join us to explore the following short and long good morning paragraphs specially written to put dazzling smiles on your crush’s face.

Good Morning Paragraphs for Your Crush

Short Sweet Good Morning Paragraphs for Your Crush

1: Every morning, my heart flies into a rage of hot wishes for you. It gets so mad that nothing but crazy sweetness for you gushes out from it. Be happy for me, today and always.

2: My message for you this morning is drawn from the deepest part of me that wants you smiling throughout today. Just so you know, I love waking up with you on my mind.

3: My eyes slowly opened to the reality of a new dawn. My heart arrogantly pried open its bottom to let you out. Another day is here; a great day to be and to live. You are always on my mind.

4: Wake up to my morning call. If I were a bird, I would have flown in through your windows and given you a lovely peck. I hope today will be a great one for us.

5: My self-appointed duty is to make sure you have a wonderful day. I don’t care about how your night went; I just want your today to be worth living. Good morning, sweet.

6: The shining sun has got nothing on the alluring brightness of your presence. I will be blessed to see your angelic face every morning I open my eyes from sleep. Good morning.

7: Even if I am way out of your league, even if your friends go green with envy, even if you don’t think it will be alright, I will keep holding on until you realise that I can’t do without you. Good morning.

8: When I think of you, I feel exhilarated. No drug can induce the excitement I get when your name is mentioned to my hearing. I feel my heart will pop open, but it’s all good. Good morning.

9: Do you know what is perfect? The brows of your eyes, the curve of your lips, the wrinkling of your nose in mischief. Nothing compares to them. Have a successful morning.

10: I always make haste to wake up every day because it gives me an opportunity to see you time and again. My imaginations run wild with the thoughts of meeting you. Good morning, dear.

11: My day goes perfectly with the right start. Ever since we crossed each other’s path, I have never had a wrong day. You may not know, but I care a lot about you. Good morning.

12: The next moment isn’t guaranteed. All we have is now, and the abilities to create, grow and fall in love. I’m in love with you. I want to therefore, grow and create memories with you. Good morning.

13: I am not just lucky; I am blessed. Thinking about you is a priceless privilege which no money can buy. Do think about me too. Good morning.

14: I know morning has come when I wake up smiling. Mornings are my partners in this journey of love and admiration. I can’t wait to smell the fragrance of your perfume. It sticks with me all day long.

15: I am overwhelmingly grateful to my Maker for the gift of meeting someone like you. It wasn’t planned even though I have waited for your kind all my life. Thanks for existing. Good morning.

16: You are everything and more to me. The way you walk, and the confidence in your steps, the way you wear you smile and the sound of your voice, your lovely heart and your warm hands. They are beautiful. I love you. Good morning.

17: Hello, sweetheart! Welcome to a new day. I’m already waiting to have a swell time with you. Good morning.

18: Nights are not enough time to think about you and the effect you have on me. I can’t bring myself to stop admiring you. You’re simply the one that gets my heart beating. Good morning.

19: Even if it takes ages, I shall win your heart. Good morning.

Good Morning Paragraphs for Your Crush

Long Good Morning Paragraphs for Your Crush

1: No morning is complete without dropping a note for you. You are permitted to have another lover but me; I can’t think of any other but you. You make my world full and fun, without knowing it. Ever since I set my eyes on you, I have never brought them out from you. You are more than amazing, the sweetest of all. I just want to tell you that you should have a beautiful morning.

2: We can deceive anybody and anything. But for ourselves? That is impossible if we want to live in fulfilment. I can’t hide my feelings for you anymore. I had nursed the fear that you would throw me away from your life if I told you what I felt. Now, I have no fear saying that I love you. I will be fine even if you stop talking to me. Good morning.

3: My stomach goes wild with the flurries of butterflies. My heart swells up with joy, and my palms get wet and shaky. These are the feelings I get when I see you pass by. You mean so much to me that I try everyday to be the best kind of person you will be proud to have as an intimate friend. For you, I will walk distances and not get weary. Good morning.

4: I love you; that is my truth and reality. You may not be in the know of it but I am crazy about you. My day starts and ends with you in my thoughts. My night was restful because it was filled with careful plans on how to thrill you today. You deserve a lot of care and affection, and I promise you, I won’t fall short of your expectations. Have a joyful morning.

5: I want to be remembered for making you smile when you had a bad day, and for cheering you up when you were down and out. I want you to cry when you remember the feel of my hand on your back, and the warmth of my lips on yours. I want to be the only one who you yearn for, your desire and passion. I want to be everything to you. Good morning.

6: No matter the amount of time that elapses between us, you will remain the one who held my heart hostage without fail. If your life were a prison, I will gladly lock myself up in it without any access to the keys. I wish to be the centre of your attraction, the one who presses the buttons of your soul’s desire. Don’t ask me to stop; it will be as if you are asking me to die. I don’t want to die. I would rather live loving you than go anywhere. Good morning.

7: Sweet tunes and lovely melodies; those are the sounds produced in my ears at the sound of your voice. You never cease to amaze me with your intelligence, smartness, and confidence. Truly, your kind is rare, the main reason I am going to stick by your side even though I hold not that much of attraction to you. Good morning.

8: My senses are consumed with the fire of your presence. If I can just be anything, I would quickly become your lone star, your object of affection, your life partner, your soulmate and the only occupant of your heart. Left for me, there will be no other who can be a match with you in my life. Here is me wishing you a great morning.

Good Morning Paragraphs for Your Crush