When someone falls sick or is scheduled for medical attention that would keep them hospitalised for a number of days, it is usually a situation that calls for moodiness and solemnness. Therefore, it is great to send messages to wish them to get well as soon as possible, but it is more great and cheery to make the messages funny and cheery to lift their spirits.

Be aware that laughter is the best medicine, so, funny get well soon messages are the right tools to generate the much-needed laughter from a health-challenged person. Below are some of these messages for your use.

Best Get Well Soon Funny Messages And Wishes

1: Look at you, all dressy and still. Those who don’t know you would think you are cool-headed and well-mannered. Please, get well soon and hop out from that bed!

2: I have grown weary of praying for your healing. I am so coming with my healing hands to slap the sickness out from your body.

3: Get well soon, but I wish your crazy mind doesn’t get well at all. I like you that way.

4: I know you have always wanted to fall sick so that you would be served food in bed. Anyway, get well quickly.

5: You are missing out on a lot of things. Right now, I am gobbling down your favourite food. Get well soon lest I eat all and you have nothing left.

6: I thought a superman doesn’t fall sick. Why did you tell me you are one and yet shivering on the bed like a leaf that caught cold? Live up to your name by getting well soon!

7: Your strength is really terrific. It shows in the way you shriek at the sight of needles. Heal up fast, my friend!

8: I miss you a lot, I truly do. I now appreciate the times we use to have together before you fell into the arms of sickness. Take off, and come back to me, please.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages And Wishes

9: There is something you need to do for me. Get well soon, and I will let you know about it.

10: You are strong, that I know. You surely can come out fine if you follow my advice: Get well fast!

11: You told me you aren’t selfish, but now, I am beginning to think that you lied to me. Prove that you are saying the truth by getting well as soon as possible.

12: You are quite the celebrity. I couldn’t even find a space for the flowers I brought for you. It’s okay now; you have made your point. Kindly get well soon.

13: I thought I was the only one moved by your sickness. Even my dog is moody too. Get well, please.

14: My kids learned to pray with all their hearts on learning that you are sick and in the hospital. I know you can’t afford to disappoint them by clinging to that bed for long.

15: To say that I am tired of visiting you in the hospital is an understatement. I am fed up with seeing you lazy on that bed. I don’t want to come there and leave without you in my next visit. You better get well fast.

16: I am a praying person. Your sickness cannot make me a liar this time around. Be well soon.

17: I marvel at the way you swallow pills like your life depends on them. You are really good at getting sick. Don’t slap me, please. Get well quickly.

18: I thought a hospitalised person’s appetite for food goes downhill. It is not so in your case. Get well soon and start cooking your own meals.

19: I have been asking you to get well soon. Now, I am begging you to do so. Hoping you’ll have mercy on me and get well.

20: I have a feeling that you are well but don’t want to say so to avoid going back to work. You are busted!

21: Everyone is praying for you, including the baby in my womb. He has been kicking a lot these days. Get well soon.

22: I have seen you handle herculean tasks and difficult people. What is in this illness that you can’t handle? Show it what you can do and get well soon!

23: I am happy they found out quickly what is wrong with you. Now, we can sit back and enjoy your journey to recovery.

24: The face you make when you swallow your medicine reminds me of a gagging lizard. Get well soon before you start planning a fight with me.

25: I endure the smell of the hospital because of you. I hope it pays off, unless you want to pay me for abuse. Don’t forget that I have a very crazy lawyer. Better get well soon.

26: This message is one sent ahead to prepare you for my coming. I need you to be up and tangoing with your drip stand, by the time I arrive the hospital. That is the only welcome gift you owe me.

27: Choose one: getting well fast and peacefully, or getting beaten up till you give up and get well. Something tells me you’ll go for the former.

28: Sickness looks great on you. You are all fresh looking and calm. Nevertheless, get well soon.

29: I earnestly hope your love for food will permit you to adhere to the diet plan for your healing. Get well soon.

30: For the time being, enjoy your lovely rest and sleep. Your plan worked out at last. Don’t mind me, get well speedily.

31: I have come to realise that staying put in a hospital bed with everyone at your beck and call is the cheapest form of a luxury vacation. Enjoy while it lasts, dear. Jokes apart, get well soon.

32: So, sickness had the nerve to cancel our plan for massive fun. It better takes to its heels before I meet it there with you in that hospital.

33: I’m beginning to long for your noisy self. Don’t feel too important, please. Hurry up and get well soon.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages And Wishes

34: The house is empty and hollow without your bustling feet. Who knew that you were that much of a noisemaker? Get well soon; I need you back home.

35: Someone like you deserves an occasion strike from sickness. That way, you will be forced to take some rest. I was joking. Just get well soon.

36: Hope you aren’t quarrelling with everyone, including the doctors and nurses. You only have to face your business of getting well and get your dry bums out of that hospital.

37: Whoever that told you that you look sexy on the hospital bed, wearing a hospital uniform, has deceived your poor soul. I’ll tell you how you look once you get well and fast.

38: There is a lot to gain from your sickness. One of them is to make some time out to rest, like you. It really helps. Get well soon.

39: Your part of house chores is here, still waiting for you to get well and attend to it. So, be fast about that!

40: You felt that you are too thin and so fell sick to gain weight. See how fat you are growing. Get well to avoid being obese.

41: It is a pity you will watch us eat all the lovely meals while you are stuck with pills and injections. Get well soon to join us in our enjoyment.

42: I can understand that you are enjoying all the attention you are getting. Enjoy it while it lasts. Meanwhile, get well soon.

43: You were getting too fat before sickness struck. Thank God you got a chance to redeem your body weight. All the same, get well fast.

44: It is my desire that you stayed much longer confined to the hospital so that I will find some quality rest time. Unfortunately, my heart misses your presence, so, I want you back as soon as possible.

45: I think now is the time for me to carry out my long-awaited revenge on you. Can you fight back with those weak arms and closed mouth? As usual, I will show you mercy. Get well, please.

46: Let me quickly remind you that the party is holding next week. Better get well soon unless you want to live in regrets.

47: Congratulations on cheating death. You deserve an award. Get well soon to honour the ceremony.

48: Whatever happened to your funny face? Did this sickness wipe it off? Get well soon and take back what belongs to you.

49: I don’t like seeing you cool and collected. You were created to be a headache and a problem to me. I like you that way. Get well soon.

50: No matter how much you try looking miserable, your lovely face keeps betraying you. You seem to be having the fun of your life while watching us lug our tired bodies to see you everyday after work. Well done. Get ready to be discharged from the hospital this night, whether you like it or not.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages And Wishes

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