The prayer of every right-thinking human being is to be able to work to earn a living. Whatever the motivation is, getting a job is an avenue for making money to cater for one’s daily needs and that of others. Moreover, we live in an era where unemployment is dipping its sharp claws into the fabrics of different economies of the world.

Therefore, being employed in a new job deserves to be complimented. Whether it is working for someone or self-employment, let’s raise a congratulations banner for a dear one with the congratulations on your new job wishes below.

Congratulations On Your New Job Wishes

1: I am glad that you have finally landed your dream job. Congratulations. May you enjoy working in your new workplace.

2: You persisted and eventually succeeded in getting a new job. May your die-hard spirit take you to the peak of your career.

3: I congratulate you today on your new job appointment. Your hard work really paid off. More grace to you as you attain fresh heights.

4: With a heart of joy, I wish to congratulate you on your new job. It is almost unbelievable that you were successful at your first try. That shows that you have in you what’s most sought after by many.

5: Be merely looking at the chances, it was near impossible that you would get the job. But it is truly commendable that you beat the odds to win. Congratulations on your new job.

Congratulations On Your New Job Wishes

6: Congratulations on your new job. I wish you speed in climbing the ladder to mind-blowing promotions. My ears are open for your success story.

7: You are naturally a hard worker. I wasn’t even surprised that you were selected among the best to be given a job. Congratulations. Keep on with your focus.

8: You have all it takes to be a winner. As you have been given a new job, it is my desire that you distinguish yourself excellently in no distant time. Congratulations.

9: Though you worth much more than you will be paid, I am happy that you now have the opportunity to make a difference the way only you can. Congratulations on your new job.

10: I believe in what you can do as a person. Stepping out to start a business by yourself is by no means a small feat, and I wish you all the best in your venture. Congrats.

Best Wishes For New Job To Friend

11: Never lose hope of a brighter future. Where you are presently is a small place compared to what the future has in store for you. Congratulations on your new job. Let’s celebrate your beautiful future ahead!

12: I received the news of your new workplace with much excitement. Dear, you have proved to me that you are determined to live a confident life. Congrats on securing an enviable job position!

13: Time and again, I am reminded that you are not just smart but also strong and reliable. Your employer is the luckiest. Congratulations on your new job, buddy.

14: Hearty congratulations on your new job. I pray that you find your assignments easy and fun to do. Therein lies the joy.

15: For a passionate person like you, it is only a matter of seconds before someone becomes positively infected with what drives you. I am really happy for you on your new job. Congrats.

16: My big congratulations go to my very own person who is set to mesmerize her world with her ingenuity. Getting a job is actually the first step. I can’t wait to hear testimonies about you.

17: A powerful figure like you is highly sought after. Little wonder you were able to land a job with ease. I congratulate you heartily on your new job, dear.

18: I am proud to be associated with a genius like you. For starting your own line of business, you’ve given others the boldness to do something worthwhile with their lives. Congratulations!

19: For a humble guy like you, it takes a little effort from your own side to win the hearts of recruiters. Congratulations on your new job. I am certain that you will make your employer proud.

20: Results are what business owners are after. I am confident that you are going to exceed expectations in your new place of work. Congrats.

Best Wishes For New Job To Loved One

Congratulations On Your New Job Wishes

21: Congratulations on your new job. Thank you for bringing great energy into your department in the few years you headed it. I believe that you’ll keep on with the fire in your new workplace.

22: Be bold. Stay courageous. You were born to be in charge. I wish you the very best in your new job.

23: My heartfelt congratulations go to you, dear friend, on your appointment as the new CEO of your company. You worked for it; I am happy you are earning your reward.

24: I had looked forward to this day with everything in me, the day I will congratulate you on getting a job. Here it has come! Congratulations!!!

25: I felicitate with you on your new job. Certainly, the world needs more intelligent and resourceful persons like you. You’ve taken the right step to effect sufficient change.

26: Congratulations on your new office. It is a thing of joy to be able to witness the expansion of your business. I pray that it will continue moving up and forward.

27: No matter how difficult a challenge, you don’t give room for panic. That is one of the attributes that make you different from others. Your new job is a testimony to that truth. Congratulations.

28: Congrats on your new job. When I first learned of the job roles and responsibilities, I had no doubt in me that you are qualified to be there. Success and more success I pray for you.

29: I have always entertained the best of thoughts for you as regards getting a job that fits your personality. That’s why I am beside myself in joy on your decision to become self-employed. Congrats. You have my support anytime, any day.

30: When you meet a person dedicated to the pursuit of meaningful goals, you won’t need to consult a soothsayer to determine his end. Congratulations on clinching a mouth-watering job.

31: Congratulations on your new job as a field supervisor. It is a deserving position for a selfless leader like you. I look forward to receiving news of another promotion soonest.

32: I am quite encouraged by your career life. You are a goal-getter and has never stopped pursuing success relentlessly. Congrats on your worthy new job.

33: You know, the best part of getting a new job is the fresh experience it brings. Enjoy yours to the fullest. Congratulations.

34: Congrats on your new job. You are blessed in all sides, therefore, I can’t wish you what you already have. However, I pray that you live with the knowledge that you are a blessing to your new workplace. That’s all you need.

35: The news of your new job made my day. I send warm hugs across to congratulate you, and to wish you happy memories.

Funny Congratulations On Your New Job Wishes

36: I congratulate you on the success of your job hunting. Finally, you can have the peace of mind that comes with the stability of income.

37: Lucky you. While hundreds of others were rejected, you were chosen as one of the tens to be accepted for the job. I’ll see to it that you tell me where you got your own lucky charm.

38: Let’s all stand to clink our glasses of champagne for the newest employee of the month. It isn’t easy to bag that status in a world of unchecked unemployment.

39: Congrats to you on your new job. By this, don’t ever forget my phone number as soon as you receive your first salary.

40: Your new job is a blessing to those of us who are still looking for jobs: Friday hangouts are on you. Congratulations.

41: Congrats, man. I am hoping that you will excel in your new job, so much so that the manager will find it difficult to sack you even in your misbehaviors.

42: I am happy that you have finally found a job. You can now pay all the debts of promises you’ve been owing me.

43: Getting well employed is an evidence that your college education isn’t in vain. Accept my joyful congratulations.

44: Congratulations on your new job. Trust me, working for a new employer is one of the best ways to access better benefits. Provided that you don’t become lazy overnight.

45: Congratulations, dear, on the opening of your new business. You are a hard nut to crack, going by your radical decision to quit a lucrative 9 to 5 job. I wish to be like you when I grow up.

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