Your child is your treasure. The day that he/she was ushered into the world is one of the unforgettable days in your life. Interestingly, a first-year birthday celebration recreates the excitement of that wonderful and memorable day after a full year has passed.

Celebrating your baby boy or girl’s birthday will not be complete without birthday wishes. Though they may not be able to read or understand them now, your birthday wishes to them will make you the most awesome dad or mum. When they grow bigger, they will read or hear the recorded first birthday wishes with heartfelt smiles.

First Happy Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

1: Hey, baby boy! It is your day today. You are the king, so wish for anything and it will be my command. Happy birthday!

2: Hush, cutie! Stay still and look into my eyes. You will see all the love I have for you for the past year. I love you. Happy birthday, my boy.

3: This is a memorable year for us all. Remembering your first cry and coos still have profound effects on our hearts. Happy first birthday, boy.

4: This marks the beginning of many more birthdays in your life, dear son. I hope you grow stronger and better with each passing year. Happy birthday.

5: It is surprising how fast you’ve grown from the squiggly tiny thing to this robust one-year-old. You are really grown, boy. Happy birthday.

1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Boys

6: You are the most handsome and carefree babies in the world, one who doesn’t mind giggling all day long. I am the luckiest mum to have you. Happy birthday, my little boy.

7: Always, you make me thank God for a beautiful gift like you. You are everything I want in a baby boy. Happy birthday!

8: My ever lively and intelligent baby boy is celebrating his first birthday today. I love you more than life itself. Have a beautiful first birthday.

9: It is an incredible honour to be called your dad. You have made me and your mum proud parents; we can’t help but be grateful that you came into our lives. Happy birthday, little boy.

10: Happy first birthday to my sweet and witty boy. You are a great blessing to our family.

11: You are simply a bundle of joy, the pride of my life. Enjoy your first birthday, my little king.

12: You have grown into a healthy one-year-old boy. There were days when I thought this day wouldn’t come but here I am, marking your first birthday with you. Happy birthday, son.

13: My awesome baby will no more count his age in months starting from today. It is your first birthday and I giggle excitedly with you. Happy birthday!

14: Seeing how you have grown into a tiny Superman is an amazing experience. It feels like it was just yesterday that I held you in my arms as a new-born baby. Happy birthday, sweet baby boy.

15: Happy first birthday, my lovely boy. You were born to be great.

16: My happy baby has clocked one today. May God bless the day you were born. Happy birthday, dearest son.

17: When you smile, my heart somersaults with joy. You are little, but you have brought immense happiness into my life ever since you became my own baby. Happy first birthday, cutie pie.

18: My handsome prince in whom I am well pleased is a year old today. You shall live long and grow in health. Happy birthday.

19: You are one child who melts an adult heart with no effort. I love how you make me feel on top of the world with your soft laughter and innocent stares. Happy birthday, my adorable little baby boy.

20: I pray I don’t get too overprotective with you, little darling. You have stolen my heart and I can’t help keeping watch over you. Happy birthday, precious one.

21: It’s a pleasure to be present in your growth process. We are one year into it, and I must say it wouldn’t have been easy without your reassuring smiles. Happy first birthday, baby boy.

1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Boy

22: Happy first birthday to my baby boy with the most lovely eyes. Keep shining brighter.

23: My delightful baby boy has finally walked into his first year of life today. I wish you nothing but pure bliss today. Happy birthday!

24: If not that I am your mother, I would have doubted your age. You are a year old today, but quite smart and energetic like a three-year-old. I am blessed to have you, boy. Happy birthday.

25: To my baby boy with an angelic face, happy first birthday. You are destined for greatness.

26: You made me a first-time father. You are my son, the proof of my manhood. Happy first birthday to you. I look forward to more years of celebration with you.

First Happy Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl

1: My special princess is a year old today. I celebrate your uniqueness and the love that you bring with your soft touches. Happy birthday.

2: When you smile, I unconsciously smile with you. There is no doubt that you have the purest heart, my girl. Happy first birthday to you.

3: Even when you are naughty, you look so enchanting. The look on your face makes everything to be alright. Happy first birthday, beautiful girl.

4: To be called your dad is an incredible honour. You have brought nothing but sweetness into my life. Happy first birthday, my princess.

5: I am very excited to be in this day when my baby girl is marking her first birthday on this planet. See how you are growing into a fine, young lady! Happy birthday.

6: Grandma’s little fairy is a year old today! You are an absolute wonder, my queen. Happy first birthday.

7: You made me a mother and I consider it a very costly privilege which I can’t joke with. Happy first birthday, mini me.

8: My joy knows no bounds today as my daughter clocks one today. You have set before me moments to make memories with. I don’t regret any day that added up to this day. Happy first birthday.

9: You are perfect. Everything you do oozes out perfection. I bless God for a sweet girl like you. Happy first birthday.

10: The day you were born changed my life forever. Today makes it a year that I changed for the best in life. Happy birthday, my angel.

1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Girls

11: Little mama is a year old today! Take it easy in your growth speed. I am yet to enjoy all of your littleness. Happy birthday.

12: I baked a tasty cake for you to nibble on with your soft gum. I know you are quite selective with what you eat, but you will like this cake because it is your first. Happy first birthday, my cute baby princess.

13: My wise queen is celebrating her first birthday today. She’s everything pretty. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

14: You are the queen of my heart, the love of my life. The day you were born made me believe in miracles. You are gradually growing into a classic beauty. Happy first birthday to you.

15: The brightest and sweetest girl was born into my household a year ago. Her smiles are breath-taking, and she doesn’t even know it. Happy birthday, sweet.

16: She just grew her first pair of teeth and ever since then, she has been flashing long, dazzling smiles to all and sundry. I love her with all that I have. Happy first birthday to my daughter.

17: My charming empress is a year old today. You are a beauty to behold. May you become greater than your peers. Happy first birthday.

18: Happy first birthday, my lovely daughter. She’s an epitome of kindness and happiness as little as she is. We will surely celebrate many more years.

19: The first time I set my eyes on her, I saw an angel. It was a year ago yet, the intense, ethereal feeling is still strong. Happy first birthday, baby girl.

1st Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl

20: Your love is undeniable. Your gaze is innocent. Your laughter is pure. Your giggles bring healing to a hurting soul. I love you, baby girl. Happy first birthday.

21: In this difficult world, you find joy in the most unusual activities. When you are in the bath, you splash water happily. When you are eating, you smile and scream with delight. You are a great inspiration to me, daughter. Happy first birthday.

22: God gave you to me as an answer to my earnest prayers. He brought you into my life to console me for all the hard times I have faced. You are truly my living miracle. Happy first birthday, my blessed daughter.

23: At last the long-awaited first birthday is here. Looking back, the journey up to this point has been worth the while, and I look forward to having more priceless experiences watching you grow. Happy birthday, sweet girl.

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