So, you’re already set for a date with that person you really like, and it’s important that you prepare to make it a memorable day in the nice sense of it. Truth be told, the success or failure of a first date depends largely on the questions that spill out from the mouth. Basically, there’s nothing as delightful during a date as asking, or answering thoughtful questions. Considering that you have to hit home a great impression to earn a second date, we did put together for you, the following first date questions. Good luck!

First Date Questions

1: What’s your best hobby?

2: For how long have you lived in this city?

3: What’s a typical weekend like to you?

4: What kind of dessert do you find enjoyable?

5: Can you describe your dream job?

6: Do you like loud music?

7: How was your experience on your first day in high school?

8: How often do you hang out with friends?

9: Will you rather stay at home alone or babysit your neighbor’s kids?

10: Have you been to a zoo in recent time?

11: What activities do you engage in at your leisure?

12: How early do you wake up from bed during holidays?

13: Which of your friends has earned your loyalty?

14: Are you a vegan or a meat lover?

15: How well do you solve mathematical problems?

16: What’s the best paying job you’ve ever had?

17: Are you allergic to nuts?

18: What’s your favorite brand of chocolates?

19: Who is your childhood hero?

20: Oily skin or dry skin?

21: What’s your treasured memory of all times?

22: What’s your take on boarding schools for toddlers?

23: Who had the longest influence on your career choice?

24: How determined are you as a person?

25: Do you have living grandparents?

26: When did you move to this part of the town?

27: Cucumber or watermelon?

28: How do you react to a rejection from a trusted source?

29: What attribute in a person attracts you to them?

30: Do you enjoy vegetable salads?

31: What’s your best-loved TV show?

32: What’s the name of your first pet?

33: How often do you watch the TV?

34: Which radio personality do you find the weirdest?

35: In your opinion, how many hours of rest should an adult get daily?

36: What did you do with your first ever salary?

37: Are you a TV cartoon enthusiast?

38: Do you experience episodes of hormonal imbalance?

39: With the state of security in the country, do you think it is wise to help strangers?

40: What time in the morning is too early for you to start your day?

41: How regularly do you have a haircut?

42: Have you ever considered fasting for health purposes?

43: When it comes to your personal grooming, how much are you willing to spend?

44: What is the most difficult decision you’ve had to make?

45: What genre of books do you enjoy in your pastime?

46: Between fruits and yogurt, which will you not rather have?

47: Which musical instrument did you play as a kid?

48: Can you remember the name of your teacher in Grade One?

49: Which food ingredient is constant in all of your food preparation?

50: Has there been a time someone’s comment got the best of your anger?

51: How do you like your soft drink: cold or chilled?

52: Have you authored any written work, published or not?

53: How sacrificial are you?

54: At what age did you down your first bottle of alcoholic beverage?

55: Have you ever had to stick your neck out for an ungrateful person?

56: What’s the riskiest adventure you’ve undertaken?

57: Did you hold any leadership post in college?

58: By what time do you usually eat dinner?

59: Do you crave for food when you are in a sad mood?

Deep First Date Questions

Deep First Date Questions

60: If there’s a next life, will you return as a man or woman?

61: Which of your siblings is the exact replica of you?

62: Have you ever been in a situation where your good intentions were misunderstood?

63: Do you think eating salmon is healthier than eating pork?

64: What first impression do you have of a man or a woman?

65: Can you hypothesize a motive for xenophobic attacks in certain countries of the world?

66: If you are left with an option, would you undergo a gender change?

67: How do you plan for a weekend away from home?

68: Will you be able to keep away from your phone or computer if advised by your doctor?

69: Do you believe in the possibility of an afterlife?

70: Have you ever taken your revenge on a person when they least expected that?

71: What can inspire you to give your all in a relationship?

72: How trusting are you?

73: Have you ever cared for a depressed person?

74: How has an ugly personal experience impacted on the way you see the world?

75: If you had your way, would you promote or demote your employer?

76: What are your plans for multiple streams of income?

77: Which comes first to you: family or your love relationship?

78: Have you had the opportunity to visit your choice vacation spot?

79: Which hobby of yours did you discover lately?

80: What makes a dish palatable to you: the aroma or the service?

81: How many books have you read in the past year?

82: Do you nurse any ambition bigger than what you are doing presently?

83: As a teenager, were you in conflict with your self-image?

84: How do you handle conflict of interest at your workplace?

85: Why do you think people gamble even though it’s financially unhealthy?

86: To you, have you been successful in achieving your goals for last year?

87: So far, would you rather go back to school for further studies or start a business?

88: Do your parents make good models of an ideal couple to you?

89: What do you wish to change about your past?

Funny First Date Questions

Funny First Date Questions

90: Do you think summer is better than winter?

91: How many liters of water do you consume daily?

92: How would you scratch a persistent pubic itch in the public?

93: How many times did you fail in making a great impression before I waltzed in?

94: Which Hollywood movie star do you suggest should be a porn superstar?

95: At what age did you start believing in love?

96: Have you ever been embarrassed by a queasy stomach?

97: When was the last time you said hi to your dentist?

98: What’s the sweetest thing about adulthood?

99: Where will you urinate if you were pressed while taking a walk on the beach?

100: What can we replace the internet with?

101: How many persons will it take to persuade you to go on a second date with me?

102: When does your own curfew start and end?

103: Have you successfully executed any prank on your mom?

104: Who is your perfect soulmate?

105: How long did it take you to dress up for our date today?

106: Is there any food you could order here to impress me which you are allergic to?

107: When last did you tell yourself that you are sexy?

Awkward First Date Questions

Awkward First Date Questions

108: What’s your HIV status?

109: How old are you?

110: At what age do you intend getting married?

111: Will you mind going on a second date with me?

112: What’s the color of your room blinds?

113: What’s your ex’s name?

114: Are you attracted to me?

115: Are you a good kisser or still a learner?

116: Court wedding or the traditional wedding?

117: Are you a virgin?

118: Do you have married friends?

119: At what age did you start seeing the tell-tale signs of puberty?

120: Have you ever been treated of any STD?

121: Can I kiss you now?

122: How good are you in bed?

123: Do your parents know you are out on a date?

Flirty First Date Questions

124: What can I do to put happy smiles on your face?

125: We will make a cute couple. What do you think?

126: You look lost in thoughts. Am I the reason for that?

127: Do I stand a chance of a second and more dates with you?

128: How about a cup of coffee in my house?

129: May I have the honor of giving you a hug?

130: What are your thoughts on a quick kiss between us?

131: Can I have the pleasure of knowing more about you?

132: How delicious are your lips?

133: Does the sun rise in your eyes?

134: What turns you on in a woman?

135: How can a guy win your heart easily?

136: Can you tell me the secret behind your shapely legs?

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