Friendship is a life-giving relationship especially if it is with caring people. There are a thousand and one ways to express your affection for friends, and one of them is through messages.

Good morning messages sent to your friend impresses on them that they were in your waking thoughts, and what a beautiful feeling that is! So, take a look at the unique good morning messages for friends below to select the one that speaks directly to your buddy.

Good Morning Messages For Friends

1: I am not just lucky to be your friend; I am fortunate to be associated with your kind. Always know that you mean a lot, even unspoken, to me. Good morning.

2: It is morning already, and I can’t wait to blossom and shine in your company. You make our friendship worth the while with your free spirit. Good morning, dear.

3: Having you as my close friend is a dream come true. I prayed for a respectful and loyal friend who will understand me the way I am. You’ve been much more to me, and I want to wish you a beautiful morning from my heart.

4: Our friendship is like a cup of coffee early in the morning: strong, refreshing, thick and addicting. I can’t have enough of your awesome personality in my life. Have a good morning.

5: I stayed up most of the night, smiling and giggling at the fun memories of the time we shared. The morning has come; expect me by your side anytime soon. Good morning, my friendship.

Good Morning Messages For Friends

6: The sun rises from the east, and sets at the west. In like manner, we will start our day on a mild energy level, and end it at the peak of our energy and down to exhaustion. It’s a done deal. Good morning, buddy.

7: Happiness is when you wake up and suddenly you remember that your day will be filled with fun and laughter. Good morning, dear friend. May you experience the fullness of happiness today.

8: If ever you need anything today, call on me and I will quickly find my way to you with the answer. Good morning, friend.

9: Little things count so, I wish to send my hugs across to my sweet friend this morning. Hope they warm your heart and brighten your day.

Good Morning Messages For Best Friend

10: Even if you aren’t here with me, I am sure my heart is following you anywhere you go. I will think of you all day, friend. Good morning.

11: Our friendship is a true example of dogged persistence and fierce loyalty. That’s why I will remain grateful for the gift of your presence in my life. Good morning, bestie.

12: With you, my life has grown an additional tree, bearing delicious fruits of love, joy, and peace. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend than you. Good morning.

13: When many are still wandering from one corner to the other, looking for stability in their friendship, we only wax stronger and better. Indeed, our friendship has come to stay. Good morning, dear.

14: Between us, there is a bridge and not a wall. We are friends for life and not friends serving life. Good morning, dear.

15: Never worry your cute head with thoughts about the day for I have asked God to give you everything you need for today, free of charge. I did it because I care for you. Good morning.

16: The day has become lighted up with the broad smile from the sun. I wish for the sun to also smile on you today; you’ll be a winner at all sides. Good morning.

17: You are my friend, thoughts of you give me hope and a desire to wake up every morning. I pray that our friendship lasts forever. Good morning.

18: The day we first met became the day when the seed of our long-lasting friendship was planted. There has been no regrets, and there will be none. Good morning, best friend.

19: Bear in mind that I will never take you nor our friendship for granted. You have my utmost respect and appreciation. Enjoy a splendid morning.

20: I have you, therefore, I have everything that makes friendship complete. I am blessed to be your best friend. Good morning.

21: Nothing can change the way I see you for you will always be my best friend, come rain, come shine. Good morning.

22: As you wake up to a sunny morning, may the lines fall in goodly places for you all through this day. Good morning, and have a wonderful day ahead.

23: Never, ever forget that you are my anchor when life becomes stormy. You occupy a place of importance in my life, and so, you need to be strong for us today. Good morning.

24: You are better than the best and more compassionate than the kindest person. I pray that you have every reason to stay happy today. Good morning.

Heart Touching Good Morning Messages For Friends

Heart Touching Good Morning Messages For Friends

25: Call on me, and I will be right there by your side. You don’t have to beg for my presence; it is yours by default. Good morning, and have a peaceful day.

26: Our friendship has been set up to succeed. It is beyond our powers to comprehend how that will happen, but deep within us, we know we are bound to be. Good morning, dearest.

27: May this early morning message locate you at your finest and infuse the strongest feelings in you because you mean the world to me. Good morning, precious one.

28: Thank you for loving me and giving me a chance to love you. I promise I will never let you down. Good morning, friend.

29: I don’t crave for a connection with you because it happens without us trying. You and me are meant to be. Good morning!

30: It will be a great day today for both of us. The reason is, we will spend time together to catch up on old times. Good morning, dear. Looking forward to meeting you.

31: Until we meet again, I will always call upon the fond memories of the time we had together. I miss you, but it’s alright. Good morning.

32: The fresh flowers bloom unhindered and my merry heart does likewise now. The thoughts of you having a lovely day today keeps me happy and joyful. Hope your morning sets the pace.

33: Who would ever believe that hours ago, we clung to each other in an embrace as if there will be no morning. Look here! It’s morning already. Welcome to a brand new day, darling.

34: Today brings with it songs of hope and melodies of pure joy. Wake up, mate. Can you hear the sound?

35: I want you to be cheerful today regardless of the shape of events. Always remember that you were born to take charge. Good morning.

36: May your morning be memorable. May you find goodness in odd places. Go out and rule your world.

37: My love for you is unnegotiable. As far as I am concerned, you rank among the first in my life. This is me wishing you a good morning today.

38: Whether the day wants it or not, it has been programmed to favor you. All you need do is to walk into it boldly, demanding results. Good morning, dear friend.

Funny Good Morning Messages For Friends

Funny Good Morning Messages For Friends

39: You don’t need pretty dresses and designer’s shoes to have a pleasant morning. Just receive my good morning message to you with an open heart, and there you go!

40: As this message drops into your phone, I expect you to read it immediately, sleepy or not. Failure to do that, and you’ll be sorry this morning. Good morning…

41: You made yourself my friend and also my adviser. I don’t know which comes first, but I cherish them all the same. Good morning.

42: Anyone who wants to make friends with you must first pass a ridiculous test comprising of taking you home drunk and wiped out. Thank God I scaled through for you’re a friend worthy to have. Good morning.

43: When I count my blessings, I count you once. You’ve been a great pain in my ass, which I can’t even do without. Good morning, buddie.

44: So many reasons abound why I want to wish you a good morning this morning. First, when you have a good morning, my mind gets some needed peace. Secondly, when you have a good morning, you forget that I am owning you. Good morning.

45: The truth is, you are the most friend I have ever had. I don’t even have a chance to have other friends because you are a full package yourself. Good morning.

46: May God honor the day we became friends. It has been a mathematical kind of journey, calculations and all. Good morning.

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