Housing is the basic need of man which when met, makes every other need bearable. So, it becomes a thing of great joy when someone builds or buys a house they could call their own. To celebrate with them, here is a compilation of congratulation wishes you can send/share:

New Home Wishes and Messages

1: Congratulations on your new house. It is a thing worth celebrating!

2: To be frank, I lack the right words to say in congratulations on your newly acquired house. You’ve blown my mind away. Congratulations, dear.

3: It is the good desire of every man to own a home for the comfort of his family. I’m glad your dream did come true. Congratulations on your new house.

4: The peace of mind that comes with living in one’s own house is better experienced than described. I’m happy you made it through. Congratulations.

5: May the joy, peace, fun, and rest that a personal house brings, be yours and your family’s. Congratulations.

6: You are not just a house owner, but one that can rent out a part of his house. I’m awed by the height you have attained. Congrats, dear.

Congratulation Wishes On Your New House

7: Congratulations on your newly-built house. By implication, you are no more a tenant, neither will you be paying monthly rents anymore. I’m happy for you.

8: There is no better gift to your bride than taking her to a new house which she can call hers. You did it, man! Congratulations.

9: You chose a beautiful location to build an equally beautiful house. Girl, you’re superb. Congratulations on your new house.

10: I can see the abundance of God’s blessings at work in your life. It is marvellous to behold. Congratulations on buying your first house, sweet.

11: A few years ago, it was clearly an impossible task for you to rent a home. By sheer determination, look at you today, celebrating your own house. It is beyond my wildest imaginations. Congratulations, wonder woman.

12: Now, you can have all the rest as much as you want, without bothering about paying a landlord, and increments in rent. Congratulations on getting your own house.

13: The beauty of having your own house is that you can design and decorate it however you desire. Enjoy the limitless fun in owning a house. Congrats!

14: To undertake the project of building your own house is no mean feat. Your resilience is a huge inspiration for me. Congratulations on successfully completing your house. I’m so excited for you.

15: Congratulations on your new home. I can’t wait to come for your housewarming party.

16: You didn’t just acquire a house, you broke the record as the first to do so in your family. I congratulate you heartily.

17: You have put everyone in confusion. Good a thing, none of us knew that you were building a terrific house. I’m simply amazed at your hiding skill. Congratulations on your great house!

18: You are a good person, always supportive and caring. It is no wonder that you were able to get your house on a gold platter. Accept my congratulations; you deserve every single one of them.

19: The pain associated with the constant harassment from a heartless landlord, is enough to drive one crazy. I’m happy that you’re not suffering anymore. Congratulations on your new house.

20: You may not know how relieved I felt when I was told that you have packed into your own house built by your sweat. You’ve suffered enough. Congratulations!!

21: Great pleasure and comfort are my wishes for you in your magnificent home. Congratulations, bro.

22: In addition to having a house, may you enjoy the serenity that a home brings. Congrats, dear.

23: I rejoice with you on your home. I will pay you a visit, soon.

24: While others will be complaining of yearly rents, you’ll be celebrating your untouched savings. Congrats on your new house.

25: Your house is your house. It brings a different feeling from living in a rented apartment. Simply put, it is a thing of pride to own your house. Congrats, buddy.

26: It is truly comforting to be able to give your children a sense of ownership of a house. It leaves them with the impression that hard work is rewarding. Congratulations on your new house.

Congratulation Wishes On Your New Home

27: Choosing to build your own house for business purposes is a commendable decision. You’re full of wisdom. Congratulations.

28: By building a house and renting it out, you created a source of wealth for yourself, and a place of living for those in need of a house. You have a good business acumen.

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