Loving a man to the point of having him as your boyfriend is an achievement in its own class. Just as it makes a lot of sense that he showers you with accolades and sweet nothings, likewise will he want to capture the world for you when you paint his life with any of the following cute lines:

Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Feel Loved

1: You are my strong, sweet and sexy man capable of sweeping me off my feet.

2: I can do nothing about helplessly loving you.

3: You are the only equation my heart loves to solve.

4: There are just a handful of men in this world with angelic smiles as yours.

5: I want you to know that my forever starts and ends with you.

6: I love being in your arms.

7: To the world, you are impenetrable. To me, you are soft, smooth, and endearing.

8: I sincerely appreciate you for always looking out for me.

9: You are my dream man, the apple of my eyes.

10: I miss your warm hugs.

11: I miss you so much I want to cry.

12: Thanks for helping me become a secure woman with your selfless love.

13: Any woman who has got your kind of person has everything she needs in a man to succeed in life.

14: I won’t ever let you down.

15: Time makes loving you my best decision ever.

16: You are an epitome of care and affection.

17: I like your walking steps.

18: You have the body carriage of a Mr. Universe.

19: My stomach sweetly flutters when you laugh.

20: You are breathtakingly handsome.

21: I love you; that’s the most important business of mine.

22: Thank you for accepting and loving me the way I am.

23: My life is a pretty color of rainbows because I am sharing it with you.

24: With you by my side, there is no mountain I won’t be able to subdue.

25: I think about you everyday as though it is my primary assignment in life.

26: I dream of the day I will be your wife and the mother of your kids.

27: Nothing can make me stop loving you.

28: When you hold me my hand, I feel like I am in paradise.

29: I wake up each day hopeful, because your love makes everything alright.

30: Your presence in my life brings me so much peace.

31: I have deep respect for you.

32: I don’t know how you do it, but I love the way you tickle my face to break into hearty smiles.

33: I promise you my undying love.

34: Just as the deep blue sea, so does my love for you have no shallow explanation.

35: You are my one in a million kind of man.

36: Truth is, I am blessed to have you as my man.

37: After you, there’s no other.

38: I am super grateful to you for your endless show of support for me in this difficult time.

39: I want you to know that I cherish you more than life itself.

40: You have a perfect body shape.

41: Whenever I am away from you, I am always in a hurry to meet you again.

42: For you, I am willing to give up anything to make you happy.

43: Time stands still when you tell me that you love me.

44: Your body cologne reminds me of the gentleness of your loving.

45: You are my angel, the most expensive treasure my life holds.

46: Life is meaningless without you.

47: Be rest assured that you are destined to be a highly successful man.

48: You have my unreserved support any day.

49: Your eyes are the most attractive I have ever seen.

50: I trust your judgment and decision in every sensitive matter.

51: I wish to make you a happy man all the days of your life.

52: Your love adds rich spice to my otherwise bland life.