The loss of a father can tear the heart apart in anguish. It isn’t easy to deal with such a painful experience, hence the need for words of comfort and strength to the individual or family bereaved. Below are condolence messages on the death of someone’s father.

Condolence Messages On Death Of Father

1: I may not be able to understand how pained you feel on the death of your father, yet, I don’t wish to hold back my hurt over the sad news. Please, take heart.

2: It is quite unfortunate that you will have to deal with the loss of your dad at this point in time. I had hoped for a better happening and not this. Accept my deepest condolence.

3: It is really amazing that someone as caring and loving as your dad had to leave us unexpectedly. I am grieved that he left us hollow and empty. May God comfort us the way only He can.

4: Truly, there’s nothing permanent on this earth planet; it is more of “Here today, gone tomorrow.” I sympathize with you over the loss of your father, and pray that God will grant you the fortitude to bear the loss.

5: If words can heal hearts, I will most delightfully write you on a daily basis, to help you recover from the pain from losing your great father. Kindly accept my heartfelt condolence to you and your siblings.

Condolence Messages On Death Of Father

6: I was not myself when I heard the news of your dad’s demise. It came as a shock to me which I haven’t recovered from. I’m sorry; please be consoled by the fact that he lived a fulfilled life.

7: The least news I expected to hear was of your father’s death. How ugly could things get? I pray that you will find strength from above in such a trying time.

8: Life is mysterious. Just when I thought I had found someone in your dad who would take the place of my late father, he also bade us farewell from this miserable world. Take heart, friend. I wish it were all a joke.

9: There is no best time to lose a loved one. Even in old age, papa was a dear soul, so wonderful to be with. I wished he had stayed around longer. Accept my sincerest condolence.

10: It is saddening that you lost your dad to death. You are grieved, that I know, but I am sure that he is finally at rest from sickness, drugs and pains. Take heart, my dearest friend.

11: If we can stop death with our powers, we would have never allowed it rear up its ugly head to strike against us. I’m sorry about your dad’s death. Accept my sincere sympathy.

12: I knew your father to be a man who got along with almost everyone. I can’t rightly tell you how difficult it is for me to deal with the news of his death. I urge you to stay strong.

13: There are a few persons on earth who make wonderful impact as much as a loving father does. I have deep respect for your dad, and his death won’t ever change it. Accept my earnest condolence over your loss.

14: I strongly believe that your dad lived a remarkable life. He was a man of rare wisdom, who had much love for learning. I pray that he rests in peace, and that God will console everyone he left behind.

Long Condolence Messages On Death Of Father

Long Condolence Messages On Death Of Father

15: Good people make their exit from this planet faster than evil people. I lack words to express my grief over the passing on of your phenomenal father. He touched lives without leaving a space for doubt in our hearts. Indeed, I will remain grateful to God for the lifetime opportunity to meet your dad. If not, I wouldn’t have been able to fathom the incredible loss his death has brought. Accept my deepest sympathy, and may his soul rest in peace.

16: A time like this is one that we all dread, the time when we will come to terms with the reality that a dear father will leave us for the Great Beyond. It is with soberness that I send this message to condole with you over the death of your father. I didn’t know him personally, but I heard a lot of excellent reports about him. I will request that you take heart, please.

17: Your dad’s death is a painful reminder to all of us that each and every one of us has an appointed day of departure from this earth realm. As we mourn his exit, may we reflect on the quality of life that we lead. In fact, his demise is a gain to heaven, and a loss to us here on earth. I am deeply saddened that he left at a time we needed him most. Only God understands why. Kindly accept my heartfelt sympathy.

18: No one who encountered your dad left without having one or two exceptional lessons in mind. I have never known a man as trustworthy as he was. I wish to express my genuine sympathy over your father’s death. I am troubled that he has left a vacuum nobody else can fill. I pray that God gives you the strength of mind to go through this difficult period of your and also give you the strength of mind to bear this painful loss.

19: On wings, your dad flew away to heaven. He left without saying goodbye. Though it hurts as much as anything, we can’t help but thank God for the life of goodness that he lived. I can say without mincing words, that I am super proud of your father. He lived like a hero, fought like a warrior, and is at rest from the troubles of life. May his soul keep resting in perfect peace.

20: I am among the many who didn’t want to believe that your father is dead. I strove to doubt the veracity of the news but to no avail. I am pained. I rely on God to lessen the burden of his demise. It took an unfathomable degree of courage for me to eventually write this condolence message to you. I can vividly remember how welcoming he was, always asking us how we fared as his visitors. Accept my sincerest condolence, please.

Short Condolence Messages On Death Of Father

Short Condolence Messages On Death Of Father

21: Time will fail me to narrate the personality of your father. In summary, he was a man of honor, one who embodied truth without apologies. Kindly accept my deepest sympathy over his loss.

22: Your father was my boss in my first place of employment. He had a great work attitude which motivated me and everyone who worked under him to give their best. Accept my unfeigned sympathy over his loss.

23: It is with profound sympathy that I write to you, over the demise of your father. I am not quite familiar with him, but I am sure that he was a great father for he raised you well. May his soul rest in peace.

24: Kindly accept my sincerest condolence on the passing away of your kind father. He was loved by all, and a friend to many. His type is rare, and I pray that God will fill the vacuum he left in our hearts.

25: There is so much to say about a man as gentle as your father. He portrayed humility without compromising his integrity. I will always long to meet his kind again in life. Please, take heart.

26: In a time like this, all we are left with is sober reflection on the aftermath of life here on earth. As for me, your father lived an enviable life that will bring him peace in paradise.

27: Please, accept my most sincere condolence on the passing on of your dearest father.

28: I never thought that the news I would hear this morning is of your father’s death. Accept my sympathy. May his soul rest in peace.

29: With tears-filled eyes, I want to state that I am sorry that you lost your dad. Please, take heart.

30: I want to encourage you to be strong in this time of grief. May God grant your dad eternal rest in paradise.

31: My deepest condolence goes to you and your family members over the loss of your dad. May God console your grieving hearts.

32: Nothing can take the place of the love of a dad. My condolence goes to you over the demise of your dad. Take heart.

33: From my heart of hearts, I wish to express my sympathy on the loss of your father. Be consoled.

34: Your father lived an exemplary life. May his beautiful soul rest in peace.

35: May you find solace in the fact that you had an angel for a father. Take heart.

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