A love relationship is so thrilling with the right quantity of passion and romance mixed into daily communication. Flirting, for example. In fact, the more sizzling the romance, the hotter the passion. The hotter the passion, the steamier the relationship! So, while you’re still at the stage of figuring out how to make your significant other melt away in the pot of passion and romance, why not check out these flirty messages that can set him/her in the mood? (You understand perfectly, right?)

1: It is a new day, hottie! Slow down and think about how I dealt with you last night. How about a rematch tonight, huh?

2: Your scent keeps assaulting my senses. I can’t get over the longing for just a taste of you.

3: Baby, I’m not feeling too fine right now. I might as well become better with your touch. Come over quickly!

4: My thoughts keep chasing you in my mind. I can’t stop them from doing so because I love the feeling they give me.

5: You’re simply wonderful. You need to see me blushing now as I write to you.

6: As big as I am, you make me feel like a baby. Your tender care always makes me want to stay cuddled in your arms!

Flirty Messages For Him Or Her

7: Sweet, let’s get people shuddering and embarrassed by kissing right now on the street. Are you game?

8: I might as well be the luckiest person on earth for having you as my soulmate, best friend, and partner-in-love. I’m blessed, indeed.

9: Honey, I just want to tell you how much I want you. That’s all.

10: You’re the sexiest being ever. I like the way my heart beats when you stand fully before me.

11: You are the one for me, the only reason I like being kissed. I need you by my side this moment because my lips ache.

12: Hey, partner! Do you mind coming through the door with the dopiest smile ever? I need some motivation for tonight’s groove.

13: The specialness of your smile and the locking power of your embrace unleash the hotness of my breath. I need you, my love.

14: Who told you that I like being hugged? Definitely not me. Unless my longing eyes gave me away.

15: Sugar is sweet. Honey is sweeter. Life is the sweetest. As for you, darling, you make sugar, honey and life sweet. You’re the sweetness thereof.

16: The colour of the sky on a bright day is blue. The quality of air on a windy day is fresh. The greatness of my love for you is beyond seasons and reasons. I’m in love with you.

17: Please, can you tell me the colour of your heart? Mine is a hot shade of yellow. My heart is burning for you!

18: On my calendar today is an appointment with you, to share moments together. It was marked yesterday, is marked tomorrow and the days after it.

19: I surely know how to swing my rear end when I pass before you. My dog taught me so.

20: I’m sitting up on my bed because I can’t sleep. Your thoughts occupy my mind. How I wish you were here with me.

21: I look forward to having a cosy evening with you. I’m practically chasing the sun home with my thoughts.

22: I miss you so much. Will you mind if I kiss your picture?

23: What’s your best fruit? Mine is the fruit of your lips. Can’t wait to pluck out some more. Mwah!

24: I’m so hungry that I can have you as a meal and still want more. Get ready for me, sweetheart.

25: The day you’ll ask me out will be the day I’ll stop crying about you. I’m dead serious.

Flirty Messages For Him Or Her

26: The most amazing thing about today is that it will end with you by my side. What a day!

27: I am closing early from work to meet you at home. Hope you’re dressed for our private show.

28: There’s nothing I love more than the warmth of your breath when we kiss. It takes me to the third heavens. No kidding!

29: My heart has never been broken. If it has been, where would you have stayed when you came knocking on the door of my life?

30: Good morning, love. Arise and give me that head-turning smile of yours. I’m waiting for your video call.

31: Suddenly, all my worries are gone. Why so? Oh! I remembered you are on your way home. I’m happy as a puppy!

32: I’m ready to walk the road of forever with you even though you are yet to ask me to.

33: Dress up in a jiffy. I’m waiting outside to take you out on a date that will change your life forever.

Romantic Flirty Messages For Him Or Her

34: Right now, at this moment, truly, frankly speaking, truth be told, honestly, I miss you.

35: Has anyone told you that you have the hottest legs? You’re a star!

36: Apologies for staring so hard when you walked by. You’re simply irresistible.

37: In the next five minutes, take a walk to the balcony. Don’t scream when you see it.

38: You are the best thing that has ever happened to mankind. I know you’re giggling right now!

39: You and me. Nothing else matters. As long as you are happy and I am happy that you’re happy, nothing else counts.

40: No other person is qualified to be in my bed but you. Take note.

Flirty Messages For Him Or Her

41: How does one get sad? I’ve forgotten how, ever since you stepped into my life. Happy is my new middle name.

42: You are principled in the office, but radical in the bedroom. I’ll report you to your boss soonest.

43: Don’t be disappointed by this: I can’t live without you. Sorry.

44: Life is beautiful when someone as beautiful as you is one of its partakers. I love doing life with you, baby.

45: I love everything about you, even the loud snores you make at night!

46: It was a pleasure hanging out with you today. Hoping we will do it again in no distant time.

47: Just so you know, I have had my bath, and waiting patiently for you to come and dress me up. Could you hurry up, please?

48: When I count the most lovely days in my life, the day I met you comes first. Others follow.

49: The pieces of the puzzle have all fallen into place. Your touch of excellence did that.

50: I’m forever grateful that I get to keep you by my side forever. People are already green with envy.

51: Let’s do something different tonight. How about a Truth or Dare game? Yes, we will have fun doing it!

52: It is just two hours ago but it feels like two years have passed by since I saw you last. I long to see you some more.

53: I can’t wait to play the nurse and patient game with you. My injection is ready for action.

54: Let’s stay home today. Just the two of us, doing what we know how best to do.

55: I cherish every moment we spend together watching the night stars dart across the sky. It’s always a night of romance afterwards.

Flirty Messages For Him Or Her

56: When you touch my hair or pull me into your arms, I know surely, that you missed me. You can’t get enough of me, can you?

57: How do you see hanging out with me tonight? I’m already dressed up. I know you can’t lie to me because you want it as much as I do.

58: I can’t get over you. The harder I try, the more I sink to the feeling. I love you. I really do.

59: I’m a call away from you. Just make sure you call my bedroom name and I’ll start running down to you like a thunder.

60: You look stunning on your birthday suit. Don’t ever take it off without my permission.

61: To have an idea of how much I love you, take a walk to a flower garden. Pick a flower and smell it. The euphoric feeling is the tiniest of how much I love you.

62: Stop roaming about on my mind. Stay at a place and let me do some work with my head. Let me hear that you stopped roaming!

63: As far as the word goes, I love you better than my bank account. Money cannot be compared with what we share.

64: By and large, I can’t trade you with anything. I can’t even watch a movie without you.

65: Catch me if you can. I have fallen deeply for you. Don’t try to change my mind because I’ve decided to be with you.

66: We won’t get caught. Nobody is paying attention. Let’s go out and grab some lunch before recess is over.


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