A relationship that graduates into an engagement is a few steps into marriage. Whenever we learn of a couple who are quite interested in each other, the major part of what we hope for them, is a commitment that will hopefully lead to marriage.

Therefore, it becomes a thing of joy for us when they succeed in getting each other engaged to be married. At this time, our engagement wishes are expected to rain down. Below are samples of engagement wishes to spice up the happiness in the newly engaged couple.

Engagement Wishes

1: Finally! I’m so glad that you both have taken a beautiful step into a lifetime commitment to each other. I wish you God’s speed into marriage.

2: It is excellent news to hear that you are engaged. May you have every reason to fully celebrate your new-found bliss.

3: I rejoice with you on this day when you became promised to your partner for a lifetime of love. May your love never go sour.

4: I congratulate you today on your engagement. It is a good thing, and it is marvellous in my sight. Enjoy the fruitfulness thereof.

5: Congratulations on your engagement party that held today. I had looked forward to this day, and my joy is that it eventually came to be. May your love for each other grow stronger and better.

Engagement Wishes

6: My wishes for you as you become an engaged couple are for peace, love, tolerance, and patience to rule your relationship. Higher, you will go.

7: There are a lot of distraction out there especially as you have become committed to your significant other. May your focus never shift from your commitment. I pray that you end up happily married.

8: This is the beginning of a great life of marital union ahead. May your engagement today be a source of blessing to you.

9: Happy engagement to my favorite couple. Thank you for making my dream for you become a reality. I celebrate you always!

10: No matter the offence, may your love for each other overcome every negative feeling. May this engagement lead to a blissful marriage.

11: I thank God for bringing this day to pass. You’ve taken a huge step that should lead to marriage; it is my utmost desire that you make it happen quickly. Congratulations!

12: I felicitate with you today, on the occasion of your engagement. You make a fine couple, and I believe you will walk into your marriage union in no distant time.

13: I am one of those who screamed for joy when I got the news that you’ve become engaged. Girl, I wish you more love and understanding in your relationship with your man. Enjoy, dear!

14: There are many good wishes I am sending across to you, but I want the warm kisses and hugs following this message to whisper them all to you. Congratulations on your engagement today.

15: Your engagement is the beginning of a great adventure on a higher level. May you enjoy every bit of the ride as you move together in love.

16: I have no doubts that your relationship will succeed. Your engagement today is a wonderful achievement added to your lives together. I celebrate with you.

17: I am immensely pleased that you said “Yes!” to the man of your dreams. I pray that you will have a happy engaged life henceforth.

18: You chose each other in love. You engaged with each other in love. You will end up in marriage in love. Amen.

19: It is with pleasure that I wish you a blissful engagement life.

20: May all your dreams and aspirations for each other come true. May your engagement bring you happiness, comfort, and increase on every side.

21: I have a strong admiration for you as a couple. Your love for each other is pure and true. May your engagement for marriage lead you into a wonderful marital union.

22: Love goes beyond feelings. It is a decision to honor, respect and be committed to one’s subject of affection. On your engagement today, I pray that your love for each other exceed every human comprehension.

23: I believe in miracles, and your engagement has gone on to deepen my belief. Yours was an unexpected relationship which chose to remain strong against all odds. Press on, even as you’ve taken a bold step in getting engaged.

24: I want to emphatically state that I am immensely joyful on your engagement with your lovely girl today. I look forward to receiving your wedding invitation very soon.

25: Congratulations to the latest engaged couple in town! I am proud of you as you commit to each other, never to look at nothing else but your steadfast love. May your undying love succeed.

26: Seasons come, and seasons go. Happy engagement. May your love for each other triumph all the time.

27: Congrats on your engagement today. The sweetness of love shall not depart from your relationship. What you can’t handle on your own, may love conquer it for you.

28: Your engagement has ushered you into a new phase of your relationship with each other. I wish you the blessedness of a bright future together in marriage.

29: Happy engagement to you and your partner. Your relationship will end well, and in marriage. I am eager to toast with you to a joyful marital union.

30: I commend you on your engagement today. I want you to know that the love and respect you have for each other will be your compass into a beautiful and long-lasting relationship.

31: My best wishes go to you as you take up a new status in your relationship with each other. Your engagement shall bring forth fruitfulness and tons of fun to you and yours.

32: Congratulations to the newly engaged couple. I love how you display unfettered love for each other. It is my desire that your love grows in leaps and bounds, never to wane even for a day.

33: Yours is a forever journey. I can’t wait to be a part of your wedding ceremony; it is going to be the celebration of love.

34: I am happy that you have come this far in your relationship with each other. It started from friendship a couple of years ago, and today, you are engaged lovers. May you record more achievements in your union.

35: The news of your engagement came to me when I had started entertaining doubts about love. Needless to say, I am encouraged by your decision to spend the rest of your life with each other. Congratulations.

36: Your love relationship is an inspiration to many couples. It is honorable that you’ve taken it a notch higher by getting engaged. Congratulations. Live happily.

37: I am proud of you, and extra pleased with you on your engagement today. You have my blessings of an amazing marriage when the time comes.

38: I have nothing but heartfelt joy for you as you agree to your partner’s proposal of marriage. You make a lovely couple, and I wish you heaven’s best.

39: I rejoice with you today on the occasion of your engagement. May your love wax stronger by the day.

Funny Engagement Wishes

Funny Engagement Wishes

40: Congratulations on your engagement today. I didn’t know that you are incredibly interested in getting married.

41: I have been inspired to propose to my lady by your own engagement today. Wish me luck as I wish you a blissful marital union in advance.

42: On your engagement today, I wish you nothing but a sweet ride into a life of freedom in imprisonment. I hope you understand what I mean.

43: Be happy; it is just an engagement. You are only entitled to cry on your wedding day.

44: I am happy for you as you step into the realm of engagement today. You are a brave couple for choosing a life of exclusivity. Good for you!

45: My sweetest kisses go to you on your engagement. My stomach is set for delicious foods and drinks that await me on your wedding day.

46: Engaged? Good news! The time has come for the release of my unworn suit from the wardrobe because your wedding bells have started ringing.

47: Congratulations on your engagement today. Be rest assured that your wedding day will not pass me by. I am counting on your invitation card.

48: The most important step after an engagement is marriage. Don’t keep us waiting for so long to take it. Our bodies are tingling for some good partying and dancing.

49: An engagement is a basic package to be a pain in your lover’s ass. I know that you are getting set to go for the premium package to drive someone nuts by getting married.

50: It isn’t fair that you have become engaged. I will miss you, now you have started counting months to your wedding day. Anyway, I will haunt you with my presence so, there’s no escape from me. Congrats, dear sis.

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