Mornings away from a loving wife are unavoidably saddening. It takes a lot of discipline not to spend the entire day by her side given the sheer joy that brings. However, since you’ve got to hustle to make her happy, texting good morning message to your wife can fill the missing gap in your heart, as well as remind her that she has a doting husband in you.

The post today contains refreshingly original good morning messages for your wife to brighten her day and add spice to your relationship with her.

Good Morning Messages For Wife

Romantic Good Morning Messages For Wife

1: Honey, you are everything that makes a man want to live for another day. Though I don’t say this as often as my heart compels me to, I love you with all that I have. Good morning.

2: It is a brand new day and your womanly scent fills my senses. I always devour you without regrets because you are too sexy to be admired alone. Good morning, love.

3: As cooling as the morning dew, as comforting as a mother’s bosom, as lovely as nature’s gift to mankind are the love I have found in you. Thanks for becoming my wife. Good morning.

4: The rays of the morning sun piercing through the blinds light up your restful face. This happens every day to remind me of how divine you look when asleep. I love you, babe. Good morning.

5: The day you cry in sorrow will be the day my world will come crashing. I rather see you happy and contented at the expense of my happiness than to be the source of your heartache. Good morning. Love you.

6: Listen; the birds are chirping perched on the tree. In that sound lies the message that the world is a better place when we can freely be who we are. Thanks for being yourself with me.

7: Gold glitters and diamonds sparkle. But your kind heart has a degree of shine that beats that of any named treasure on earth. Good morning, beauty.

8: The way you cling to me makes parting ways with you a difficult thing to do. I am working earnestly to shorten the distance between us for our happiness. Good morning, sweet.

9: Your eyes light up an entire room whenever you smile. Not only do your words of encouragement build up but they also spur me to walk miles to make worthwhile achievements. Good morning, treasure.

10: My only wish is to be the best husband you’ve ever asked or imagined to you. So, help me, God. Good morning, hon’.

11: You are beautiful, naturally endowed, and a reservoir of godly character. I don’t just know what I did for God to bless me with you. Good morning, mine.

12: Watching you breathe softly is a hobby I have come to uphold recently. I now cherish the moments I have with you as though tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Love you, babe.

13: You gave me adorable children who I have the utmost affection for. You’ve given me many gifts than I deserve and for that, I will forever love you. Good morning.

14: Time might be in a hurry to circle the day but I can’t be too busy with my morning not to wish my wife a favorable morning.

15: Having you as my soulmate is security to my life. Cherishing you as my spouse is a joy to my soul. I am lucky to be your husband. Good morning.

16: Darling, marriage with you is heaven on earth. Though none of us is perfect, we have learned that we are made for each other against all odds. Good morning.

17: My day is made whenever I think of one out of the many reasons why I come home to you. I love you, sweetheart. Good morning.

Good Morning Messages For Wife

Sweet Good Morning Messages For Wife

18: It is a great privilege to wake up each day to your angelic form by my side. I wouldn’t have asked for more.

19: We will grow old together and will count each night we spend together until death do us part. Good morning, bae.

20: The value you’ve added to my life can’t be equated with the assets I’ve acquired through my working years. I’m proud to call you my woman. Good morning.

21: I won’t get tired of kissing your lips as a form of good morning to you for you mean the world to me.

22: I have no doubt in me that we will be happier with each passing year in our union. Truth is, I can’t get enough of you. Good morning, my queen.

23: You make each day count with your ever vivacious presence. Sweet, I miss you every single moment I’m not with you. Good morning.

24: Nobody, apart from our Creator, can understand the bond we share. Our faults notwithstanding, our love has come to stay. Lovely morning, princess.

25: I love the sun and the moon. They help me illuminate your body regardless of the timing of the day.

26: Wake up like the sweet baby that you are and to my hearty message wishing you a superb day.

27: No gift surpasses falling asleep on your laps after a tedious day. I’m looking forward to that tonight, my jewel. Good morning.

28: It’s my pleasure to imagine you waking up to the sumptuous dish I left for you by the bedside. Good morning, my priceless treasure.

29: I can’t deny that you are my weakness. As much as that is the truth, I am blessed with the strength of your love. Cheery morning, my desire.

Heart-Touching Good Morning Messages For Wife

Heart-Touching Good Morning Messages For Wife

30: Whereas people are comfortable making money for themselves, I am very comfortable working my backside out to provide for you and our kids. Good morning, my wife.

31: Whatever your wish, I am at your command. Just mention it, and I will ensure you have it on time. Lovely morning, mine.

32: Your sonorous voice is a soothing balm to my heart. Hearing it everyday is food for my soul. Good morning, babe.

33: The best decision I ever made for my seed is to marry a virtuous woman. I don’t regret bringing you home, darling. Good morning.

34: Thank you for standing by me through the thick and thin. Thanks for not giving up on me, and for helping me to be your ideal man.

35: I can give you the whole world and it still won’t be enough to appreciate your love for me. Good morning, sugar.

36: You are my energy, the everyday motivation I need to be successful. I love you.

37: Anything for you, baby, anything for you. As long as I breathe, you will always come first. Good morning.

38: Nothing can change the love I have for you unless I never loved you in the first place. Good morning, beautiful.

39: Be rest assured that I think of you every minute of the day. I can’t wait to come home to your waiting arms.

40: I left quite early and wasn’t able to kiss you as much as I wanted. I will make it up for myself later today.

41: Who would ever believe that I spent the night with you and yet, missing you like my life depends on it. That’s the power of love, baby. Good morning.

42: My love for you is thicker than the hardest rock and stronger than any intoxicating drink known to man. Good morning, angel.

43: There’s nothing I pray for everyday than for God to keep you alive and healthy for me. Good morning, sweet.

Funny Good Morning Messages For Wife

44: Alone, the morning tends to be too lazy to replace the night. But in your arms, it flies in quickly like it’s giving the night a hot pursuit. As long as I’m returning home to be with you, I bear no grudges. Good morning.

45: In the solitude of our bed, I crave for eternity in your presence. Even hunger doesn’t attempt to change my mind. Good morning, baby.

46: Don’t make it too difficult for me to survive without you; it’s an issue already departing from your delectable presence. So, call me during lunch.

47: They say that the years in marriage reduce a couple’s desire for each other’s presence. I don’t know why ours is different as I am freaking out here from my desire to kiss your lips.

Funny Good Morning Messages For Wife

48: I try hard to resist waking you up from sleep with my roving fingers. But the more I try to hold myself from going that, the speedier they run toward you. I love you.

49: Babe, do me a favor by preparing and serving yourself on our well-made bed for my hungry body before nightfall. Sending this morning message with all seriousness.

50: Loneliness doesn’t cause much harm to a man. What is both harmful and dangerous is not having a good wife to come home to. Good morning, precious.


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