Falling sick is in no way a pleasant experience. It hurts when a beloved girlfriend is unwell, and as her boyfriend, you will find out that your hands are tied in restoring her back to health. But there’s one thing that you can do to help the situation bearable, and that’s through thoughtfully written get well soon messages for her. Simply scroll through the compilation of get well soon messages for your girlfriend below.

Heartfelt Get Well Soon Messages For Girlfriend

1: Baby yo, your absence is driving me to the walls. It is still unbelievable to me that I am sane enough to write you a get well message. I need your vibrant self home to me. I miss you.

2: Honestly, I wished I hadn’t been away from home. Maybe you wouldn’t have become sick. I’ve hit the road to be with you. You’ll be fine soon.

3: Never, ever fall ill again, sweet. It pains me to see you in such a pitiable state which I can do nothing to change. Please, get well soon.

4: The only thing that consoles me is that your doctor said that you’ll be better in no distant time. What will I be able to do if you leave me?

5: It hasn’t been easy getting by without your cheerful presence. It’s as though my world came to a halt. Get well soon, princess.

6: No time goes by without me thinking of you. No day runs by without me heading to the hospital to see your face. I know you’ll be fine, but I can’t wait anymore. Get well soon, darling.

Heartfelt Get Well Soon Messages For Girlfriend

7: My love, it hasn’t been easy for me in school with your absence. I feel like having you by my side tomorrow. Get well soon for me, I beg you.

8: What can I do to make you bubbly once again? What do you ask for to give me the cutest smiles I’ve always known? How do I make you get well soon? I miss you, baby.

9: You know you’re the most important person to me, and your health is my joy. Get well soon lest I go dry with worry.

10: Baby, these past few days of your ill health have sapped me of my emotional energy. I can’t seem to think straight anymore. For my sake, get well soon.

11: The days slowly led to weeks, and it’s been two months since you’ve been lying on the hospital bed. I need you back, sweetheart. Don’t ever leave me. Get well as soon as this message reaches you.

12: I thought it was just a one-day affair; how unfair it is that I’m left by myself to endure your absence. Get well soon, my love.

13: I had wished you to call me to announce that you are finally back home, but it seems I’ll have to wait a bit longer. Be rest assured that you left me to an empty space. Get well soon, please.

14: My deepest desire is to have you back to health. I really do.

15: If there’s anything I can do to take away the excruciating pain from your legs, I will readily do that. Honey, get well soon.

16: This is one of the most difficult periods of our lives. It’s as though a storm is raging. I believe that it will pass. Looking forward to seeing you back to health, baby.

17: I will give all that I have to nurse you back to health. You mean the world to me, sweet. Get well soon.

18: Hearing your voice gives me hope that all will be well. I believe you’ll get well soon.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages For Girlfriend

Funny Get Well Soon Messages For Girlfriend

1: I’ve always known that you can’t have enough of my time. But must you come to the level of wanting to be fed in bed every day by falling sick? Get well soon!

2: If I were a doctor, I would have drilled holes on both sides of your buttocks to warn you never to be ill again. I need you well soon.

3: I’m not happy you’re sick. Better be all smiles whenever I come visiting. I don’t care if you forced them out.

4: Now you’re just there, lying like a rag doll, I’m tempted to pay you back for all the times you called me an imp. You better get well soon to escape!

5: Your ill health has given me the needed time to study for my exams, but I miss your jokes and funny face. Get well soon, Miss Mischief.

6: Hope you realize that you are quitting chocolates once you’re back home. You’ve eaten them much more than the medicine you need. Kindly get well soon.

7: You have chosen to bring me back from vacation with the perfect excuse. I hope you’ll be sick till the end of summer. That way, I’ll know you actually meant it.

8: You miss my hugs and kisses; I know you do. Get well soon.

9: By now, you should be rounding up with your sick leave. I hope you enjoyed the bitter pills you swallowed, and the strong smell of the hospital.

10: Don’t worry about me. I am fine. Have been visiting our favourite restaurant alone for once in my lifetime. Get well soon, though.

11: Which will make you better: doctor’s prescriptions or my kisses and hugs? Think well before making your choice.

12: I’m kiss-deprived. Get well soon, or I will go crazy.

13: When you told me you’ll die for our love, is it this way? I don’t want anymore. Get well, and live for me.

14: Your beauty glows better. Sickness looks good on you. Don’t mind me; get well soon.

15: If you could point to me where the pain you feel is coming from, I will be able to smack it out of your body with a big stick. Can you?

16: We planned to go partying this weekend. Did you suddenly develop cold feet and off you went to the hospital? We’ll go when you are good with it. Get well soon, please.

17: I can give up anything to be with you, even my love for food. It’s as serious as that.

18: Believe me when I tell you that life in the monastery is easier than staying without your warm hugs. Get well soon, love.

19: You would have told me in plain words that you’ve missed me a lot. Not by taking a bed space in the hospital. Now, I’m heartbroken. Get well soon, darling.

Get Well Soon Prayers For Girlfriend

Get Well Soon Prayers For Girlfriend

1: Honey, I pray for you this moment, to receive good health. You’ll surely get well soon.

2: There’s no way sickness will keep you weak and pale for long. I pray for the restoration of your health and strength. In no distant time, you’ll be back on your feet.

3: With all assurance, I declare that you are healed. God has taken control of your health state. You’ll be fine soon.

4: My mouth and heart agree that God will bring back everything you’ve lost in health and money over this sickness. Healing is your portion, and you’ll enjoy it to the fullest.

5: I pray that you come back to complete health. No part of your body shall be deformed in the course of your illness, in Jesus’ Name.

6: By His stripes, our healing came to be. I pray for you this day that you receive the fullness of the healing Jesus Christ suffered to get for us.

7: Before you know it, you’ll be as jolly as a well-fed puppy. Be healed in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

8: I may not understand what you’re going through, but I’m quite sure that our Heavenly Father who hears our deepest groaning has already sent help your way. You’re healed, sweet.

9: I decree that before the end of today, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your health. That’s my prayer for you.

10: The scriptures say that healing is the children’s bread. I pray for you, that you’ll eat the bread of healing to your satisfaction. May you be made whole soon.

11: I pray that God will use your doctors and nurses perfectly to bring you back to health. I miss your loving and healthy self.

12: Medicines are nothing without the power of God in them. May you receive healing from the medicines you’ll take because God has infused His power into them.

13: This sickness is not unto death. My prayer is for you to be touched by the mighty hand of God at this moment. Get well soonest.

14: God has sent His angel to bring you a package that contains all you need to come back to health. I pray you won’t miss him.

15: Pretty one, your kind doesn’t deserve to be sick. Receive your healing as the spirit of God releases it on you right now.

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