Finishing school successfully is one of the best achievements ever. The years invested in school are less of fun times, and more of hard work, with intensive studying and learning to do. That’s why there’s a moment called graduation, which celebrates the completion of academic years and the acquisition of a certificate.

Below are sample graduation messages you can send to a friend or family member who is being numbered among proud graduates!

Congratulations On Your Graduation Messages

1: I’m exceedingly excited for you, on your graduation today. You’ve made our family proud, and I must say your life of unlimited greatness has just begun.

2: Let the whole world know today, that a special person went, saw, and conquered the four walls of a school. Celebrate, my hero!

3: We waited and prayed; the duration was long and tedious. But we held onto hope, and believed that a day like this will come. Thanks for not making us wait and hope in vain, dear son. Congratulations on your graduation from school.

4: Live, dream, soar. The possibilities are endless. Congratulations on your graduation.

5: Your resilience astounds me. You fought against all odds to ensure you bagged a certificate from school. Without mincing words, you’re simply an icon. Congratulations on your graduation.

6: When it comes to the world of learning, there’s no end. It’s a lifelong pursuit for knowledge. For you, it is the end of an organized phase, and the beginning of exploits in a freer world. Congratulations, darling.

Congratulations On Your Graduation Messages

7: The eagle doesn’t just fly; it soars. Its movement is so powerful that nothing comes in its way and remains unbroken. You are an eagle. Congratulations on your graduation.

8: You started little, and ended in a big way. Ride on, bro. Congratulations on your graduation day.

9: It was as a dream because the years rolled past, beautifully. You finished up with school more quickly than I anticipated. Congratulations on your triumphant exit from college.

10: When we hit, we strike hard. When we break, we break into pieces. When we fight, we fight to a standstill, and when we go for studies, we finish up with accolades. Congratulations, daughter, on graduating from school with excellence.

11: The lamp and the light are symbols of hope and brightness. Your efforts in school weren’t wasted because your heart was seared with a determination to bring hope and brightness to your generation. Congratulations on finishing up strong.

12: I know you had your days of doubt, but you held on, regardless. It is wonderful to join in your joy today. Congratulations on your graduation.

13: You’re only but a child, but your intellectual prowess is genius. I felicitate with you on your graduation today.

14: There is a quality called determination. It is rare but when found, it propels one into success, speedily. I’m glad you found it, sister. See where you are today. Congratulations on your graduation from high school.

15: There’s no better way to wish you luck, than to tell you to be yourself while doing your best. Congrats on your successful graduation today.

16: There’s no stopping for a man whose mind is fixed on excellence. I’m blessed to have a husband like you who makes nonsense of impossibilities. Congratulations on your graduation from business school.

Inspirational Graduation Messages

Inspirational Graduation Messages

1: May the light of your glory never go dim. May the wisdom of God remain in you, and may mighty doors be opened up for you. Congratulations on your graduation.

2: I admire your courage to find ability in your disability. You might be physically challenged, but your intellect is sounder than that of the most able of your contemporaries. Congratulations on your graduation today.

3: Men shall favor you. The provision for more accomplishments shall easily come to you. Congratulations, dear, on the occasion of your graduation from school.

4: You eschewed cheating, and while others were scrambling for the easiest way out, you stood your ground to follow due process. And it paid off. Congratulations on coming out with flying colors from you PhD program.

5: Right from the onset, you prepared your spirit and body to study for your exams. I’m not in any way surprised that you graduated tops in your class. Congratulations, son.

6: I like it when youngsters like you distinguish themselves in their fields of learning. Congratulations on your graduation from college.

7: I do hope that you have your mind on attaining more heights for your graduation today is the beginning of more awesome happenings in your life. Congrats!

8: You’re naturally, a special person. Wherever you go, people do attest to your creative ability. Your school was no different; you were given worthy prizes for being the best student in your class. Congratulations on your graduation, best friend.

9: I lack the right amount of words to express my gratitude to God for seeing you through the trying process of university education. Congratulations, my dear child.

10: The journey wasn’t for the swift or for the brave-hearted. Your schooling was a tasking one for you, and by God’s mercies, you came out victorious. Congratulations on your graduation!

11: This is the day that the Lord permitted to be, and we are rejoicing with the latest graduate in the family. Kudos on your graduation, nephew.

12: Even if I decide to write all that I feel within me, time will not be sufficient for me. Congratulations, sweet wife, on your graduation from school. More wins!

13: Indeed, I am happy to see this day come to be. Seeing you walk up to the podium for your Diploma is a delight I have longed to relish. Congratulations, big sis, on your graduation from school.

14: Always remember that I am here for you, and that God has your back all the way. Congrats on finishing up with your vocational skill training.

15: I thank God for the life and health which he granted you throughout your time as a student. Congratulations on your graduation today, sis.

16: You inspire me to do more, and your graduation from college today, has fuelled my determination to follow suit. Felicitations on your graduation today.

17: When I’m asked to mention people whose influence I feel positively in my life, your name jumps out of my mouth first. I’m proud of you, Uncle. Congrats on your graduation today.

18: Today is a day of perfection; your birthday, wedding anniversary, and graduation from school are all happening today. Wow!! These call for triple celebrations!

Funny Graduation Messages

Funny Graduation Messages

1: Congratulations on your graduation from school. You just left a place of comfort and are smiling into the world of struggles and job applications. Welcome.

2: Congratulations on your graduation, friend. Permit me to say that you were better off in school as a student, than out as a graduate. It means pocket money has ended for you. Now, you’ll understand what business news means.

3: Kudos to you on your smooth journey through school. Has anyone told you that the real life just started for you?

4: Congrats, dear mom, on your graduation from college. I hope you are not thinking of getting a job next.

5: Congrats, son. I can’t believe that my heartache has finally come to an end, with the successful completion of your schooling.

6: College is a microcosm of the world of fierce competition and tribulations. Hope you’re prepared to scratch and bite by all means. Before then, accept my congratulations on your graduation.

7: Congratulations on your graduation today. Expecting to hear wedding bells soon!

8: Congratulations on your graduation. No more lectures and tests; that’s beautiful. But get ready for an adventure in job hunting and sweaty interviews.

9: Congrats on getting promoted from classrooms and parks to boardrooms and barks. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to unbearable bosses and jealous coworkers.

10: The best thing about graduating from high school is the freedom college brings. Which is a terrible happening because you have tendencies to wander off, never to be found by morality.

11: The world isn’t for lily-livered boys and girls. Prepare your heart for a couple of heartbreaks, and you’ll be good. Congrats on finishing well from college.

12: By and large, you’ll have to experience the larger world for yourself, because you don’t seem to believe me when I tell you it is as tough as a cow’s hideskin.

13: You’re a star, and I hope you’ll not stop learning until you have no teeth left on your gums. Congrats on your graduation.

14: Congratulations on your graduation. I’m pleased to volunteer myself to teach you the dos and don’ts of life, because you need to be taught, dear.

15: It is a thing of honor to progress on the ladder of success by graduating today. Don’t go back to school for more; leave the other higher levels for your kids.

16: Congrats on graduating today. Life is sweeter, outside the confines of a school and the stares of professors.

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