Flirty texts give you the confidence you need to pursue something serious with your crush. If anything, they make things less scary and give you the chance to explore each other’s boundaries and compatibility.

With our well-analyzed examples below, you are sure to get the girl of your dreams interested in you. For those who are already cuffed, you could use this as a form of spicing up your relationship.

Normal Flirty Questions to Ask A Girl

1: What are some of your biggest pet peeves? I would want to avoid them at all costs.

2: Do you like the color of my eyes? What about me would you change if you had the power to?

3: Would you consider yourself a hopeless romantic? Do you like it?

4: Do you ever stop and realize how amazing and beautiful you are?

5: What do most of your friends think of me so far?

6: Are you always high on something or are you just always this fun?

7: Where do you think we should go next after this? Your bedroom or mine?

8: Do you love hugs? Cause I am addicted to them.

9: Where is the one place you enjoy being kissed most?

10: Do you mind making plans with me this weekend if you have none?

11: How would it feel to fall in love with me someday? Allow me to take you out for the rest of your life?

12: Have you ever felt butterflies with me? If not, would you like to feel them sometime?

13: Do you have any limits when it comes to a public display of affection?

14: Would you rather eat before or after having fun?

15: What are some of the things that turn you on most in a guy?

16: If you could choose any exotic dream with me, what would it be?

17: When did you first realize you have deep feelings for me?

18: Do you like it when I flirt with you? And when would you want us to have our first date?

19: What was your very first honest impression of me?

20: Do you find me sexy, hot, or both? And do you think we would look good together?

21: Would you rather picture me naked or tell your ex you miss them?

22: What kind of romantic gestures are you most susceptible to?

23: Would you consider yourself more beautiful or more intelligent?

24: What would make you love a guy more? Is it his character, words, or actions?

25: What’s the best and worst pickup lines you have been told?

Hard Flirty Questions to Ask A Girl

1: When exactly did you lose your virginity? If you don’t mind telling me?

2: What are some of the weird fetishes you have for guys? I promise I won’t judge.

3: How would you feel about the two of us getting to know each other and dating?

4: With all this beauty, how is someone like you still single?

5: On a scale of 1-10, how much do first impressions matter to you?

6: How easy or hard do you find it to forgive a cheating partner? Have you ever been in such a situation before?

7: What color and type of underwear do you think I’m wearing right now?

8: What’s the nastiest thing you’ve done in a public facility?

9: Can you remember the first thing that came to mind when you first saw me? Was it something positive or negative?

10: Assuming we were in a clothes store, would you let me sneak into your fitting room?

11: How did it feel when you first fell in love? And did the experience contribute to the person you are right now?

12: What are some of your favorite physical features and why?

13: Tell me some of your best secret fantasies?

14: Have you ever had the guts to ask a guy out on a date?

15: Do you think people get married because they have met the right partner or just because the time is right?

16: Are you still friends with any of your exes?

17: Do you believe in, loving many people at the same time?

18: Do you prefer being in control or being overpowered in the bedroom?

19: Would you rather experience love at first sight or sleep with someone on the first date?

20: Have you had a mind-blowing date before? What was so special about it?

21: What are your plans for the rest of your life?

22: Would you choose muscle over outward appearance and why?

23: Do you think you are sensitive and emotional like most girls?

24: What are some of the things that meet your threshold of living life to the fullest?

25: If we were to make a bedroom bucket list, what would be top on your list?

Crazy Flirty Questions to Ask A Girl

1: Do you ever think about me? If so, what exactly about me?

2: If we were dating, you would come home to a naked boyfriend almost every day. What do you have to say about that?

3: What are you wearing right now? Send me as many pictures as possible.

4: Would you rather murder a criminal or text your worst ex and tell him you miss him?

5: How would you lie to exchange pics? Me shirtless, and you without anything?

6: If I knocked on your window right now, would you be happy to let me in?

7: Would it be hard for you to kiss me goodnight every day?

8: Do you think about me as much as I think about you?

9: Let’s assume we were together right now. What would you want me to do to you?

10: Do you ever go out? Or you prefer watching Netflix all day lie a normal person?

11: If a genie appeared and granted you any three wishes, what would they be?

12: Is there something you have dreamt of doing before but never had the chance to?

13: What are your biggest pet peeves and turn-ons in a guy?

14: What is your idea of a perfect date? And would you like to experience it with me?

15: What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

16: What’s your best and worst drunk experience?

17: What is one thing you would do anything to bring back into your life?

18: What do you daydream about most of the time?

19: Do you act out of emotion, rationally, or out of logic?

20: If you could be a guy for a month, what would you spend most of your time doing?

21: What is the best surprise you have ever gotten?

22: If you could use a cheesy pick-up line on me, what would it be?

23: If we only had 20 minutes to spend together, what would you like to do?

24: You feel my hand running up your thigh on a date, how would you react?

25: If you could change anything about your physical appearance, what would you change?

Fun Flirty Questions to Ask A Girl

1: What is your funniest kissing experience?

2: Given the chance, would you go skinny dipping with me?

3: Would you rather read people’s minds or see how everyone looks when naked?

4: What is your greatest deal-breaker during a date?

5: Have you ever turned out a guy down in person? And why?

6: What do you think about most times before you sleep?

7: Tell me some of your deepest secrets? I promise I won’t spill.

8: What would be your reaction if you were caught having a quickie outside?

9: Do you ever cry at weddings? And would you consider yourself an emotional person?

10: What are some of the serious things you like joking about?

11: Do you have any guilty pleasures you would never like to quit?

12: If I were to wash you right this moment, where would you want me to start?

13: If you could relive a whole year from the past, which one would it be, and why?

14: What are some of the things that are fun for others but scary for you?

15: When was the last time you cried over something silly?

16: If you could take one item to a deserted island for a whole week, what would it be?

17: What is the craziest thing you have ever said to a stranger?

18: Would you get someone’s name tattooed on your body?

19: What is one fetish you have that most people would hate knowing?

20: Which songs would you dedicate to someone you love and someone you hate?

21: Which current celebrity would you have over for dinner with your whole family?

22: What is one untold thing you enjoy doing when you are all alone?

23: Which activities are currently on your bucket list?

24: If you could have a huge social media platform, what would you push or recommend to the public?

25: How would you rate your kissing skills?