Conversations are all about connecting to the other person’s mind with the aim of learning and sharing knowledge or information. Interesting enough, a funny comment or a random thought has the power to invoke a myriad of feelings and thoughts; regardless of the person you are talking to. Think about it! People always want something that sparks familiar conversations whilst demanding for some intellectual input or output.

If you’ve been struggling to create lengthy conversations or just tired of the usual small talk, then the examples below will give you enough insights for future dialogues. With our well-structured categories, you could use any of the following sample random thoughts when talking to friends, family or even your lover.

They could be compliments or light chatter. Anything to lighten up the mood and get everyone in high spirits.

Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and dig into it. You’ll thank us later.

Funny Random Things to Say to Friends

Funny Random Things to Say to Friends

1: I decided to finally get my toenails pierced tomorrow.

2: My teeth ich, my nails ache and my hair hurts. Help me out, someone. Anyone?

3: If you ever drive down the road and come across a field with bales of hay, point at the field and shout, “Hey!”

4: While ordering food at a restaurant, create awareness on the disadvantages of taking meat and then make sure to order a large steak

5: What if chocolate milk comes from brown cows?

6: I feel like my nipple is broken by my eye sockets are warm. What an odd combination.

7: How weird would it be if we were supposed to eat other people’s fingernails?

8: According to logic, shorts should be half the price of pants. Period!

9: I wonder if there are people who sleep in water and sea creatures which can sleep in a normal human bed

10: Why are apartments called apartments when they are all stuck together?

11: Right before ordering something in a restaurant, ask for their top dishes, then after sampling them all, ask for something completely different.

12: Let’s try and send people a random text that we have won $1,000,000

13: Do you ever feel like texting a random phone number and start talking about serious problems?

14: I would love to see pussy cats roller skating and dogs skiing. It would be a money-making business.

15: Why are most jumbo shrimps small yet the name suggests they are so big?

16: Would you ever have someone who sends you daily jokes or someone who gives you prank ideas?

17: We should get a doctor to explain what happens to the plastic after plastic surgery.

18: Maybe the only thing needed for inmates to be free is to collect a get out of jail card.

19: What is supposed to happen after you’ve found the needle in the haystack?

20: I would never name my daughter “Angel” because that way, they would fly away.

21: How wrong is it for a car to stop at a bus stop?

22: We might have been wrong about a lot of things. Like corn candy being related to corn nuts.

23: We might have been wrong about a lot of things. Like corn candy being related to corn nuts.

24: There is a thin line between an attack of the heart and a heart attack.

25: Most people think tin foil is made from tin. And maybe they’re right.

Funny Random Things to Say to Family

Funny Random Things to Say to Family

1: I find it funny how chocolate ice cream is called chocolate, while flavors such as strawberry are not called pink.

2: Ever noticed that anyone who says the pledge of allegiance automatically makes a pledge?

3: Anyone travelling on an airplane is entitled to say they are hiking high above the mountains.

4: I find cards so fulfilling, especially because we have royalty cards such as the King and queen, and others which are playful, like the Joker.

5: As a family, we should be different by saying “give you a dollar for your thoughts” instead of “give you a penny for your thoughts”

6: Would a crocodile have the guts to snap at a snapping turtle? Or would they just be friends?

7: Maybe the stock market is stocked with fruits, vegetables and all forms of food.

8: An electrician fixes electricity, a plumber fixes water pipes, and an engineer fixes technical engineering stuff. What is the name of a person who fixes the economy?

9: Reason out with me. “Condo” is short form for condominium. So why is an apartment not called, an “aparto?”

10: Brown cows are the most precious animals. Because they give us chocolate milk.

11: I sometimes think our parents are retarded, because we are all special

12: Why do people call it beauty sleep when you just wake up looking like a troll? Especially in this family.

13: If potatoes have skin and I have skin too, does that make me a potato?

14: I just realized something mind blowing: All our neighbors live next to us.

15: There’s one time I dies, but I got better with time

16: Excuse me if you ever think I’m too naïve. I was born at a very early age

17: I’ll be out of my mind for the next few hours, so excuse my stupidity

18: The only reason I don’t have an open mind is because my brains keep falling out

19: Whatever it is that’s stressing and eating you up from inside, it must be suffering a lot.

20: To all my relatives who don’t think anyone cares about them, you should try missing out a few credit card payments.

21: Have you ever thought how much we all concentrate on the good luck of the early bird, than the bad luck of the worm?

22: Is there a way to scoot along the road without an actual scooter?

23: If you want to make a movie special, put “the beginning” like you put “the end”

24: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I am left to wonder what all the murals in this painting are worth.

25: If you relieve yourself in the bathroom, can you relieve yourself the same way by eating?

Funny Random Things to Say to Lover

Funny Random Things to Say to Lover

1: The one thing I understand about Algebra is: I look at my X and can’t help to wonder Y

2: I know we are married, but my principles don’t allow me to take married women out. You are no exception. I’m sorry love.

3: In my past life, I had two wives, and things didn’t work out in both relationships. The first one left, and the second one chose to stick around. I’m glad I have you now.

4: All these rich men should stop getting married repeatedly. Instead, they should look for a woman and just give her a house and half of his property.

5: I regard myself as a great housekeeper. Each time a man leaves me, I get to keep his house.

6: They say love is blind, but marriage is the real eye-opener.

7: Marriage has no guarantees. If that’s what you’re looking for, go live with a car battery.

8: Can I borrow a coin? I want to call my parents and tell them I just met the love of my life.

9: On a scale of 1-10, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

10: I used to play the field, but it seems I only hit home run with you.

11: If you were a tear in my eye, I would never cry because I fear losing you

12: The sunshine of your love makes my lenses turn dark

13: One day, I will re-arrange the alphabet and put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together.

14: I’m new around, would you mind giving me directions to your house?

15: Your eyes have told me a lot of things about you, apart from your name.

16: Being with you is quite risky because heaven will soon realize one of its finest angels is missing.

17: I noticed you noting me for some time now, and I just wanted to notify you that I noticed you too.

18: Your lips look so lonely, maybe they would like to meet mine?

19: Most of my friends think I’m afraid of commitment. Do you want to help me prove them wrong?

20: If being cute was a crime, you’d be serving countless life sentences.

21: Forgive me if I keep confusing you with the sun. You shine so bright.

22: Finally, after years of searching, I finally found the man of my dreams.

23: Have you been taking sweeping lessons? Because you always sweep me off your feet.

24: If a star fell down each time I thought about you, the night sky would have been completely empty.

25: Are you going to make out with me, or do I have to keep lying to my diary?

26: I bet your last name is Gillette, because you are the best thing any man could get

27: I’d want you to stop farting because you keep blowing me away.

28: Sometimes, I think you are so fine, I’d like to plant you in a field and have multiple people like you.

29: To me, you are like a candy bar. You are half nuts and half sweet.

30: I can’t seem to find my phone number. Can I have yours instead?


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